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Lydia "Hex" Reinhardt

Lydia โ€œHexโ€ Reinhardt is a player character played by Vicious.

Lydia โ€œHexโ€ Reinhardt
Species: NH31 - Minkan
Gender: Female
Age: Born Ye 17 - 19yrs old
Height: 180cm / 5'11โ€œ
Weight: 71.6kg / 158lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 01B Infantry / CQB Specialist
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Soyokaze

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 180cm / 5'11โ€
  • Mass: 71.6kg / 158lbs
  • Measurements: 36C-26-36

Build and Skin Color: Lydia possesses a well toned and fit body that reflects her personality. Her skin is fair and contrast well with her hair.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eye's are narrow and make her seem distant behind her pale blue pupils .Her face is made of sharp contours that make up her cheek bones and jaw line. The combination of the two often mislead people to believe Hex is in a serious mood.

Ears: They taper off near the top of her and form into a point that curves inwards.

Hair Color and Style: She wears her black hair in a long pony tail with the sides braided as it helps to keep it out of the way when she executes complex maneuvers in her power armor.

Distinguishing Features: She has a multitude of tattoos spread across her body that she had carried over from her previous body. The most notable of them being the sleeve on her left arm made up of feathers and lotus flowers. It stretches from her knuckles all the way up her arm before resting over her collarbone and cresting over her neck. It finally ends wrapping around from her shoulder to her back and left breast.

In her leisure time she she can often be found with a multitude of piercings across her ears, left eyebrow, bottom lip and belly button.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: In short Lydia is a very reserved person but when stirred to conversation can be very brusque. Typically she judges others quite harshly and takes the time to dissect the meaning behind their words due to her mistrusting nature. When around those she is comfortable with she portrays herself as very brazen and even a flirtatious tease. Though for such behavior to surface she generally has to be drunk or very emotionally vulnerable.

Besides being a bit rough around the edges she typically keeps to herself and when off duty can usually be found either in her quarters, the mess or the gym with a pair of headphones on.

With all that said she can be the loyalist of friends and quite fierce in coming to their aid. It's just getting to the point that she'll consider you a friend that's the tricky part.

During training her fellow recruits saw her continuously push herself to the limit and often take risk that others would hesitate to even think. Many thought her to be a adrenaline junky who loved the thrill that only putting yourself in a life or death situation can get you in but no one truly knows.

  • Likes: Music, one of her favorite genres being Cyber Punk (A genre of music similar to Punk Rock that is popular with the youth in Nepleslian space.) Her Daisy Power armor that she has lovingly come to call Heather. Her jet black electric guitar with its splash of red running along the body. Surfing back on her home planet of Albini and food.
  • Dislikes: She cant stand pretentious people or extreme extroverts who draw attention to themselves. Cowards and those she deems undeserving of her trust also fall into the category of people she wont associate with. Though above all else she hates ridiculously hot weather.
  • Goals: Her only goal in life now is to make it through the day to day life of a grunt and discover more about herself.


Family (or Creators)

She has a mother who she sends the majority of her salary to back home. Her father is deceased.


Growing up in the small town of Nazarovo in Krasnoyarsk on the planet Malaise, Lydia felt compelled to aspire to her father's achievements. Even at a young age she remembered playing with her papa's chest of medals and commendations he'd received while serving in the NSMC. Having fought in hot spots around the Universe, her papa would tell her heroic tales of the men he had served with. Even at the young age of eight she felt the awe inspiring words burn within, the flames molding her into the woman she would become.

Her mother, a quiet and kind woman had caught her lovers eye with her artistic talent and beautiful voice and insisted on naming little Lydia after her mother. After little debate she had managed to sway her husband into agreeing with her as their next child would have a more traditional name. Despite her talents she was often over shadowed by her husband's exuberance due to her reserved nature.

Shortly after Lydia's eleventh birthday her father was KIA in a boarding action during the seizure of a pirate vessel. The incident caught the family by surprise and unsurprisingly her mother regardless of all the death she had seen fell apart and turned to drinking to staunch the pain that poured out of her. The sudden death of her lifelong love had proven too much and for a year drinking had been her only recourse until her sister intervened. Provided with a job opportunity working with her sister if only she could get her family into Yamatai space. Her mother desperate moved their small family after selling the only home Lydia had known.

During the time of her fathers's death and her motherโ€™s new found addiction, Lydia had dedicated herself to her studies. Spending hour after hour in the school library absorbing anything she could get her hands on to read. Upon moving to Albini Lydia's relationship with her mother had grown tentative at best. Her mother was struggling to regain a foothold in her daughters life. Unsure of what she could do she started with what she knew. Thus she introduced her to the arts and managed to gain her interest in music.

After the initial move from her old home to Albini, Lydia remained immersed in her school work but had now begun taking greater interest in music and in women. As such she began spending more time exploring herself and embracing her talents and as the years passed much of Lydia's adolescence was spent within the confines of the small coastal town as she strove towards finding herself.

Prior to her seventeenth birthday her Aunt's failed attempt at converting her business into a resort came back to bite them all. Now faced with economic hardships ahead Lydia turned to the SAOY to supplement her families income and give her the opportunity to explore the Universe, herself and that fire that had been burning inside her since she was a child.

Upon her seventeenth birthday she signed the necessary paper work as she applied to join the Yamatai Military. A year later she was recruited into infantry training due to the fortitude and resolve she displayed during boot camp. Furthermore she was selected for CQB training and urban tactics due to the natural knack that she seemed to have for it. The training was everything and more than her father had depicted to her as a child and in short was physically grueling, mentally trying and even barbaric at times.

The senior officers abused, neglected and did whatever they believed would make the recruit stronger and harder. Their mantra being that pain is inevitable and as such recruits should be presented with it frequently and taught to overcome it. This often at times resulted in sprains and broken bones that unless crippling were often ignored. Laying in her bunk she found herself questioning why she was there, her body covered in bruises, scrapes, sprains and what for, she didn't know. Her new body taking its time as it tried to mend the various wounds all over her body. At that moment she flirted with the idea of opting out of her training and for that split second was convinced she would. Regaining her composure she curled up into a ball on the mattress, her eyes screwed shut as she tried to mentally prepare for the days ahead.

Eventually she would grow numb to the pain and discomfort as the days turned to weeks and the weeks into months. Firearm exercises and drills ingrained themselves into her brain so that she could react to any combat scenario without thinking. When she finally finished all of her training she had mastered her new body and was thoroughly prepared to tackle the challenges ahead of her in her new life.



She is trained in handling common military and civilian communication devices,as well as the built in wifi communication array that she has access to being a Minkan. Being born in Nepleslian space she has only ever known the trade tongue but once her mother moved them into Yamataian space she began picking up tidbits of Yamataigo. By the time she enlisted she had become more accustom to it but occasionally in fits of rage or stress she'll revert back to her native tongue.


Having been quite the little rockstar as a child Lydia is very talented with her electric guitar. She can read and write music and on occasion has even been told she is a talented singer though it's probably a acquired taste as most of her fans were past lovers where she grew up on Albini.

In the past she has been involved in small private concerts for her friends that were less then respectful and a tad bit wild. Resulting in authorities occasionally stopping by to break up the fun.


She is well versed in hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting due to a intense training program she was selected for out of basic training. She is skilled in fighting in environments with gravity but lacks a certain finesse in zero G. This isn't to say she is incapable but it is clear which of the two she would prefer to fight in hence the reason she was given the designation 01B and cherishes her Daisy power armor.

She is more then proficient with the standard issue Ke-M4-W2901 Light Armor Service Rifle, Ke-M4-W2901 LASR-SLAG and a rather large bowie knife. All of which are typically apart of her standard kit.

She is also quite taken with heavier weapons such as the type 30 Machinegun, Ke-M6-W3000 50mm Gauss Bazooka and Ke-M2-W2905 Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon.


Lydia understands the chain of command and its importance in completing a mission successfully but often mentally questions the orders of her superiors or their motives. She has a knack for urban tactics and works just as well as any other soldier should be expected with her unit. She is able to execute complex maneuvers with her unit and able to adapt to ever changing situations in the fields.

She does have the tendency to execute orders in a very broad interpretation of what she was told to do. Some call it taking initiative or being resourceful others view it as insubordination.

She is also quite liberal with the dress code often rolling up the sleeves of her coveralls, wearing her Type 31 Engineering Protective Jumpsuit as opposed to her work uniform (As she feels she should be able to slip into her power armor in a moments notice while on duty). During her leisure time she can often be found in her PE uniform as it is the most comfortable and least formal. (It also shows off her tattoos.)

Technology Operation

Lydia is skilled in navigating computers, networks and databases.

Survival and Military

Well versed in land navigation and geography, she is capable of reading maps and its terrain advantages and disadvantages. She is accustom to studying and traversing through unfamiliar terrain by foot or in a land vehicle.

With a strong grasp on survival training she is proficient in the use of the environment to aid her in blending into the environment and remaining unseen. Coupled with her ability to forage and hunt she can survive alone for extended periods of time.

Maintenance and Repair

Capable of maintaining and repairing all of her standard equipment, she also possesses a unusual knack for making small cosmetic modifications to her personal Daisy M6. she also is well versed in the use of the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle and its variants.


Lydia โ€œHexโ€ Reinhardt has the following items:


Lydia โ€œHexโ€ Reinhardt is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
840 KS Starting Funds

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