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Marcus Kessler

Marcus Kessler
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 184
Organization: None
Occupation: Student
Rank: None
Current Placement: None

Marcus Kessler in Roleplay

Marcus Kessler is a player character played by Wanderer and was in the YSS Freedom plot.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’ 10” Mass: 184

Build and Skin Color: Marcus has a stocky build that comes from carrying a little more weight then he should, but not by much. His skin has a natural tanned tone to it even when he hasn’t gotten a chance to get much sun.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Marcus has a round face that is decorated with red facial hair that looks to be about three days worth of growth. He keeps his beard and mustache trimmed to this length and neat with no hair extending down his neck. His eyes are an emerald green color.

Hair Color and Style: Marcus has a full head of short, curly red hair.

Distinguishing Features: Without the beard Marcus’ face makes him look younger then his age of 23 by a few years.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: In real life Marcus is somewhat quiet when around new people or with a large group of more then ten people. He is usually somewhat uncomfortable until he actually gets to know the people he’s with, especially when something is a stressful situation. But once he actually gets to know someone they find he’s an open and friendly person.

When on the net or in games like Galactic Chaos Marcus is much more outgoing with meeting new people. His attitude and general demeanor are much more forward and bold. Part of this is because usually the people he deals with have the same sort of interests as him and part of it is from the barrier of anonymity that the online persona provides.

Likes: Computers, Electronics, Toys (aka: New gadgets to play with.), Seeing new things. Galactic Chaos Dislikes: Big dogs, Meeting new people in real life, Swimming (Not too good at it, but won’t sink right away.) Goals: Start his own company and create a more accessible and cheaper means of interstellar communications.



Father: Frank Kessler 46 Mother: Ayame Kessler 47 Sister: Kagome Kessler 24 Sister: Sayoko Kessler 20 Sister: Samantha Kessler 19


Born on Yamatai in the city of Natalia to Geshrin parents, Marcus had a fairly peaceful home life. His mother was in the Star army before he was born, but had left it behind after four years of service. His father worked for the PNUgen Corporation and then later with Ketsurui Zaibatsu as a Geneticist. His home life was good, other then all his siblings being girls. Even at a young age people could tell that he was quite intelligent. He actually skipped two years of school because of his high learning curve, though he was actually about four years ahead in mathematics. However the skipping of years meant he was usually the youngest member of the class and in school he had problems fitting in because of that. As such he didn’t have many that he could call friends at that time till he started playing around on the computer when he was around 13. In that world he found that since no one knew his real age and he could keep up intellectually with people several years older then him that he had an easier time meeting individuals that had the same interests as him that wouldn’t simply dismiss him because of age. So while he didn’t have a lot of people in real life that he hung out with, he started building a network of relationships online.

As he grew his parents noted that he seemed to be spending more and more time on the computer and his mother worried that he was going to turn into a hermit. So she had him try out for various sports at the local community gym until they came upon a rather surprising fit for him. One of the trainers at the gym that had been lost for ideas for this kid that didn’t seem to like any sports told Marcus’ mother to try the kids boxing class. After hesitantly attending a few of the lessons Marcus actually started developing a fondness for the sport. He stuck with it as and has competed in several amateur tournaments in his local area. So his life went as he went up in grades until he went too college. There he did a duel major in Communications and Electrical Engineering with a year abroad on Nepleslia where he made a couple of new friends that he keeps in contact with. After finishing his degrees he worked for a couple of years at one of the communications companies on Yamatai while he earned enough money to try for his masters in Quantum Communications. It was during this time he made the transfer to the Yamataian body which allowed him a better connection to computers through the digital mind that the body had. He even managed to develop a method of speeding up his mental process for work similar to the ‘Fast Mode’ in the Galactic Chaos game while he was mentally linked to a computer, though overuse of this capability leaves him with blinding headaches. While working for this degree he got a chance to visit Kazumi where he could observe the nebula’s effects first hand on the various methods of FTL communications. Here is where his story truly begins.



Marcus is familiar with the various protocols used with the different means of communication from Radio to Quantum Relay. Not only does he understand the different operational procedures needed for the different methods of communications, but he also has a good understanding of the different encryption methods for each type of communication and how to break through them. Finally he is fluent in both Nepleslian and Yamataian(Native).

Engineering (Electrical)

Marcus has the capability of designing circuitry for electronics along with the ability to draw and understand their schematics. He is also familiar with the process for the construction of said circuitry.

Maintenance and Repair (Electronics and computers)

A compliment to his Engineering skills, when there is a problem with a piece of electrical equipment Marcus is capable of trouble shooting it to try and fix it. Besides just the hardware aspect, he also understands some of the software problems that can cause a computer system to malfunction.


Marcus is familiar with math up to and including Dimensional Theory and Quantum physics. He has a natural talent for numbers and an intuitive understanding of the formulas needed for problem solving.

Technology Operation

Marcus is highly skilled in the use of computers. He has a much better base understanding of the system that is usually underneath the surface of the operating system and can get said systems to do things most people can’t. He also has a good understanding of how to get around blocks that systems (Not necessarily the one he’s on) tend to put up to keep people out of certain areas.


Marcus might not be the most street smart individual in the physical world. But on the net he has extensive knowledge of where the underworld is. He knows how to find the things that can’t be found by normal people, where the individuals of a certain skill set reside, and how to avoid getting traced when visiting said individuals and places.


With one parent being former Military, he was taught the basics of gun safety and things like how to load a clip, proper shooting stance, and where the safety is. He also can at least hit a target on the shooting range, though how he would do if he ever had to use a gun outside of a controlled environment is anybody’s guess. Also, from years of boxing he knows how to throw a punch and has a mean left hook.


  • Three sets of clothing (Jeans and tee shirt type)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Galactic Chaos box - 250 KS
  • 1 year subscription to Galactic Chaos - 120 KS
  • Ulti-Tool Multiple Purpose Tool - 25 KS
  • Galaxy Scouts pocket utility knife system - 75
  • Emrys Industries Wet Wear Gloves - 50 KS
  • High end Personal Computer - about the size of a modern day laptop, except it doesn't open up but projects a holographic screen and keyboard when activated by a telepathic command. Hard case that is resistant to impact and water resistant to 30 ft. Has a variety of utilities on it including decryption and hacking software. - 4000 KS (Monthly payment of 100 KS, 6% interest over the course of the year.)
  • Backpack/Computer bag
  • Portable electronics tool kit - Multimeter, portable battery powered soldering iron, solder, tweezers, Tweeker set (Really small screwdrivers)


Marcus Kessler is currently a Independent. He receives a weekly salary of -0- per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
-1550 KS 4550 KS Starting gear

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