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Marrisa Cranker

Marrisa Cranker is the co-founder of Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials and the CEO of Marrisa Cranker Designs. She is an NPC played by The Essential Moon Man.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 32 years
Height: 5โ€™8โ€
Weight: 129
Organization: Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials, Marrisa Cranker Designs
Rank: CEO
Occupation: Metal and mineral trade, designer fashion
Current Placement: Vinross Yu-Cranker Corporate

General View

  • Build: Shapely
  • Skin Color: Well tanned cream skin
  • Facial Features: Diva-like features, very showy
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Hair color and Style: Long, curly, brilliant blonde

Marrisa in Roleplay

Marrisa Cranker is the eccentric, stern and fantastically fashionable co-founder of the wildly successful Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials. Alongside Laj Vinross Yu, Miss Cranker oversees most of the companies assets, as well as other functions of a corporate president. However, Marrisa is also in charge of the businesses security assets and the protection of on-site facilities and personnel. She is very big on public appearance and current fashion, often appearing at PR events dressed in the universes latest trends. She also has extremely expensive tastes; not uncommon for one as ridiculously wealthy as she is, with the legendary success of Vinross Yu-Cranker.

Marrisa grew up in Los Apagos, Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia in a wealthy aristocratic family, and took to business at a very early age at the encouragement of her mother. Her father, on the other hand, was not the main provider of the family and was considered in many cases to be more of the 'woman' of the family. As such, Marrisa inherited many of the better traits of her more aggressive and economically-minded mother. While it isn't publicly known how Marrisa met with business associate Laj Vinross Yu, the rapid growth of their joint company is undeniable.

In addition to her job at Vinross Yu-Cranker, Marrisa Cranker also recently started her own clothing design business, humbly titled Marrisa Cranker. While the fashion aspect of Marrisa Cranker's designer fashion line has turned up enough press, profit and popularity to run on its own steam, Miss Cranker has also used her own personal company to fund research and development of security armaments and uniforms. Of course, these designs and goods are sold exclusively to Vinross Yu-Cranker Materials, for use in their own personal security force.

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