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Mattrick Patterson

Mattrick Patterson is a player character played by SirSkully.

Mattrick Patterson
Species & Gender: Human Male
Year of Birth: YE 15
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Scrapper/Demolitions Expert
Rank: N/A
Plot: N/A

Physical description

Mattrick stands at 5ft 7inches with a semi-athletic build on his pale-skinned body, he has strong cheekbones and a narrow chin, with a short and scruffy beard covering his lower face and medium length, chestnut brown hair swept back over his head in a semi-unkempt manner. His almond shaped eyes are a hazel colour.

Mattrick is clad in an oversized, red utility jumpsuit with rolled up sleeves, under which you can see hints of the low-profile, black pressure suit, the red jumpsuit has no company logos but does feature the words “Explosives Enthusiast” on a name tag over the left breast.


Mattrick is a very easy going individual, he is a jokester and seems to sometimes remain a little too relaxed in high-stress situations. He is a fairly chatty person and is able to strike up a conversation with most people, although his explanations of why and how he is doing something are a little scatterbrained and vague.

Although his actions make him seem reckless, he does plan ahead and in great detail… just that might be a second or two ahead, while he is charging at the problem.


There is a lot of junk floating around in space.

Mattrick was born in space, the son of two asteroid miners who did some salvaging on the side, he fit into the family business of breaking objects down into smaller parts and refining it into something profitable, although he took to the quicker, more explosive method of breaking stuff down.

At the age of 19, he struck out on his own and decided to get into blowing stuff up for other people, it turns out that a lot of people need stuff to disappear with the flip of a switch.

Skills Learned

Mattrick Patterson has the following notable skills:

Combat - While he’s not some kind of gunslinger with a trigger finger that writes myths and legends, Mattrick is skilled enough with common firearms and fisticuffs to hold his own in most cases.

Athletics - Mattrick is used to dodging debris and scrambling through the twisted, enclosed husks of ships in a zero gravity environment so he has acquired a bit of a reputation as a speedy climber and is generally nimble on his feet, you need good reactions to dodge a hull that seems determined to crush you.

Construction and Deconstruction - Explosives are usually a pretty sensitive thing, and so Mattrick is understandably well versed if he has managed to make it this long without blowing himself up, his expertise shifts into coming up with smaller mechanisms and gadgets as well as the more advanced side of engineering but his main focus is breaking stuff, not fixing it1).

Vehicle Operation - Being involved in the family business from a fairly young age, Mattrick is highly skilled at piloting spacecraft as well as most common ground vehicles

Social Connections

Helen Patterson (Mother)

Sullivan Patterson (Father)

Inventory & Finance

Mattrick Patterson has:

* pelican case the size of a large duffle bag, with a strap so that it can be worn over the shoulder, filled with various personal defects.

* red utility jumpsuit

* low profile pressure suit with a retracting helmet

* Civilian grade propulsion boots

* LCP-9 with 4 extra mags that he carries with him

* black utility harness with reflective strips of orange and various buckles and clips

* assorted explosives and electronic components of questionable safety (and legality)

* modified t-shirt launcher with an adjustable barrel

* Touch-screen data-pad

* S6-6AS "Sickle" with two crates of ammo

* Babayaga Wrist Band

3000 KS

OOC Information

In the case sirskully becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
or so he tells himself
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