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Marcus Aurdellio

Marcus Aurdellio is a player character played by Yoerik.

Marcus Aurdellio
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: YE 16
Organization: Section 6
Occupation: Head of Department Of Public Education (D.O.P.E.)
Rank: Department Head
Current Placement: Sirris VI

Physical Description

Marcus stands at 1,83 m (6β€œ0') and is a comfortable 70 kg (150 pb). He is slightly muscular, but does not work out much, and has an 'average' build. He has a slightly tanned skin and brown eyes. He has a short buzz cut and brown hair. He has a slight deep voice, but not as deep as baritone, with a distinctive Nepleslian accent.


Marcus has a bookish demeanour, and he is most keen on learning new things or teaching others. He is a somewhat traditional Nepleslian, believing in liberty, and being a bit violent to people he disagrees with. He is brave and speaks his thoughts out loud often, believing that honesty is the most important part of a discussion. His foremost goal is to teach others, mostly children, about live, nature, and the galaxy.

Marcus likes to laugh, and is a sociable person. He enjoys making new friends, however is also a professional and has no difficulty switching between work- and social relations. He mostly likes people who have a disposition for ancient languages and pedagogy. He has no difficulty learning, however, has a certain dislike for more abstract sciences like maths and informatics, which he leaves to others who are better in.


Marcus Aurdellio was born in YE 16 in the city of Funky City, Planet Nepleslia.

Marcus' parents were Gordon Aurdellio, a well-known paediatrician, and Nelly Aurdellio (neΓ© Mitschkins), a professional cook. He had a normal childhood, however his mother Nelly died when he was 10 years old, and had to be raised by his father and partly by his grandfather Donald.

At the age of 16, he enrolled in college for a study in Ancient Languages. He managed to succeed at the age of 20, and did a one-year master in Language History. In YE 38, he met with Jack Pine and was immediately intrigued by the man's plan to form an own nation. Marcus followed Jack when he created Section 6, and was offered a job as the head of D.O.P.E. He immediately agreed to the position, becoming an important advisor to Jack and responsible for leading the education of the Section 6 population.

He first met Isabelle Pine in early YE 40, being intrigued by her knowledge. The two have since then become good partners, with Marcus' personnel educating hers, and her personnel constructing schools and educational facilities for DOPE.

Social Connections

Marcus name is connected to:

  • Gordon Aurdellio (Father)
  • Nelly Aurdellio-Mitschkins (Mother)
  • Carl Aurdellio (Brother)
  • Martha Aurdellio (Sister)
  • Donald Aurdellio (Grandfather)
  • Jack Pine (Friend & Boss)

Inventory & Finance

Marcus drives a customised Raven Sport in metallic silver.

Marcus owns the following items:

  • 4 pair of suits with tie
  • assorted briefs and underwear
  • assorted socks
  • black suitcase
  • Section 6 Dress Uniform (used for official business only)
  • 3 black and red belts
  • 2 pairs of black shoes
  • 1 pair of shades
  • black wallet, white lining

Marcus Aurdellio currently has 3000 KS. DOPE owns an unknown amount of KS.

OOC Information

In the case Yoerik becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO, after two years

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