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Mecholic Nora One-Three 1314171

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Freespacer Height: 5'3โ€œ
Gender: Female Weight: 140
Age: Born YE 30 Measurements: 30-28-30
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: 30A
Occupation: Mecha Pilot Eyes: Red
Rank: lieutenant Commander Hair: Red
Current Assignment: Oif Karakoram

Nora One-Three is an NPC played by Kai

Physical Characteristics

Description:Mecholic Nora One-Three is slightly shorter than average, with almost no figure. She is thin and flat, with no real tone or definition to speak of. Her left hand has been replaced with a Mechanical one of her own design, and her head sports a metal plate above her right eyebrow that covers where her Neural interface has been installed. Nora's Left leg has also been mostly replaced with a mechanical equivalent. Hair Color and Style: Nora's eyes are blood-red, but her hair is a lighter shade, on the pinkish side. Nora's hair is styled in a medium-length, unkempt manner with somewhat uneven bangs which rest around the same level as her eyes, though not covering them. Distinguishing Features: Mechanical leg and hand, Metal plate on her forehead. Nora also has numerous Lichen colonies on her arms, chest, and abdomen which have been cultured into swirling patterns. Nora One-Three also wears a rounded triangular plate of lead on her upper chest, to the back of which is attached several mildly radioactive rods.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mecholic Nora One-Three is a very Chipper individual. She has a very positive outlook on life, and enjoys excitement and thrills. While perfectly capable of behaving herself, Nora has a tendency to find excitement if given the opportunity. She has also been known to take unnecessary risks in the name of adventure and 'looking cool'. Likes: Excitement, thrills, Mecha, showing off. Dislikes: Routine, boredom, having her things broken. Goals: Nora One-Three wants to become renowned for her skills as a pilot.


Mecholic Nora One-Three 1314171 was created as a Type 3 Freespacer. Originally a 'Gearhead', Nora worked on her fleets ships and drones for several years before coming across a partial broadcast of a Yamataian TV show that featured Giant Mecha fighting and action. Immediately hooked, Nora One-Three changed her designation to Mecholic and began to search out broadcasts of the show and any more like it, eventually gaining enough knowledge to build her own mecha. The enterprising Freespacer made the mistake of deciding that the largest Junker drone in the fleet was a suitable starting point for her Mecha. This drone, of course, was the Mother drone that created and tended all the other Junker drones. Needless to say, the fleet Polysentience, as well as other Gearheads and general members of the fleet, were unhappy with Nora One-Three's decision. Because of this, she was cast from her Fleet for being wasteful and left to her own devices. In YE 34, she was attacked by Pirates, barely escaping with her life, but her Mecha had been ruined in the process. Searching for shelter, she found Origin Industries' Dawn Station in the Ake system and joined as a mechanic, as the Mecha program had been shut down at the time.

When, in YE 36, she discovered that the Mecha program would be starting up again, Nora One-Three demonstrated her mecha piloting skills to a manager and was selected to join the newly-restarting program. She flourished under the program, which, while it only lasted a short while, helped to boost her position in the company, and landed her a spot as a permanent test pilot for new designs, but even that grew boring, especially since everything she was trying were simply incremental upgrades, and nothing special.

In YE 40, however, her luck changed as she heard about Origin setting up a special mission group to take out a band of pirates that were using mecha. The Freespacer lobbied for the use of Mecha in retaliation, and even helped design some components of a starshi designated for mecha handling based on her experiences with the Atuan program. Due to her efforts, Mecholic Nora One Three found herself aboard the new ship, as the head frame pilot for this newly activated group of anti-pirate Mecha specialists, along with another promotion.



Items received from Second Chance Salvage's YE 41 year end giveaway:

  • Box of bottled cleaning chemicals (Pirating, TC: 46-71, IC: 3277-4743-112)โ€‹
  • Air Compressor (Pirating YE 34, TC: 83-82, IC: 6863-16211-156)โ€‹
  • 1201 x Wagon (35 gp, 400 lb)โ€‹
  • 323 x Small Cask of Molasses (4 gp, 8 lb)โ€‹
  • E-Knuckle Duster (Pirating Nepleslia, TC: 84-23, IC: 1905-3737-97)โ€‹

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