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Mark "Master V" Vintropolis

Mark “Master V” Vintropolis is a player character played by Lamb and is currently involved in the roleplay plot.

Mark “Master V” Vintropolis
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 6'2
Weight: 198lbs
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Communications Personnel
Vocal Reference: "This sandwich is good!"

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'2 Mass: 198lbs Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Mark has very dark brown skin and very wide set shoulders. He towers over most of his friends and family. His daily shaven body has no hair on it what-so-ever, and his muscles are only toned enough to give them definition.

Eyes and Facial Features: Mark has deep brown eyes and thick nose. His jaw is wide, yet pointed. He has a pair of thick lips which conceal eerily white teeth.

Hair Color and Style: Mark has no hair, but instead chooses to keep tattoos covering his head. He has chosen a jagged tribal pattern which climbs down over his shoulders and deep into his back.

Distinguishing Features: Aside from his already imposing figure, Mark has accrued an equally imposing selection of tattoos and piercings over the years. He has acquired thirty-seven unique tattoos, each one of them portraying a different animal drawn similar to a Kohanian tribal style. He maintains piercings in the lobes and cartilage of each ear, as well as three in his right eyebrow. Black swatches cover his upper body almost entirely, and he even has a single black crescent around his left eye. Mark is also known for his soothing, deep voice, which often fills the room when he speaks.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mark Vintropolis is an easy going Nepleslian with a interest in the 'people' side of things. He's always investigating conditions throughout the environment around him and discussing morale issues with his friends and coworkers. Some have said that he is incapable of expressing anger or fear because of his almost apathetic nature. More often than not, his intentions go unnoticed because doesn't express them, either in words or emotion.

Mark has always ignored the situation where one is turned back because he knows too much, or is sticking his nose in other's business; always finding a way to get to the bottom of whatever 'mystery' he perceives. Like most people of his caliber, Mark has a fondness of journalism.

Likes: Food and Cooking, Linguistics, Body Art, Journalism, and Radio. Dislikes: Complacency, Needless conflict, False accusations, and minding his own business. Goals: Finding and overturning at least one conspiracy, cooking a meal for someone famous, and making a career outside of broadcast Journalism.


Family (or Creators)

Dale Vintropolis, Systems Engineer for a tech firm in Funky City


Markus was raised by his father and a menagerie of women his father was involved with during Mark's childhood. When he reached the age of sixteen, his growth was almost completely under the supervision of a man named Seymour Jones. Seymour was the DJ of a local radio station where Mark spent most of his time after school. He taught Mark how to get information from darker sources than the media, and use it to inform the people. By the time Mark was in his twenties, he had his own show and kept the denizens of his neighborhood informed on the happenings throughout the city. When he was twenty four, Mark found Seymour Jones in his DJ booth filled with bullets. Seymour had just broadcast a bulletin regarding organized crime.

When Mark pursued the incident further, he found himself under fire. It seemed that he was being framed for Seymour's murder. When he finally caught up to his primary suspect, the police were one step behind him. Mark killed the man he sought and went into hiding. Soon, with his father's help, he had a ticket to ride on a shuttle into Yamataian Space. When he arrived in Yamatai, he immediately began looking for work. He spent a few years buying and selling information for a living before deciding to jump back into broadcasting.

At first, Mark tried to stay out of trouble; reporting bland engagement after engagement. After a year or so, he found himself reporting more and more controversial stories once again. When he was nearly killed in YE 30 by an angry Nepleslian gun-runner who had been ousted by one of his stories, Mark decided to find his excitement in another way.

Within weeks he had applied for opportunities with Origin Industries, in the field of Communications. He was quickly accepted based on his experience and assigned to a post aboard the OIF Atuan. Mark served on the OIF Atuan, the Atuan II, and finally on the Atuan III as an Electronic Warfare Officer. He often flew as a copilot seated behind Taela Kaila, and regards her as one of his close friends.

In between stints on the various Autuans, Markus acts as a DJ on one of Dawn Station's radio channels; hosting a show which plays obscure jazz and blues music in the early morning hours.



Due to his wide experience in the field of Broadcasting, Mark knows how to operate almost any piece of communications equipment available. He also posses skills in overlaying sounds, and creating effects to trick any listeners who have anything less than very good ears.


Being left to fend for himself in the kitchen through most of his life, Mark is an excellent cook through the process of trial and error. He has learned many tricks that aren't taught in cookbooks and a few that are. With these skills he can make a meal the likes of which are usually seen at magnificent banquets for extremely rich clientèle.

Vocational-- Broadcasting Equipment Maintenance

In line with his communications skill, Mark has an extreme proficiency when it comes to the repair and rebuilding of broadcasting equipment. This skill also extends into a basic knowledge of electronics work and on-the-spot field repairs.


Mark was taught by a veteran of Journalism how to obtain information from crooked sources. He has learned how to deal with thugs from all corners of the galaxy and has spent time with enough hardened criminals to know that there's a certain way to talk to him. And he talks the talk.


Having found his way into the radio industry, Mark was forced to keep his show fresh and entertaining. He has worked out how to guild his speech to suit different crowds and express different ideas with appropriate force. While this ability does not follow him into his personal life, it can be assured that when he's on the job, Mark will make it exciting.


Due to his unexpected relocation to Yamatai, Mark was forced to learn conversational Yamatai-go very quickly. Over the years, he's increased his understanding of the language to the point of almost perfect fluency. His accent is so slight, that it appears only for the distinction which it give his voice.


Being raised in Funky City is tough, no matter who you are. Mark inevitably learned some fighting skills during his childhood, and he wielded guns as a teenager and later as a broadcaster. When he tracked down his mentor's killer, he became very intimate with forty-five caliber handguns and revolvers.



  • 1x Grey Business Suit Ensemble with Black silk tie and matching cuff-links.
  • 5x white T-Shirt with OI Logo
  • 5x boxers or briefs with OI logo (green)
  • 5 pairs of black Socks
  • 1x Khaki Canvas Duster with no belt.
  • 5 pairs of black, semi-formal slacks.
  • 5x XLT sized button-up shirts, white.



  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe, white, with OI logo.


  • A set of tools for repairing electronics
  • A small transistor for testing signal strength
  • Electronic Money Card

Warehouse and Contents

In YE 32, Markus got his hands on a load of salvage in a contest. Using his connections on Dawn Station, he traded some of his salvage for a small warehouse where he would live and store the rest of his salvage along with the materials for art and music production.

Audio Equipment

  • 1 set, large studio monitor speakers
  • 1 set, stack-configuration tube amplifiers
  • 5 pair, studio monitor headphones
  • 16 condenser microphones, varying sizes
  • sixty kilograms of mixed cables
  • 1 advanced audio workstation
  • Modular set of interconnecting and folding panels, grey


  • 1 small crate of unidentified unlabeled liquor (Morant Moonshine) (Pirating, TC: 18-55, IC: 1047-387-71)
  • 1 small crate of unidentified unlabeled liquor (Morant Moonshine) (Pirating, TC: 48-55, IC: 2697-13092-98)
  • 1 small crate of unidentified unlabeled liquor (Morant Moonshine) (Pirating, TC: 50-55, IC: 2807-14852-100)
  • 1 small crate of unidentified unlabeled liquor (Morant Moonshine) (Pirating the UOC, TC: 86-56, IC: 4787-5657-132)
  • 5 Crates of exotic liquor (Pirating, TC: 53-52, IC: 2813-20233-99)
  • 5 Crates of exotic liquor (Pirating, TC: 55-52, IC: 2917-23145-101)
  • 5 Crates of exotic liquor (Pirating, TC: 69-53, IC: 3645-2018-114)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian “bodily fluids” (Pirating the UOC, TC: 98-25, IC: 2409-1182-112)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian vodka (Pirating the UOC, TC: 96-23, IC: 2169-2725-108)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian water (Pirating, TC: 62-24, IC: 1483-8985-79)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian water (Pirating, TC: 80-24, IC: 1897-7113-95)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian water (Pirating, TC: 82-24, IC: 1943-657-97)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian water (Pirating the UOC, TC: 93-24, IC: 2196-3225-106)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian whiskey (Pirating, TC: 84-22, IC: 1821-9055-96)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian whiskey (Pirating the UOC, TC: 93-22, IC: 2010-3357-104)
  • 6-liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian whisky (Pirating, TC: 82-22, IC: 1779-4985-95)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Beer (Pirating, TC: 11-3, IC: 79-963-13)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Beer (Pirating, TC: 12-3, IC: 81-1146-14)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Beer (Pirating, TC: 24-3, IC: 105-783-25)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (Pirating, TC: 24-4, IC: 129-217-26)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (Pirating, TC: 34-4, IC: 159-1661-34)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (Pirating the UOC, TC: 84-4, IC: 309-301-78)
  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (Pirating the UOC, TC: 89-4, IC: 324-209-83)
  • Barrel of Peppermint Oil (Pirating, TC: 66-57, IC: 3819-11514-116)
  • Barrel of Peppermint Oil (Pirating, TC: 67-58, IC: 3876-1217-117)
  • Barrel of Peppermint Oil (Pirating the UOC, TC: 97-58, IC: 5586-1275-144)
  • Barrel of Pine Tree Seeds (Pirating, TC: 17-67, IC: 1196-19621-83)
  • Barrel of Pine Tree Seeds (Pirating, TC: 47-67, IC: 3206-2469-109)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Brandy (Pirating the UOC, TC: 86-7, IC: 573-1401-83)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Brandy (Pirating the UOC, TC: 87-7, IC: 579-1030-84)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum (Pirating, TC: 9-5, IC: 102-1117-14)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum (Pirating, TC: 17-6, IC: 142-141-21)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum (Pirating, TC: 31-6, IC: 212-393-34)
  • Barrel of Yamataian Rum (Pirating, TC: 47-6, IC: 292-1713-48)
  • Crate of exotic spices (insert planet here) (Pirating, TC: 75-65, IC: 4932-27032-131)
  • Crate of exotic spices (insert planet here) (Pirating, TC: 81-66, IC: 5322-3093-138)
  • Fresh water, 500 Liter Tank (Pirating the UOC, TC: 91-24, IC: 2150-849-105)
  • Huge shipment of frozen fish from Albini (Pirating, TC: 5-17, IC: 137-4817-22)
  • Huge shipment of frozen fish from Albini (Pirating, TC: 22-16, IC: 409-3417-36)
  • Nutritional Supply Pack (Functional) (Pirating the UOC, TC: 52-12, IC: 629-2025-58)
  • Pack of Purified medical-grade water bottles (Pirating the UOC, TC: 98-27, IC: 2703-759-114)
  • Padded case of 18 Various Lorath Wine bottles (Pirating, TC: 33-9, IC: 321-3009-39)
  • Padded case of 18 Various Lorath Wine bottles (Pirating, TC: 41-9, IC: 385-2271-46)
  • Padded case of 18 fine Yamataian Wine bottles (Pirating, TC: 48-8, IC: 393-1689-51)
  • Shipment of Whiskey flasks (Pirating, TC: 63-29, IC: 1821-12904-85)
  • Shipment of Whiskey flasks (Pirating, TC: 64-29, IC: 1849-7307-86)
  • Shipment of Whiskey flasks (Pirating the UOC, TC: 92-29, IC: 2633-4378-110)
  • Shipment of cookies (Pirating, TC: 2-14, IC: 83-4551-16)
  • Shipment of cookies (Pirating, TC: 3-14, IC: 96-1429-17)


The interior of a gutted Standard Crew Cabin has been set up in one corner, along with a large bathtub and kitchenette. This acts as Mark's living space.


Mark “Master V” Vintropolis is currently a Senior Employee of Origin Industries. He receives a weekly salary of 500 KS per week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
25800 KS 22800 KS Collected Pay For YE 32 and FQ YE 33 (OOC Nov 11 2010 to June 24 2012)
103800 KS 78000 KS Collected Pay For YE 33-35 (Next paycheck count up from OOC June 24 2015)

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