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Executor Mar'zhaz Keib "Howler" New Tur'lista

Howler is a NPC controlled by GM Luca who appears in the LSDF Akahar plot.

This character may not be adopted.
Mar'zhaz Keib “Howler” New Tur'lista
Keib, with his assistant, 'Greg'
Species: Lorath, New Tur'lista
Gender: Male
Age: 67
Height: 5' 6“
Weight: 180 lbs.
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Tactician/Scientist/Unhinged Lunatic
Rank: Sub-Lieutenant
Current Placement: LSDF Akahar

Character Description

Mar'zhaz Keib, given the moniker of “The Howler” for his out-of-the-box thinking is a tactician serving in the Lorath Self Defence Force. He was sworn into position as a tactician and general-purpose busybody for the higher ups after repeated service. His general stride, depth of knowledge and fluid grip on reality tend to be initially viewed as a liability, but he has silenced critics with his skills when the chips are down.

Keib's consistent good deliveries have made the higher-ups overlook the fact that he's prone to speaking in third person, or has a casual ignorance of the needs of others if it doesn't suit him, or is always seen munching on candy that he claims help him 'think clearer', or that he sometimes complains that the 'Lab Boys' are being outclassed by both a slave, and his erstwhile servant 'Greg', making him replace them at the drop of a hat.

Either way, it's abundantly clear that this Lorath is divorced from reality with his luggage strewn on the front lawn.


  • Hair: Receding hairline with a deep widow's peak, cut short. Black/blue at the roots, white further out. He dyes his hair out of preference.
  • Face: Crowlike in appearance with a triangular face and small chin. His jawline and cheekbones are not that prominent, giving him a smooth looking face. There are wrinkles on his forehead, perhaps from age or concentration. He sports a neat black goatee. His ears are human-shaped, as per the New Tur'Lista clan. He has an earring. He has slate grey eyes.
  • Body: Customary to the New Tur'Lista clan, he sports a skinny build and light grey skin. There is a tattoo on his neck of a Magnesium “⊛” symbol.
  • Outfit: He usually doesn't wear the upper half of his standard issue uniform, instead opting to wear a singlet under a T-Shirt that changes every day, usually depicting Phoenix Man!, Aethersperm's logo, Kirin Games Manufacture's logo, the protagonists from NSS DeathWish and YSS ShiKaze, or a funny slogan. Over all of this is a knee-length white lab coat, stained with spots of red and blue further down and worn open to flaunt the T-Shirt of the day.

History and Relationship Notes

Keib has had a long service with the LSDF, starting from the bottom and working his way up as a consultant and research scientist for exploration vessels. However, he found that he had a knack for tactics as his humanities studies started getting an unexpected practical application, making him climb the ladder. However, as he started climbing the ranks higher, set his studies broader and deeper and honed his psionic talents even further; his sanity started to slip and unhinge, eventually resulting in the Lorath you see before you.

In-Character, Keib is yet to be played.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Keib is fluent in Lorath, Trade, and enjoys Cryptography.
  • Humanities: Keib has a passing familiarity with how people operate on a psychological level…
  • Knowledge: Keib's knowledge of general subjects goes far and wide, including geography, history, and pointless trivia. His psionic skills are also rather sharp, perhaps worryingly so.
  • Technology Operation: Keib knows how to operate LSDF and Nepleslian technology that comes to hand. He likes using cameras, microphones and sensors, in particular.
  • Leadership: Keib has a knack for ship-to-ship and ground tactics and strategy. On paper to others, they make no sense. In execution, they're brilliant. (Trust him on this one)
  • Science: Keib treats this as a hobby, and has been known to study astrophysics, string theory and pathology for fun.
  • Fighting and Physical: His psionic abilities have rendered him deadly when push comes to shove. Handy with a pistol too.


Halloween Salvage

This is currently sitting in his apartment at Nepleslia.

  • Black Box (covert mission?) (Halloween, TC: 24-6, IC: 177-663-28)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian blood (O+ for transfusion) (Halloween, TC: 5-26, IC: 182-2709-31)
  • Crate full of packing foam (What?! Nothing inside!? Damn!) (Halloween, TC: 4-68, IC: 329-7061-72)
  • Donut Making Ingredients Kit (Halloween, TC: 93-89, IC: 5916-9313-171)
  • Sexy Lingerie (Halloween, TC: 58-83, IC: 4871-8772-135)
  • Intact battle pod (Halloween, TC: 72-65, IC: 4665-6947-129)
  • Something special! Contact your GM! (Halloween, TC: 71-99, IC: 7086-10650-162) 1)
  • Pneumatic Nailgun (Halloween, TC: 5-81, IC: 462-8805-86)
  • Portable Universal Wireless Network Data-Modem (size of coin) (Halloween, TC: 36-40, IC: 1497-4417-72)
  • Large crate of various leafy vegetables (Halloween, TC: 33-10, IC: 354-1157-40)


Introduction and Appearance
The mad Lorath [Keib] was referring to his beleaguered Helashio servant named Greg. Pale skinned and orange haired, Greg wasn't male, or female, but ended up being Greg - it's a long story. Greg gave a cheery mumble and trotted off, dressed in an old labcoat, a singlet and rudimentary underwear. Unlike most of Keib's servants, Greg was a cut above the rest through elimination, and Keib treated it as some sort of lab assistant despite everything Greg put up with, and how most others in his profession treated Helashio.
Generally, Greg speaks entirely in mumbles for comedic purposes (And only Keib can figure him out), and it has been known to wander around the ship wearing a labcoat, singlet and undies like it's nobody's business, and it is helpful towards all crew on ship, but ultimately loyal to Keib. Greg is everybody's friend.
[11:26] Wes It's contact details to a Red-associated NPC who can get you access to a unit of 100 “Steve” Robots for free.

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