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Mango is a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 sprite created by the YSS Sakura as a cook. She tends to threaten anyone who enters her kitchen besides Hanako (and formerly, Kimura Bonichi). Recently (during Mission 4), Mango was added to the crew of the YSS Eucharis as the night cook. She handles midnight meal and breakfast. Despite her usually-friendly nature, Mango is a bloodthirsty killer eager to increase her body count in battle with the Star Army's enemies.

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Mango Mango


Mango is part of the Sakura Clan.

In YE 33, she fought in the Battle of Yamatai. In YE 35, she upgraded her body from the NH-29 to the NH-33 model.

Mango was one of the few crew members left on the Eucharis when it was briefly captured by the Graxlat and Rixxikor in YE 38. She helped fight off the aliens trying to get into the ship.

She was promoted to IttΓ΄ Heisho in YE 40.


OOC Notes

Character and wiki page by Wes. Artworks by Hyeoii and Raph (paid commissions).

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