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Marcus Rodia

Marcus Rodia is a player character played by Rhysis.

Marcus Rodia
Species: Human (genetically modified)
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Height: 1.9 Meters / 6' 2โ€œ
Weight: 95.25 KG / 210 LBS
Organization: Equilibrium Corporation
Occupation: Vice President, Fitness Division
Rank: Vice President
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.9 Meters / 6' 2โ€
  • Mass: 95.25 KG / 210 LBS

Build and Skin Color: Athletic build. Minor red tint to an otherwise lightly tanned skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Dark brown almond shaped eyes. Earthen Greek features.

Ears: Normal human.

Hair Color and Style: Dark brown, nearly black, slightly curly, moderate length.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Upfront and confident in combat or business deals. Extremely overly protective of family, friends and allies. Becomes mildly uncomfortable around females.

  • Likes: Challenges
  • Dislikes: Unpredictable circumstances within close relationships
  • Goals:


Family (or Creators)

Marcus is, actually, the data-clone of the original Marcus Rodia who came to SARP from Ayenee in YE 38. The original Marcus had the intention of replacing himself to start up an agricultural business. The cloned version was created earlier than anticipated to assist in retaking the Eucharis from a scrap yard. Subsequently, the cloned version of Marcus still claims his origins to be in Ayenee.


The Rodia family is a two-fold famed family on Ayenee. They're genetic scientists, and owners of one of the best delis anywhere in that universe. Marcus and his sister, Katarina, were heavily experimented on by their father. As a result, they have several genetic modifications. On the other hand, their family relationship is so strong it sometimes makes other relationships difficult to pursue.



Speaks all major languages on Ayenee. Those he can't enunciate he can at least understand on an audible level. Marcus has an implanted translation matrix, allowing him to comprehend and communicate in languages unknown to him, providing he has enough of the language to translate. One or two words in an entirely new language would be unable to be translated.


Marcus was genetically modified from a very young age and mastered several martial arts by the time he was a teenager. His physical limitations are far superior to an average human.


As the head of a huge multi national corporation, Marcus is well versed in many technological aspects. While not as skilled as an engineer, he can do moderate repair work on several electrical, computerized and mechanical systems


Marcus is a businessman by trade, and has become fiercely competitive at his field. His division of the company is the fastest growing because of his example and leadership in the business world.


Marcus Rodia has the following items:

  • Trade materials
  • Ayenee-style data clone technology
  • Portable Ayenee-style computer system
  • Remote access device for systems
  • Three sets of clothes
  • Three gallons of drinking water
  • Five day supply of food rations


Marcus Rodia is currently a Vice President in the Equilibrium Corporation.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
0 KS Came to this universe with nothing

OOC Discussion

Because of the business nature of his arrival in this universe, Marcus has access to several different precious materials to use as trade, considering regular currency has little value in cross-universal travels.

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