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Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt

Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt is a player character played by Cosmickader.

Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt
Species & Gender: Female Anthro
Date of Birth: 18ζ—₯ 8月 YE 09
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Scientist
Rank: n/a
Current Placement: n/a

Physical Description

A tall and svelte denizen standing at 5'6β€œ, IO is a canid anthro of the spaniel sort possessing an athletic build leaning towards the slightly fuller side, long chocolate brown fur and an odd mane of deep brown hair that is long and mildly windswept at the tips. Her features are firm and passive with a feminine touch, possessing a blunt and short snout, slim black lips and bright emerald green eyes. Her chin is broad and firm , suitable for her physique and accompanied by gentle cheeks. Her canine appearance seems to be mixed with some distinctly humanoid traits. For one, her facial features are extremely expressive - though not as much as a human's face, she can emote quite clearly and diversely due to her unique facial structure. Adding to this, she possesses long and drooping ears

Her torso is well built, decently muscular around the abdominal region and arms - visible fitness mixed with dense musculature meeting to be one. Despite this, Madelynn's acuity and her role as a scientist is quite clear. There is a certain amount of gait to her waist and hips, the signs of a comfortable life spent mostly at a seat behind a computer screen. Despite this, her physique is aided by natural stout limbs and a generous bosom that helps add to her appearance. Her hands possess five digits, with thick black padding along the fingertips, palms and the length of said digits to add protection. Her claws naturally grow short, adding to the reality of a manufactured physical form.

Her lower body possesses fine and hearty hips, thick thighs and stout plantigrade legs that lend to plenty of physical resilience. Atop of her hearty bottom lies a short and yet very scruffy tail.

Upon the upper regions of her left leg, right cheek and back lie a series of luminous green tattoos. For the most part, those upon her leg detail a series of codes replicating spliced genomes that make up a vague mock-up of her ancestry. The tattoo upon her cheek depicts her family crest - baring the symbol of a rearing hound dipping its paws into a pool of DNA. Finally, the tattoos upon her back detail a model family tree, starting from her ancestor Baldric Falonius Mercurio down to herself.


Madelynn is a dedicated individual. So dedicated is she to her craft that, she fears she is starting to lose out on other aspects of her life. Madelynn has been pushed since her youth. Pushed towards a single career and now that she has diverted herself towards a unique purpose, her work has become her life. Madelynn desperately wishes for independence. She wishes to seek out her own livelihood, her own future and her own fortune. Yet ,despite this thinking, she often times seeks the approval of others in other to gratify herself. A lifetime of wealth has driven her towards the finer things in life. She oft demands comfort of high quality. Often times, this makes her out to be immensely spoiled. Many times has she 'broken the ice' with demands for quality food, a luxurious bed, good sex and fine music. Part of this is inherent of her own family's desires. The Mercurio-Shmidt desire for the finer things in life despite the hardships. One would expect a creature this vain to be a variable cloister, shut out to others and ignorant of the talents of her peers.

Despite maintaining an arrogant air, Madelynn treasures the opinions and ideas of others both as a tactical flair (for how can one expand their own knowledge without looking at the ideas of others and adapting) and in order to better understand those around her. In her own way - behind the bluster and the supremacy, Madelynn hides a heart willing to confide in others as well as pool her knowledge. In a way, it is also borne out of her desire to be recognised for her genius, wishing to be respected by others beyond her kin and recognised by her peers. She shuns violence and unnecessary cruelty unless it is absolutely required in the name of knowledge. She often hates to admit this, but she is a vehement lover of olden lore and mythology - as well as classical romance and prose.

Madelynn's stance on morality is subjective. She often times understands that common concepts of 'good' and 'evil' have to be breached for the betterment of science but knows that jeopardizing one's mind is not worth the risk of great knowledge. Perhaps it is ironic, seeing as her family sold their humanity for their very appearance.


What truly constitutes a legacy? The achievement of future generations? The mark you leave upon the universe? A hot new generation of aspirants and an empire baring a shining new future? The Mercurio-Shmidt line is made up of these desires. It is a family that has existed for centuries, exploring the forbidden depths of science and entering a brave new world where the understanding of the very genes of every living creature was paramount to success. They were proud of their legacy. Upon every single one of the family's products, the stern and daring logo of the hound lay emblazoned upon carbon and cold alloys.

Madelynn was born into this. Into a race like no other. Her siblings, her parents before her and many others before that - Madelynn was faced with adversity. Her family was demanding. A rich cult of personality with a love of science, the Mercurio-Shmidt line was so dedicated to their arts and what they represent that they even took the form of the mighty hounds of their family crest, believing that it brought the impression of loyalty and faithfulness - both to the scientific community and their chosen cause. For the most part, that was something the family kept to. In a universe of conflict and ever-changing alliances, the Mercurio-Shmidt family chose to stay largely out of many political leanings. They were scientists first and foremost - nothing less and nothing more. That was until she came along. For the most part, the family attempted to appease everyone around them. Her parents were largely concerned with protecting their own reputation - her siblings a litter of yelping pups that wanted nothing more than to honor their family legacy. But that is where she split away. A youth spent attending some of the Yamati Empire's high class learning facilities was meant to enhance her know-how and continue the family legacy. But this is also where it all began. Madelynn chose to take courses in robotics, computer technology and engineering over and presumptuous family tradition of solely dipping into genetic modification, cybernetics and biology.

At the age of 21, Madelynn had managed to secure a sizable amount of monetary support from her father alone, whom actually seemed oddly supportive of a daughter going against years of tradition. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Madelynn made good on it - and invested her support in a new up-and-coming organization that seemed to have quite a bit of potential. In the wake of her foray into a professional career, OSO appeared to be a profitable venture. Whilst the eponymous leader of this organization did not strike her as a particular at first, upon closer examination Uso Tasuki was a go-getter. A doer. She created something big - and she was willing to make it hers. An opportunist with a big chip on her shoulder, Madelynn wished to work beyond the name Mercurio-Shmidt and prove her worth in action - offering her scientific expertise to those willing to invest in it.

Skills Learned

Biology - Who doesn't love the family business? Biology, despite not being the focus of many of her studies - dominated her early curriculum as the primary subject to focus on. Xenobiology in particular interested her, offering the opportunity to understand the different alien bodies and physiological adaptions that helped many a species flourish on different planets. She knows how to manipulate the genetic structure and has limited knowledge of gene restructuring and identifying biological mutations.

Chemistry - As part of her studies, Madelynn is proficient in identifying various synthetic and organic substances as well as modifying metallic isotopes. Previous archived family achievements have studies into biochemistry has helped her understand the development of toxins and substances that both enhance the body and harm it.

Engineering & Robotics- The true apple of her eye, Madelynn grew up with a great fascination. Not for the grand achievements of her family, but rather the magnificent machines that she saw helping them with such grand tasks. Madelynn studied in depth the various types of mechanical creations that help the various local species thrive. From military attack drones to recon-bots and the inner workings of advanced terminals and vehicle function - if it's a machine, Madelynn has probably written an index on it somewhere in her case notes.

Humanities - Part and parcel of her studies into the biology of various species, Madelynn had to know how they function. For that very reason, she's at least familiar with the surface knowledge of most known races and the barest parts of their culture, with knowledge of Empire dynamics and sociology being the more paramount field of knowledge.

Mathematics - Naturally, when you're entering the realm of how computers work and cells function, knowledge of proper mathematics is a must. Madelynn has drilled advanced mathematics into her heart quite fiercely, sometimes even making very awkward and off-key maths jokes - yowch.

Medical and Science - Whilst applying her knowledge to actual medicine is not something she's studied in depth, she can help to create various medicinal substances that - in theory - do help the body function better. But her knowledge is largely better applied to theory than actual practice. That said, her scientific know-how is exceptional when it comes to knowing how organisms work.

Technology Operation - Her love of machines and computers has certainly shone through. Madelynn knows most computer systems in and out - how to access the backdoors , the front doors…how they work and just what their capabilities are. She feels most comfortable behind a terminal, often lost in a world of data and hardware.

Social Connections

Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt is connected to:

The Mercurio-Shmidt clan is certainly expansive. Whilst it largely consists of other modifier humanoids like herself, the family is very much dedicated to it's members and would offer support even to distant relations. That said, despite her father's approval - Madelynn is largely looked upon with doubt and contempt by many of her kin. Her lack of companions and true friends beyond that is one of her largest problems - starting off largely independent and aspiring with naught but her previous work to speak for her.

Inventory & Finance

Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt has the following:

Standard issue clothing and equipment

Madelynn Mercurio-Shmidt currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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