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Matonaka Megami

Matonaka Megami is a player character played by Semjax.

Matonaka Megami
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Height: 5'4“
Weight: 115lbs
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Strategy and Logistics
Current Placement: YSS Ryūjō (Plot)

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Ryujo

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'4”
  • Mass: 115lbs
  • Measurements: 35B-24-34

Build and Skin Color: Megami has the typical hourglass and athletic figure that the NH-33 was known for. Unlike her sister Yumi she has soft, womanly features with hardly any hard muscle to note. Her hips are the biggest focal point of her body being exceptionally rounded to give her a rather heart shaped behind. Her skin is a unique green color, not like puke green, but lime green.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are rounded, and are colored red in contrast to her lime green skin. Her face instead of being perfectly rounded has a more oval shape to it giving her chin a light point. Her cheeks are a little pudgy and rosy.

Ears: She has elf-style ears that curve downward, in contrast to her sisters upward pointing Neko-Ears. The ear tips are evenly rounded out instead of pointy so that it has a smooth connection bridge between the top of the ear around to the bottom of the ear.

Hair Color and Style: Again, in contrast to her sister Yumi, her hair is exceptionally long reaching almost half way past her butt. Straight as a board except for the last 3 inches which curl which is like her sisters hair. Her hair is a darker shade of white, except not completely gray. She normally wears it straight down, but when in combat she wears her hair in twin-tails on either side of her head.

Distinguishing Features: Megami, once more in contrast to her sister, is always smiling, and happy, and go-lucky. If she's sad, or angry, you'll know immediately by the stark personality change.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Megami is the complete opposite of her sister, Yumi. Instead of having an anti-social type of set up, she was given a personality that made her extremely happy and easy to get along with. She was shown a more human side than her sister, and she embraced it happily. Anyone who doesn't know her might find her to be obnoxious, and ADHD like, but underneath all that is a genius for strategy. Though you'd never guess it because even in strategy meetings she's bouncing around and having a good time. Overall she's pretty damn happy.

  • Likes: People, Reading, Learning, War Games.
  • Dislikes: Murder, Blood, Meanie Heads, and Losing.
  • Goals: To become a universe renowned strategist.


Family (or Creators)

  1. Matonaka Yumi (Sister)
  2. Matonaka Yuri (Mother/Lead Scientist)


Created by Yuri Matonaka, a scientist who worked for Ketsurui Zaibatsu as an NH-27 Nekovalkyrja. Megami was made with the idea of pushing the Neko's brain to maximum capacity as a strategist. As such that is what she was, at a young age she was introduced to Yumi Matonaka, another one of the doctors creations. Her spastic and happy personality contrasted with Yumi's dark, and brooding personality… Naturally they became the best of friends and immediately began calling each other sister. While Yumi was trained doing combat simulations and Memory Training, Megami was trained using books, interaction, and strategy simulations. She excelled in these, and quickly learned what it was to be human, and know the importance of her pawns.

By learning the importance of her pawns she was able to make correct decisions that would come out with the best possible outcome for the side she was on. Several months passed… She and Yumi had reached the final test phase of Yuri's program.. they were pitted together in a simulation against each other… Yumi was alone, and Megami had a slew of militants at her disposal to set up and attempt to defeat Yumi. Despite all her training, Megami was unprepared for just how brutal and silent Yumi was against her people and wound up losing the person she was supposed to be protecting, there for losing the simulation. Yumi was praised, while she was chastised.

This lead to Yumi being approved to enter the Yamatain Military, and her being held back to learn more. Unfortunately, it only took a few months for her home and program to be shut down for, unknown to her, reasons involving her and her sisters birth. With nowhere to go, she turned to the Yamatain Government for help, and when they saw how exceptionally gifted she was they allowed her to begin attending officers school figuring she'd make a wonderful leader of (wo)men. She was overjoyed to be able to attend the school, she worked hard and made plenty of other friends while there. She was finally happy again since she had lost her mother..

She kept up with everything that Yumi was doing, proud that her sister was doing the best she could given the circumstances, but that didn't stop her from worrying, nor contacting her. The two kept in touch quite a good bit until the end of the Mishhuvuthyr war, where she joined a military camp to train soldiers to be snipers. It was only about a year after that that she fully graduated the Officers School with honors in Leadership, and Tactics, and decent grades in Intelligence. She enlisted right away gaining the Shoi rank and moving to space. That is where she spent her last few years, until arriving at the YSS Ryujo.



Megami was taught several different languages so she could communicate with people to discuss terms and conditions, those languages are:

  1. Yamatai-Go
  2. Trade
  3. Seraphim
  4. Sharan Basic
  5. Lorath


Though not her strongest suit, Megami can fight, and has been trained to do so without mercy. She learned how to use almost all forms of Yamataian Weaponry, and Power Armors, including a few hand to hand combats. Overall, though its not her strong suit, she can hold her own fairly well in battle.


This is where she truly shines, she has been trained by both the officers school, and her mother Yuri, to be a genius at tactical warfare, and general diplomacy. She was made to be capable of ending a war with words rather than violence, and as such she specializes in this particular field. When it comes to strategy she specifically has more knowledge in Land combat then Space combat, but is still decent in Space Combat.


While not her main focus of studies, she took this in officers school to learn how to properly express what she desires, and recognize psychological issues when in diplomacy. She's also pretty decent at sociology, as well as Anthropology.


The biggest thing in this skill is that she has amazing memory and is capable of processing this. However in her study of Sociology and Anthropology she has learned quite a good deal of cultural based things from these races:

  1. Yamatai
  2. Nepleslia
  3. Elysians
  4. Lorath

Out of all of these, only the Yamatain and Nepleslian histories and laws are the ones she can recall verbatim. She's still learning all of the others, and probably will be for a long time.


Part of learning to be a good leader, is learning survival tactics so that you can lead your company without killing them. Megami learned this during officer school, and was beginning to learn it before her program got shut down and her mother taken away. She has learned how to find water, navigate land, construct shelter, hunt for food… as well as military and survival based signaling and how to successfully camouflage herself and others.


As a side hobby, Megami loves to cook. She is rather good at all forms of cooking due to her really good memory and creative influences from her intelligence. As such she can cook as good as the best of them!



Matonaka Megami is currently a Shoi in the Star Army of Yamatai .

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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