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Meena Vershan

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Height: 5'4โ€œ
Gender: Female Weight: 120lbs
Age: born YE 14 Measurements:
Employer: Origin Industries Bra Size: B
Occupation: Supply officer 1) Eyes: Brown
Rank: Senior Employee Hair: Black
Current Assignment: OIF Karakoram

Meena is an NPC played by Kai

Physical Characteristics

Description: Meena is a medium-height woman with a thin frame. Not too thin, but thin enough to seem exotic in a galaxy filled with a glut of curvaceous Nekos. She has light brown skin and almond shaped eyes, with a somewhat pointed face. Hair Color and Style: Meena has long, straight black hair,which is usually kept in a long ponytail. Distinguishing Features: darker skin, long ponytail.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality:Meena is a very mellow person most of the time, but can get very riled up at times. While content with being laid back, she enjoys excitement when she can get it. Likes: Piloting, Ethnic music, Ethnic foods. Dislikes: Things breaking, popular culture, antiques Goals: Provide for her family, perhaps find someone to settle down with.


Family: Sisters: Sera, Thenis, Neesha. Brothers: Kraal, Bud.

Meena is the oldest of 6 children from a very large family which grew up on Nepleslia, most of their lives without parents. Her parents were killed soon after her youngest brother, Bud, was born, and she has served as the head of the family ever since. When Origin industries offered a high paying job, she took it, wanting both to provide for her siblings and seek adventure away from home. She has left her sister Sera in charge of the family home.

After Origin's full operations were moved to Dawn Station, and the Station itself completed, Meena had her entire family moved there from Nepleslia, narrowly avoiding the Mishhu invasion of her home nation's capital. She has been vested in the Frame test program, spending much of her time training and becoming a better pilot, and has given serious thought to joining a Mechanized OriSec group if the corporate mercenaries ever make one.

Meena ended up joining the Frame test program, and was a mecha pilot aboard the OIF Atuan, and later the OIF Atuan II. Despite having plenty of combat experience and being a stellar pilot, events that transpired during her tenure on the Frame test team led her to be assigned to a desk job, and, having had her taste of adventure, Meena has decided instead to stick to the desk, which allows her to support her family in safety and comfort.

procurement and distribution, Frame Test Program

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