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Mahsa Karim

Mahsa Karim is a player character played by Syaoran.

Mahsa Karim
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe, Hlaraian Female
Year of Birth: AR 918/ YE 07
Occupation: Personal Assistant Dream Consorts
Current Placement: Dream World

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

A chocolate skinned1), slender Iroma woman with notable hips and slight muscle tone showing that she stays in shape. The 5'4 Iroma has an oval face with soft elegant features and freckles dotting her skin, two gentle blue eyes contrasting her darker complexion. She has wavy hair that runs down to her shoulder blades, it's such a dark blue that it's often mistaken for black with blue high tones when not in good light. Her horns are dark and taper at the end, curving slightly inward. She wears a decorative turquoise band with silver inlay on each horn.


Mahsa is a rather carefree person, hardly ever showing any signs of stress, but she makes sure to take important things seriously. She's soft spoken and gentle, never one to raise her voice unless absolutely necessary. Though she does care when she offends people, she isn't one to go too far out of her way to try to appease other's hurt feelings. Her history as a Dream Consorts has given her a more relaxed view on intimacy, but she does take pride in her body and in relationships she builds. She ends up frequently getting in a person's personal space without much hesitation and doesn't hesitate to touch someone, though she will be careful is she's warned against it.


Mahsa Karim was born and raised in the Gollarde Coast region of Hlarai realized at an early age that her calling was to the Vigil and her mother and father both helped her prepare as much as they could. When she was of age she began to study at a near by Base Shrine with a Shrine Keeper named Mukul Gadhavi, where she would deepen her studies until adolescence.

Mukul noticed that Mahsa had a fascination with the sense of touch and was well liked among her peers for being able to help others relax well. Seeing that her true calling was not to the shrines but the convents, Mukul got in touch with a former student of his and had a convent teach Mahsa.

It was at the convent that Mahsa met Rupa, who became her mentor and her closest friend. They spent years together with Mahsa learning all she could from Rupa, even after she acquired her own license and was free to practice on her own. Together the two traveled and helped many and even got to assist in the construction of a new convent, but as they continued their work the two felt like they were not doing all that they could. After struggling with the feelings for months Mahsa decided that she needed to expand her reach. After some careful consideration with Rupa's help, Mahsa decided to try to expand her skill set beyond what the Vigil teaches in order to be able to help her clients in all aspects of life.

It took some time, and a lot of effort, but Mahsa eventually found herself qualified as a personal assistant, spending time with different clients and helping them through stressful times in life. Though her employment is usually temporary, so that she can see many people, she's gathered a good reputation and has started to receive request for more high profile clients.

Skills Learned

Mahsa Karim has the following notable skills:

  • Personal Assistant: Mahsa has trained quite a bit to be a proper personal assistant, and picked up a variety of appropriate skills. She of course speaks fluent Saalsari, but also is practiced in understanding all the basic dialects. She took the time to learn Trade (language) after realizing it was the standard, and is working on her Azorean, but she does not like the lack of politeness in the language. Mahsa is also well versed in Iromakuanhe computer systems and can operate them properly. As a practice she has also taken time too learn how to operate civilian transportaiton of all types at a basic level and maintains the proper licenses, should they be needed.
  • Dream Consorts: Being raised as a dream consort, and still practicing her techniques, Mahsa is well versed in all Dreamer Vigil teachings and meditation, specializing in Ahni meditation.
  • Self-defense: Mahsa is trained in basic self defense techniques and knows how to fire a gun as well as handle Hlaraian Clothblades
  • Symbiotics: Over the course of her life Mahsa has acquired a few symbiotes in her body. The first is a homunculus-type to strengthen the immune system and fight off most diseases, a standard for dreamer consorts. The second is a coralian-type that covers her body with the appearance of freckles with the function of synthesizing and secreting oils from her body. This is used primarily in touch therapy, but since she can choose the oil there are other benefits.

Social Connections

Mahsa is connected to:

  • Swarna Karim (Father)
  • Nilam Karim (Mother)
  • Mukul Gadhavi (Shrine Keeper and Mentor)
  • Rupa Joshi (Dream Consort Mentor and friend)

Inventory & Finance

Mahsa Karim has the following items:

Mahsa Karim currently has 10130 KD.

OOC Information

In the case syaoran becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? No
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