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Maeve Byrne

Maeve Byrne
Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Age: 23/?
Height: 5'2β€œ
Weight: 120lbs
Organization: None
Occupation: Engineer
Rank: none
Current Placement:

Maeve Byrne in Roleplay

Maeve Byrne is a player character played by DracoIcra(venomier/Draco_Platina etc).

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2” Mass: 130lbs Measurements: 34B-23-34 Build and Skin Color: A lithe but well toned gymnast build, Maeve is proud to keep a modest and athletic shape. Her pale skin is nearly flawless but for some faded marks, and is rather sensitive to being touched.

Eyes and Facial Features: Most noticeable are her violet eyes, often wide with curiosity, other times squinting in concentration. Her face is cute, but favors the angles of Icelandic descent. When the mood strikes her, it transforms from adorable to strikingly sultry and sensual.

Hair Color and Style: Maeve sports short pixie-cut mess of white with few well-blended icy blue streaks to either side of her face.

Distinguishing Features: Personal insignia is 'tattooed' centered 1 inch below shoulder line. Two circles above one circle, with rays of increasing length between each emanating from the center, the longest pointing down and right, shortest pointing straight up.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Somewhat absent-minded in social situations, Maeve is more likely to notice where a building is about to fail than someone juggling chainsaws while talking to her. Generally personable, rarely angry or abrupt, she gets on well with most. She has a tendency to ramble when she's not paying close attention to the conversation, and is often found humming to herself as she works. She comes off as naive, but she prefers to think of it as optimistic. Reluctant to engage in direct conflict, she tries to diffuse situations with humour. When push comes to shove and she is forced into a verbal confrontation, she often shuts down and stops talking, or assumes a very flat tone and minimal response; a far cry from her usual talkativeness.

Likes: kitbashing anything from models to actual armours, Kaserine, finding ridiculous uses for things, boobs, Kaserine, architecture, xenos Dislikes: unemployment, lacking materials to do her job, people that respond violently to innuendo and sexual advances, being sold fake Kaserine Goals: Finding a place that encourages her quirks, rather than fires her for them.


Family (or Creators)

None noted.


Maeve has floated around as something of an independent contractor. Some of her training has come from before her recorded history, perhaps a former life of sorts. She has garnered something of a reputation for her 'enthusiasm' for her work, often resulting in being fired for contract violations relating to the equipment she was using. Grudgingly, her employers admit that the work she does is excellent quality, so despite her quirks, she still manages to find employment on occasion. Most recently, she (literally) dropped onto Vice, having disgusted her employer to the point of terminating her contract before the work was finished, and confiscating all of her belongings as compensation.

Skill Areas


Maeve is learned in primarily practical industrial and military architecture, with experience in planet-side, space-borne and even airborne structures. Her practical experience is primarily in retrofitting structures with newer or jury-rigged technologies, as full structure contracts are hard to come by for someone of her position.


Going hand in hand with her skill in construction, her training is almost entirely vertically integrated. She understands not only how to use the technologies, but how they work, how they're made, and most importantly, how to improve them given a situation.


A solid base in higher mathematics is necessary for any engineer worth their salt, and Maeve is no exception. She has a special place in her heart for higher-dimensional geometry, though it has nothing to do with her employment pursuits.

Technology Operation

As above, Maeve has a thorough understanding of how many things work, which is primarily derived from her compulsion to alter them. Every system she has been trained in the operation of, she has attempted, mentally or otherwise, to take apart and put back together. Due to this, she knows the limits of many pieces of equipment better than most.


At some point along the way, Maeve had schooling in the area of biotechnology, with a nod towards species engineering. In that respect, her education in xenobiology is primarily on the genetic level and concerning splicing compatibility, rather than comprehensive physiology.


Being educated in the area of biotechnology necessitates a solid knowledge of the universal building blocks. This later branched out to supplement her nanoconstruction and engineering knowledge, giving her a comprehension of what goes on with the materials and technology she works with right down to the atomic level.

Maintenance and Repair

More as a result of rather than a supplement to her other skills, Maeve knows quite well how to maintain and repair everything from NH28 weapon systems to the stations and starships they serve on.


Maeve Byrne is currently an independent contractor.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Breakin' the law, breakin' the law. Second character ever, intended for 5tar's plot centered on the Vice club, β€œKing's Deck”.

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