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Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus

Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus is a player character played by Gabriel.

Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus
Species: My'leke (Species)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Height: 3' 8โ€œ at the shoulders.
Weight: 220 lbs
Organization: Shukara Volunteer Navy
Occupation: Heavy Marine
Rank: C'Baruce C'Baruce
Current Placement: SNV Gam'trosha

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 3' 8โ€ at the shoulders.
  • Mass: 220 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Slender build. Red skin. 5'11โ€œ long plus a 6'3โ€ tail.

Eyes and Facial Features: Oval eyes with vertical pupil slits. The left eye is Purple and the right eye is Blue. Slightly long snout.

Ears: Pointed ears with White inner-fur

Hair Color and Style: Thin, Darkish Red fur with a Gold streak dyed down the back. White mane.

Distinguishing Features: None

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tite'Yanus is very trusting and caring, but also easy going and likes to joke around a lot. He's very protective and respectful, especially of females. He does tend to flirt a lot and he tries after almost every female that he takes a fancy to, but this can be attributed to him applying his respectfulness and protectiveness to make women feel complimented, raise their self-confidence, and to make sure that they have fun and have a good time. To Tite'Yanus, casual relationships are also a way of building trust and showing those around him that he cares.

  • Likes: Daur, Friends, Friendship, Kindness, Females, Serving others, Helpfulness, Weapons
  • Dislikes: Fruit, Laibe (but only slightly), People that are too harsh or mean, Enemies, Arrogance
  • Goals: Becoming a leader, advancing within the military, impressing those around him, bettering society


Family (or Creators)

Standard nuclear family consisting of two parents and a younger sister.


Tite'Yanus grew up in an average income family, one parent being a laborer and the other a teacher. It was through interaction with his little sister that he started to develop a protective behavior, always making sure that she had the best. It was this sense of protectiveness, as well as his tendencies to be helpful, better society, and his dislikes for cruelty and national enemies that cause him to take an interest in the military. When he felt he was ready, Tite'yanus enlisted and went to basic training, choosing to become a Marine and specialize in heavy weaponry.

During basic training Tite'Yanus excelled at his work, although never quite making it to the top of his class. However, despite excelling at his academics and weaponry training, he finished with all but the most basic knowledge in the non-required areas such as first aid and engineering.

Skill Areas

Technology Operations

Due to their biological tail and its ability to control technology, My'leke have a certain affinity for technology. Tite'Yanus, however, developed a certain affinity for the workings of technological items.


All Neshaten, My'leke and Shukaren alike, are taught hand-to-hand combat. However, given their culture, most already know both hand-to-hand and weapons training before they even enter the military. During Basic Training Tite'Yanus was taught additional forms of Martial Arts, Swordsmanship and Archery. However, he excelled at his Heavy Weapons training.

Knowledge (History)

Because of how important history is, but also in order to curb the racial problems that would naturally exist in their culture, all Neshaten are taught about their past and what lead up to them having to colonize a new world but also about their allies the My'leke or the Shukaren.


The art of surviving in battle and addressing the wounds that a soldier may take is an important skill that they must not only learn but also perfect. Tite'Yanus has the ability to create makeshift shelters, build fires, use survival first aid, hunt, and cook on an open fire.

Land navigation is important to Tite'Yanus as a soldier, as it helps the marine know where he is. He has the ability to shoot azimuths, plot courses, take fairly accurate pace counts, identify geographic features, and tell rough distances or directions without the use of a compass.


Tite'Yanus always makes sure to keep himself in peak physical condition. He tends to work out almost every morning before beginning his duties.


Due to his natural personality, Tite'Yanus tends to be very nurturing and empathetic to his fellow soldiers. He is always willing to talk people through a crisis, work with someone to correct their problems, or take care of someone in need.


Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus has the following items:


Mar'Tendo Gai'Tano Tite'Yanus is currently a C'Baruce in the Shukara Volunteer Navy.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
5000 RN Starting Funds

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