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Maki Rin

Maki Rin is a player character played by Cyborg aka DJ Moose.

  Maki Rin  
  Species:    Nekovalkyrja, Type 33  
  Gender:    Female  
  Age:    108 Days  
  Height:    168cm / 5'6“  
  Weight:    59kg / 130lbs  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Infantry - Designated Marksman  
Rank: Santô Hei
  Current Placement:   Squad 13   

Maki Rin in Roleplay

Maki means “Black pine.” Rin means “Dignified, severe, cold.”

Theme Song:Soul Calibur II: Hubris

Daisy II Loadout: "Crimson"

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 168cm / 5'6”
  • Mass: 59kg / 130lbs
  • Measurements: 96-70-90 / 38-27-35
  • Cup Size: D / C (Included above)

Build and Skin Color: Rin is thin and athletic like most Nekovalkyrja, and her skin is a striking crimson red.

Eyes and Facial Features: Rin has an oval-shaped face with cat-like eyes. Her eyes are golden-yellow in color. Rin's nose is fairly small, and her lips are rather large.

Ears: Rin's ears are large, pointed, and hairless.

Hair Color and Style: Rin's hair is black in color. Her hair is typically worn short and spiked up in random fashion. Despite her hair's messy appearance, Rin does spend a fair amount of time making sure it appears neat.

Distinguishing Features: Rin's most distinguishing feature is her crimson red skin and her less common hairless ears. Both of these were chosen by her creator.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: If there was one word that could sum up the Nekovalkyrja known as Maki Rin, it would be patience. She does not rush through tasks, but instead uses her time effectively to complete her objectives. This does not mean that she cannot make split-second decisions, but that she remains cool and level-headed even in most stressful situations. Rin is respectful of authority and her peers and strives to treat others with dignity. She has a very cool temper and will often just shrug off painful or frustrating events. Unfortunately this trait makes her appear apathetic and uncaring.

Likes: A weapon junkie: enjoys firing and maintaining a multitude of weapons. Enjoys reading a good book, especially history. She also enjoys music with a good beat. Dislikes: Arrogant people, the smell of alcohol Goals: To be the best soldier she can be. To become the best marksman in her unit.


Family (or Creators)

Created by The Star Army of Yamatai  


Having completed her training, Rin is now being shipped to her first assignment.

Service Record



Star Army of Yamatai Training

Rin has been trained in the Star Army Standard Skills.


During training it was found that Rin could fire her weapons with surprising accuracy. Due to her patient temperament Rin carefully takes aim with her weapons, making each shot count.


Rin loves to dance, especially if it is to good music with a great beat. She typically does not view her dancing as sexual in nature, but that doesn't stop her from dancing in a sensual manner.


Rin loves to exercise, to spar with other teammates, and to push her agile physique to the limit.



Rin Maki is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai and earns 221 KS per month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

Created for Kai's Squad 13 plot.

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