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Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe is a player character played by Kyle and is currently involved in the YSS plot.

Character Profile
Name: Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe
Species: Daur
Age: 85
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Nesha Prime
Mother: Li'zon Yu'hala'jiashe, Age 130
Father: Ju'heia Yu'hala'jiashe , Age -Dead-
Organization Pirate
Occupation Pirate
Rank Intern

Physical Description

Height: 5' 4โ€œ
Weight: 158 lbs
Bra Size: NA
Build: Muscular Build with ripped abs
Skin Color: Slightly Darkish
Facial Features, Eye Color: Dark Green eyes, small mustache
Hair Color, Style: military hair cut, light brown
Distinguishing Features: Silver tint in hair

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe is a calm person who thinks first before acting, but can also be a rather dangerous one as well. In her mind, anyone who possess a thread to her needs to be elimanated or at least taken care of. She cares little about anyone but herself, and see's no problems killing anyone. She has a soft spot though for animals, and likes to care of them, but anyone harming an animal is usually greeted with a blade through their necks. She speaks her mind often and without care of whether it'll hurt someone, and pointing out others flaws is something she relishes.

Likes: Death, Destruction, Blood, causing terror Dislikes: Anyone who is good, kids, military, police Goals: To become the most feared pirate in space.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe was born on Nesha Prime, in the capital of Netoshen to a My'leke mother and a Daur father. Luri'zon was not an easy child for her family to deal with, she often would run away from home or just cause untold problems not only for her family but also those in her neighbourhood. When she was six years old she tried to murder her own mother, an attempt that lead to her suffering a broken arm and the lose of three fingers when her mother defended herself, she spent four years in prison before being released on good behaviour. It was around this time that she started school, much later than most children, and it was this that only made her act out more - as she was always the oldest in her class by several years and thus was constantly picked on by her classmates and others in school.

When she was twelve years old she stabbed almost to death during a school-yard brawl; although the child she attacked was traumatized for life - she felt no emotions for what she had, but she was able to get away with it because there were no witnesses out there and the Kit she attacked refused to speak up, this event emboldened her and she started forming her own group of like-minded students who would often bully and harass others in school. Initially the school ignored these problems, not wanting to risk creating an issue with her mother and father whom were both high profile figures, but that changed when the family disowned Luri'zon when she was fourteen after she tried to steal money from the school; which later lead to her expulsion from any school in the capital.

After her expulsion and disownment, she found herself in the company of a gang that thought much like she did - but Luri'zon wasn't ready for what happened, instead of being a gang member who went around murdering and stealing, she was a sex-slave and sexually-assaulted constantly every few days by the gangs leadership and over the years she found herself living in submission to the very people she thought would be her kinship. However, she eventually got tired of being treated as a thing and at the age of twenty retaliated against the gang, killing the leadership in some of the most gruesome ways and left pieces of those bodies around not just the capital but also other cities, leaving law enforcement only to guess what had happened. Most of the gang were unaware that she'd taken ownership until a few years later when she made that known to everyone, and promptly killed anyone who spoke out against her. During that same year, she went out and murdered her father for disowning her and tried to murder her mother for a second time but again failed in her attempt.

For the next thirty years Luri'zon committed numerous acts of murder, burglary, and other criminal acts until she was caught in a sting operation and sentenced to death - although her death sentence didn't last long as she broke out of the prison she was put in after only two days and fled the capital. She headed to the underground, and reformed her gang and decided that it was better to operate away from the prying eyes of law enforcement and the military and choose to create a hideout underground. That hideout didn't stay small for very long, as her infamy attracted the attention of other criminals who flocked to her side, this resulted in the hideout later becoming a large town and with that came the possibility of the town being uncovered, so Luri'zon ordered her gang to create numerous tunnels that they could use to confuse anyone who happened to get close and also set up large heat sources to mask the towns location from geographical scans.

The town became known within the criminal world as being a place of black market trade, although slavery was only barely tolerated by Luri'zon and only permitted when it involved Kits; her gang often took a cut of the profits and anyone who didn't pay up would end up missing, only to reappear as pieces scattered around on one of the many continents of the home world. Eventually she expanded her gangs operations, with the discovery of faster than light travel, Luri'zon opened up a few more markets for the trading of ship components and even hulls, this would eventually lead to the creation of several small ships that she and her gang would use to plunder trade ships.

Shortly before her 85th birthday, she was commanding one such vessel during a raid on a trading convoy but hadn't expected the convoys escorts to be more well armed that she was and this lead to her losing the majority of the ships crew but not before she was able to plunder some supplies. However, her faster than light drive core malfunctioned during flight and she was thrown back out into space in uncharted territory. Alone, and with only enough food and water to last her a few days, she now tries to figure out whether she should try and use the ships escape pod to trick someone into rescuing her or set up a trap to lure in another ship. She decided that luring in another ship was a better option.

The Black Viper

Date Description
EE 002-v(YE 37) Luri'zon's ship is disabled due to a malfunctioning FTL drive-core, the majority of the crew is killed upon FTL exit, the rest die from large explosions that chained through most of the ship. A few days after this occurred, Luri'zon was rescued by a crew member of the The Black Vipers. Having no where to go, she has joined the crew in hopes of continuing her reign of terror.


This is a list of all of the skills that Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe possess.

Skill Description
Fighting Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe has learned a lot over the course of her life, including several armed and unarmed combat techniques. She is proficient with curved weaponry and can use them as if they are an extension of her own body. She is also experienced, although hasn't yet mastered, the use of rifles and sniper rifles.
Technology Operation Luri'zon knows her way around different types of weapon systems and is a fast learner when it comes to memorizing programming code and modifying it to suit her needs. She knows how to hot-wire vehicles, how to break electronic locks, and also can fool most security camera's, at least those of Neshaten make.
Communication Due to her occupation, Luri'zon had to learn rather early how to break into both public and private communications systems in order to listen in on traffic and find a worthwhile target. She is able to also falsify communications to the point of making most people believe whom she claims to be, although she can also modify said communications to send feedback loops or even cause a system to fail entirely.
Leadership Luri'zon spent a large part of her life leading others, from a small group of students in a school to a large gang of criminals and eventually to a city-sized gang. She has learned that pushing people is the better alternative, and that threatening others when they show cowardice or make mistakes is far better than trying to comfort or be kind to them.
Demolitions For awhile, Luri'zon left explosives to her minions, but then choose to learn how to make them herself. She is able to make explosives that are capable of blowing off doors or breach fortified walls, though she can also make fireworks and other explosives that are not really intended to harm people.
Survival and Military Having the occupation of a pirate, Luri'zon had to learn how to survive in a world that wanted her dead, she knows where to look for good and good places for money while also learning a number of military survival skills from people within the Navy.
Domestic Even a pirate has to clean their own cloths, or keep their room clean, if they want to inspire their minions. Luri'zon learned about this long before she became a pirate, having always gotten in trouble, her pirates often punished her with cleaning chores, cooking, and other stuff to keep her busy.
Physical Being a Daur has its advantages, being a three foot Daur is even better. Luri'zon is an acrobat and also double jointed, allowing her to fit into rather tight spaces, she is also fast and agile, because what she lacks in height she makes up for in other areas.


This is the inventory for Luri'zon Yu'hala'jiashe.

  • Clothing
  • Weapons
    • FH-34 Sniper Rifle
    • Standard Issue Plasma Pistol
    • Combat Knife
  • Standard Hygiene Pack
  • Utility belt
    • Extra weaponized power crystals
    • Flashlight
    • Communicator
  • Duffel Bag (for storing personnel items)
  • Credit Card

Personal Income

Luri'zon only has a small amount of money hidden away in various private accounts, this is in the event of an emergency.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
50,000 0 0 Starting funds, worthless outside of Neshaten territory

More about Luri'zon


This character can NOT be adopted by anyone without first talking to its creator. If the creator doesn't respond, that means that the character can not be adopted.

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