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Manju Dhawan

Manju Dhawan is an NPC controlled by Legix in the ISS Dig-It plot.

Manju Dhawan
Species: Kudhacari
Gender: Female
Organization: Independent
Occupation: Miner
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Character Description

Manju stands at four feet and eleven inches tall, her frame somewhat lean and muscular. Her grey and black-trim sharp scales cover her head, back, and her tail. She has C-cup breasts, nicely flared hips, and a darker smooth-to-the-touch skin. She often wears blue boxers and a bra underneath a white tanktop and brown shorts. Over this, she wears a blue jumpsuit with leather padding on its shoulders. She can often be found frowning when not at her husband's side, trying to indicate how strange a situation might be or how she'd rather be keeping an eye on Dhaval. She is considerably distrustful toward anyone who isn't a Kudhacari, especially if they're female and interested in her husband.

History and Relationship Notes

Born in YE 13, Manju was a childhood friend to Dhaval while she spent time with some more distant family on their homeworld. She'd grown close to him over the years until the two married young and continued their responsibility to their species. She's tolerated Dhaval's other women out of sheer love for him, but she has since voiced her complaints with having to deal with others. This hasn't stopped her from seeing the value in being spacebound in alien craft, where she has a chance to keep working on their future family regardless of Dhaval's other lovers and the various aliens they encounter.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade & Kudhacari
  • Void Walking
  • Military Training
  • Navigation
  • Basic Education
  • Mecha Operation

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