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-====== mabuchi kyouma ​  ​====== 
-mabuchi kyouma ​  is a [[:​characters|player character]] played by [[user:​]]. 
-^  mabuchi kyouma ​   ^^ 
-|   ​{{character:​anonymous:​anonymous_female.png}} ​ || 
-^  Species & Gender: ​ |  Male Human  | 
-^  Date of Birth: ​ |  12日 6月 [[calendar:​YE 13]]  | 
-^  Organization: ​ |  [[stararmy:​Star Army of Yamatai]] ​ | 
-^  Occupation: ​ |  [[stararmy:​occupations:​Infantry]] ​ | 
-^  Rank:  |  [[stararmy:​ranks:​Santo Hei]]  | 
-^  Current Placement: ​ |  @@[email protected]@ ​ | 
-===== Physical Description ===== 
-he has short spiky black hair, a short braid in the back, sideburns that go down to his chin, and a small beard with a goatee and deep black eyes. He also seems to have what appears to be a short vertical scar in the middle of his lower lip. 
-Kyōma is also distinct in his style of dress, a combination of modern and traditional Japanese. He wears a red happi coat with the light green power symbol on its back, a blue gi with a black and gray-striped sash, black undershirt, black pants with three white horizontal stripes on the upper left leg, large blue straps on the lower legs, and sandals with black socks and blue straps. The interior of his happi is lined with pockets that hold his signature Skewers 
-===== Personality ===== 
-Kyoma is rough-mannered,​ sardonic and somewhat anti-social. Kyōma likes to live in the past, with a love for vintage cars and hatred of coils. 
-===== History ===== 
-born in the year ye 13 As a child, he only had his father since his mother passed away while giving birth to him. His father was a car mechanic, ​ 
-==== Skills Learned ==== 
-As a veteran of Grendel, Kyōma is an expert fighter and hand-to-hand combatant. He can hold his own against multiple stronger opponents and is fast enough to dodge gunfire from a hovercraft. His weapon of choice are several needle-like throwing knives called Skewers, sharp enough to destroy illegal coils and blow out a car tire. Some of the knives are attached to indestructible wires and are used for restraining opponents and reaching higher areas. He will even use specialized knives that contain powerful explosive charges. As a member of Grendel, he also used Coil-powered needles called Spin-darts that could penetrate energy barriers and explode when thrown. 
-Kyōma is an equally skilled mechanic, a talent likely picked up from his father. He is sometimes shown successfully repairing his ride, a requirement in an era where gas-powered cars have become obsolete 
-===== Social Connections ===== 
-mabuchi kyouma ​  is connected to: 
-i have one kid  
-===== Inventory & Finance ===== 
-mabuchi kyouma ​  has the following: 
-pair of boots a jacket and some food to keep in handy  
-mabuchi kyouma ​  ​currently has 3000 KS. 
-===== OOC Information ===== 
-This page was created by on 03, 09 2018 at 19:50. 
-In the case becomes inactive: 
-  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No 
-  * Can this character be [[guide:​Adoption|adopted]] after I've been gone for a year? No