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Magnusson Yuu

Yuu Magnusson is a player character played by Acturis.

Yuu Magnusson
Magnusson Yuu
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Months
Height: 5'7 or 170cm
Weight: 115lbs or 52kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Infantry
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Sakishima

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'7 or 170cm
  • Mass: 115lbs or 52kg
  • Measurements: 38C-24-38

Build and Skin Color: Yuu has olive skin pulled taught against the sleek muscles of her hourglass figure. Years of combat related training, weight lifting, and a strict diet has all be eliminated fat from Yuu's body (She regularly refers to her muscled legs as thunder thighs and loves how her sculpted her back has become). She typically wears the a pristine Type 35 Duty Uniform with boots that have been shined so well you can see your reflection in them. She always wears her sidearm, regardless of what uniform she is in.

Eyes and Facial Features: Yuu has almond-shaped eyes accompanied by long eyelashes while her eye color shifts between brilliant hues of blue and green, depending on what Yuu is wearing. Her face is sleek but soft with a pair of luscious lips.

Ears: Yuu has Neko-style ears that tend to twitch from time to time as Yuu becomes accustomed to the new body.

Hair Color and Style: Yuu has long, white hair that she styles differently on a daily basis. Her hair is naturally straight so she usually has to wrap it up in a bun if she hasn't had the time to get ready in the morning for work. However, when time permits, she likes to get creative with her hair such as a waterfall braid updo or french braids. She has yet to decide on a perfect match for her yet.

Distinguishing Features: Yuu has no distinguishing features.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Yuu has a very complex personality. She tends to be laid back and a go with the flow kind of mentality while relaxing and prefers to make a joke of everything. Plans are for work and those trying to die early from stress. Yuu can usually be found in her room doing several activities simultaneously such as singing, playing the guitar or violin, tending to her flowers, listening to audio lectures, have a nose in a book, taking something apart only to put it back together, or solving complex problems. If she isn't in her room, she is usually at the gym to push her new body's limits.

Social settings are a little difficult for Yuu at first because she prefers to observe the behaviors of those around her before acting. Some may perceive this as being shy but she is really gathering information to figure out what attitude and language is appropriate in order to elicit the desired social response. That being said, this girl is apologetically critical of those around her. This can lead to interpersonal conflicts as she tramples over someone's feelings when she doesn't have the motivation to politically position herself.

Work on the other hand is another story completely. Yuu continually strives to be the best because she views everything as a competition and she has been bread to win. She will make plans months in advance to achieve the desired goal while having a alternate and contingency plan set aside for those 'emergency' situations. Yuu may also appear to be a bit of an uptight person when it comes to customs and courtesies because she feels that respect is incredibly important to instill good discipline among the military.

  • Likes: Science, math, engineering, tinkering, playing both the guitar and violin, physical activity, gardening.
  • Dislikes: Overly bearing, rude, and mean people.
  • Goals: Become a scientist, create a new manufacturing business, become financially indepedent to support the family.



  • Father: Ryuu Magnusson
  • Mother: Mami Magnusson
  • Sister: Eira Magnusson
  • Brother: Ichirou Magnusson
  • Brother: Yori Magnusson
  • Sister: Sasa Magnusson


Yuu was born a male, inside a log cabin built by his fathery Ryuu on Ishikawa IV in the Yugumo Cluster. The year was YE 18, five years after his father took his mother Mami to Ishikawa IV to begin creating his homestead with his family that exploded to a size of 7 with Yuu in the middle. Unfortunately, Yuu was born paralyzed from the waist down to a poor family on the frontier, there wasn't any medical help to speak of. The best that could be offered to Yuu was a wheel chair for around the house and a donkey for outside the house.

The young boy pressed on, riding his little donkey day in and day out to assist in farming the land, setting traps to catch game with, and hunting from a single platform that could see out for at least two miles. Here Yuu learned to fix anything from leaky pipes and burnt out electrical sockets to the broken harvesting equipment and the family's crop duster. Machines came as natural to Yuu as his labored breathing did. The only thing that came easier to Yuu than working on machines was reading about them. He spent most of his free time, when his siblings weren't beating him up, with his nose in a book or taking online courses. Math, science, and engineering were his ways of mastering the world around him since it was the only way he knew how. He couldn't go out into the world on his own to make his mark like the rest of his siblings could. So his brain became a sponge, absorbing everything it could almost as fast as he could read it. But that wasn't enough for Yuu, he wanted more, and that more came in the form of the Star Army.

After the UOC was abolished, Yuu had hope to join the Star Army and become one of the legendary Nekovalkyrja. They were warriors with super-human abilities that offered Yuu an escape from the prison that he called a body. They were his ticket to freedom from the physical shackles that bound him to this world. He would have to make this decision behind his father's back and become shunned by him for this decision. What is worse is that Yuu thought he was signing up to be a male version of the Nekovalkyrja. Little did he know that he shot himself in the foot when he told the recruiter that he wanted to be the 'most advanced' Nekovalkyrja, adding even more humiliation when his father discovered what had happened.

Yuu received top marks during training for both his, now her, tactical and technical capabilities. All of her instructors tried to convince Yuu to become a Science Officer, Starship Operator, or an Engineer. They all wanted her to do something more with her natural abilities than Infantry, but Yuu was stubborn. She wanted nothing more than to be the heroes she had seen on the web that fought on the front lines for the Yamatai Star Empire. Eventually her instructors conceded defeat and decided to best help the new Nekovalkyrja as best they could. They offered Yuu a compromise by sending her to be a 'combat engineer'. Yuu would still be a ground pounder like she desired, but now she would add a valuable asset to the team in the form of demolitions and advanced field maintenance.

It was a good thing that Yuu remained Infantry because her personality soon became the embodiment of the typical Infantry grunt. She constantly pushed the new body to its physical limits and beyond, almost becoming obsessed with this body that he had been blessed with. Between the energy from healthy food and the burning sensation after a hard workout, the physically active lifestyle became addicting. Yuu performed so well that she was positioned as the head of his basic training platoon, she would be responsible for all of their failures and credit her success to the Soldiers around her. The job was thankless, but all the hard work made Yuu shine and really paid off when her platoon was the honorgrad platoon of her training class.

YSS Sakishima YE 35

Yuu reported for duty on the YSS Sakishima, got into a fight with her superior Dakura Dakura, was molested by a SAINT Intelligence Operative, lied to the police, and installed a stripper pole in Yoshi Katai's house to make up for the numerous holes and shattered coffee table. She developed a crush on a mechanic who was apart of the Leo Station named Pike and spent as much time as she could around the girl with the excuse that she was trying to learn more about capital ship designs and aether generators.

YSS Sakishima YE 36

Yuu's crush further developed when Pike was transferred aboard the YSS Sakishima. Both were present for the abduction of the YSS Sakishima's crew by an unknown insect-like species. The crew escaped a virtual simulation and successfully returned aboard the ship but only after Yuu sustained a combat wound to her abdomen, incapacitating her.

Magnusson is currently engaged in a clearance operation to subjugate a pirate space station.


Star Army Common Skills

Yuu has the Star Army Common Skills and is also specially trained with grenades and energy rifles.

Communications, Construction, Engineering, Maintenance and Repair, and Demolitions

Living on a homestead has made Yuu very proficient with carpentry, masonry, mechanics, architectural design, setting up and fixing communication equipment, creating homemade explosives, and mechanical engineering. He prides himself in his work as a modern-day smithy. Yuu now has the privileged of combing his experience with the military training he received as a combat engineer in advanced engineering and explosives.

This knowledge has since been refined and honed in by Yuu's experience in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Science and Mathematics

Having his nose buried in books really benefited Yuu by giving him a wide knowledge in chemistry, varying degrees of physics, and mathematical theory. His repertoire of knowledge was expanded and built upon in the field of advanced mathematics and physics during his military training as a combat engineer.

This knowledge has since been refined and honed in by Yuu's experience in the Star Army of Yamatai.


Yuu Magnusson has the following items:


Yuu Magnusson is currently a Nitô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
3221 KS Santo Hei November 2013 Funds
3442 KS Santo Hei December 2013 Funds
3663 KS Santo Hei January 2014 Funds
3995 KS Nitô Hei February 2014 Funds
4327 KS Nitô Hei March 2014 Funds
4659 KS Nitô Hei April 2014 Funds
4991 KS Nitô Hei May 2014 Funds
5323 KS Nitô Hei June 2014 Funds
5655 KS Nitô Hei July 2014 Funds

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