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-===== List of Skills ===== 
-| :!: **WIP:** This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP. | 
-This is a list of all of the skills that [[character:​lurizon_yuhalajiashe]] possess. 
-^  Skill  ^ Description ​ ^ 
-^  Fighting ​ ^  Luri'​zon Yu'​hala'​jiashe has learned a lot over the course of her life, including several armed and unarmed combat techniques. She is proficient with curved weaponry and can use them as if they are an extension of her own body. She is also experienced,​ although hasn't yet mastered, the use of rifles and sniper rifles. ​ | 
-^  Technology Operation ​ ^  Luri'​zon knows her way around different types of weapon systems and is a fast learner when it comes to memorizing programming code and modifying it to suit her needs. She knows how to hot-wire vehicles, how to break electronic locks, and also can fool most security camera'​s,​ at least those of Neshaten make.  | 
-^  Communication ​ ^  Due to her occupation, Luri'​zon had to learn rather early how to break into both public and private communications systems in order to listen in on traffic and find a worthwhile target. She is able to also falsify communications to the point of making most people believe whom she claims to be, although she can also modify said communications to send feedback loops or even cause a system to fail entirely. | 
-^  Leadership ​ ^  Luri'​zon spent a large part of her life leading others, from a small group of students in a school to a large gang of criminals and eventually to a city-sized gang. She has learned that pushing people is the better alternative,​ and that threatening others when they show cowardice or make mistakes is far better than trying to comfort or be kind to them.  | 
-^  Demolitions ​ ^  For awhile, Luri'​zon left explosives to her minions, but then choose to learn how to make them herself. She is able to make explosives that are capable of blowing off doors or breach fortified walls, though she can also make fireworks and other explosives that are not really intended to harm people. ​ | 
-^  Survival and Military ​ ^  Having the occupation of a pirate, Luri'​zon had to learn how to survive in a world that wanted her dead, she knows where to look for good and good places for money while also learning a number of military survival skills from people within the Navy.  | 
-^  Domestic ​ ^  Even a pirate has to clean their own cloths, or keep their room clean, if they want to inspire their minions. Luri'​zon learned about this long before she became a pirate, having always gotten in trouble, her pirates often punished her with cleaning chores, cooking, and other stuff to keep her busy.  | 
-^  Physical ​ ^  Being a Daur has its advantages, being a three foot Daur is even better. Luri'​zon is an acrobat and also double jointed, allowing her to fit into rather tight spaces, she is also fast and agile, because what she lacks in height she makes up for in other areas. ​ | 
-===== OOC Notes ===== 
-[[user:​kyle]] created this article on 2015/09/11 11:37.