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Mehitabel Calidius

Mehitabel Calidius is a player character played by Hotelkilo.

Mehitabel Calidius
Species & Gender: Elysian (Caelisolan) Female
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 1R Scout
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Physical Description

Mehitabel has a slender build, common to most of her race now that all but a vanishing few have transferred to Caelisolan bodies, athletic in figure by nature and assisted by her regular fitness routine, repeatedly reinforced through her extended infantry and scout training, with a narrow face and waist. Her wings are quite broad for a 'commoner', a fact that brings her no small amount of pride compared to what they used to be, and she keeps the tips dipped in shade of black near her hair color.

Her carriage is erect, yet still stooped enough to appear submissive in most cases superior officers and NCOs are around. She has a little darker a skin tone than most Elysians, a trait carried over from her original body. Her dark hair is worn shoulder length and has either a natural or well styled wave to it; it has dark blue highlights that definitely aren't original to her present body. She speaks clearly and evenly on duty, but seems to gain a lighter air off-duty.


Much as generations of Plebians before her, Mehitabel comes off as retiring and subservient to the whims of her superiors in the military hierarchy most of the time. This has become less ingrained with time, especially as she's truly made the Star Army a part of her life. While it's true she'll probably never become assertive there's a lot more command material in there then when she began her service career.

She finds socializing with her fellow enlistedmen and women an enjoyable experience, even if their actions sometimes leave her baffled or personally scandalized it's all been an eye-opening an experience for her. To most Yamataians she comes off as quiet, but a pleasantly curious conversational partner. Expecting to be little more then an outcast in a wider Yamataian she couldn't even remember, Mehitabel has been delighted, and frightened, by the vibrancy of society outside of the Elysian worlds. More and more the Star Army has become her family.


Mehitabel Calidius was born in YE 14.

Very young when her family left the planet Yamatai in the Great Exodus, Mehitabel has only fragmentary memories of their life in the floating cities before the long voyage through space to the isolated planet Keren III. Rather then settling on New Elysia, her family followed the patrican that had employed their ancestors for generations on the colonizing expedition. She grew up in relative security for a Plebian, her parents were skilled mechanics and brought home enough to keep their small family fed.

When the Elysian Celestial Empire rediscovered the planet, and decided to establish a naval depot there, her parents jumped at the chance to have their daughter apprentice in such an important Imperial facility. For the next seven years she would labor away in the bowels of the ordnance storage facility, working her way up by ability and a surprising amount of initiative for one so low-born, to join the ranks of clerks that tended the administrative running of the depot.

It was this drive to succeed that earned her a Caelisolan body in YE 33, something she can still be tricked into bubbling about with the right compliments. Not exactly ashamed of the body she was born with, it would be difficult to convince her that one physically warped and handicapped in strength was superior to her current figure.

When the Star Army and Elysian Celestial Navy merged, and the Star Army decided to expand the relatively small depot into a premier facility Mehitabel made the transition as a 'vital civilian employee' to the new Elysian Naval Arsenal. Even as she droned away at her job, day after day, she began to wonder what could be achieved beyond the thick walls of the bunkers and the great dome of sky that had been over her head as long as she could remember.

These thoughts festered with every Star Army vessel that visited Keren III until she couldn't take it and stomped up a dozen floors to the Recruitment Office. After signing the Oath she felt a profound sense of achievement in her act of self-determination! Then, when she was herded out onto the recently finished parade ground square with a hundred other recruits for her first day in uniform by a Nekovalkyrja warrant officer it really struck her that she had made a decision to do something different with her life.

Months of physical conditioning and military training exhilarated her like never before, making her post-graduation assignment back to her same post but in uniform a crushing let down. She almost immediately she put in a request for transfer to space duty that was seemingly forgotten about. First the Star Army sent her to Yamatai itself, a step she took as a good sign until she spent the next several months in the Starport Logistics clerical pool.

In 4月 YE 38, during the Hanami Festival Mehitabel was finally assigned to a spacegoing vessel, the YSS Eucharis, under the command of Shosho Kestsurai Hanako. After assisting in the recruiting of a replacement infantry compliment, the Eucharis spent some time training before embarking on a mission against a Kuvexian starbase.

She was slightly injured during the mission while assisting in repairs; having temporarily repaired the power armor bay's doors to allow the infantry team entry, a missile from a crashing fighter managed to follow them in and cause damage. Fortunately, Tsuguka's advice to make use of Taharial Chasan's MCAS saved her life when the detonation ejected her into space. Candon Suites effected a rescue despite severe damage to his armor and his own injuries.

Bel spent a short period in the medical bay recovering from a concussion, and was bruised up for several weeks afterwards as a result of being knocked around inside the ill-fitting power armor. During the Candy Festival, she was involved in an intense bout of snack-acquisition with Shiho Ishii. In late YE 38, she began looking to move into her own micro-apartment with Shiho while the Eucharis was under repair. Around that same time, Mehitabel also purchased a number of used firearms from the Second Chance Salvage Company.

In 2月 YE 39 she was transferred off Eucharis to the Gemini Star Fortress to await further reassignment. Initially she filled clerical pool positions with the First Expeditionary Fleet's Support Command before further reassignment to the Virginia Fleet Depot for infantry training. Her excellent performance, including marked improvement in zero-g maneuvering from beginning to end, landed her a position in the Depot's Scout course as a follow-on. After seven months of specialized training Mehitabel was offered a chance for graduation leave back home to Keren III which she declined.

From then until 9月 YE 40 she was sent back to the First Expeditionary Fleet for service aboard vessels of the Reconnaisance and Intelligence Group. In that month she was permanently transferred to the YSS Kaiyō II

Social Connections

Skills Learned


Formerly by trade not much of a talker Mehitabel did most of her communicating by message or note. Her interpersonal skills have been improving; it helps that her business voice defaults to a very neutral tone. She speaks Seraphim and Trade; can read both plus Yamataigo.


Receiving a Caelisolan body was an awakening in more then one way. The feeling of greater strength largely went unnoticed in favor of the more physical changes to her figure until she went through basic training. While doing well at the basic course of martial-arts and weapons training, she discovered a passion for boxing that can often be startling from such a physically unimposing woman. She also demonstrated a talent with pistols, taking a shooting prize at her former garrison for her skill.

After due consideration of a request for Infantry training made shortly before her assignment to the Eucharis, Mehitabel was pulled from field service to attend infantry training, then was selected for Scout training. She learned a variety of weapons systems and became fully certified to operate power armor.

Technology Operation

Mehitabel may still be more comfortable with Elysian systems then Yamataian ones but she's learning fast. The complete overhaul the Star Army performed on her previous place of employment was something of an accelerator. She's used about every kind of inventory and record keeping system the military posses, though she lacks the skill to write much more then basic programs.

Scout and Infantry training has taught her the usage of drones and electronic surveillance equipment.


A part and parcel of every job she's ever had, Mehitabel has been counting increasingly large sums over the years. She can do mental math at a sometimes startling pace, especially if it's in terms she's already familiar with. In her civilian employment she was instructed in accountancy as part of keeping track of the vast amount of supplies stored in a Naval Depot.


Marked from almost the start of her apprenticeship for her listening ability; tapped first by her foreman to handle the records keeping and data entry for the section she was eventually selected to move up into the ranks of the Depot's clerical offices. There she labored away managing inventory systems on the graveyard shift for years, performing her jobs faithfully and even introducing a small number of improved standard forms. When the Star Army began construction of the new Elysian Naval Arsenal, she continued her work initially as a civilian, receiving a promotion, to being responsible for tracking small arms ammunition inventories.

Her Scout training has taught Mehitabel improved field craft, evasion, observation, self-sustainance, improvisation, and general scouting skills. Infantry instruction has improved her knowledge of field engineering and construction.

Maintenance and Repair

Coming up through the laboring ranks of Plebeians employed to do the physical tasks at the old ECN Ordnance Depot, Mehitabel was made well aware of how to safely handle and maintain small arms. Most of her career was spent stripping and cleaning service pistols during their scheduled maintenance cycles. Fairly dull work with a lot of repetition, she can still do it in her sleep.

Inventory & Finance

Mehitabel Calidius has the following items:





  • Crystal paper-weight containing a 3d etch of the starship it came from (stored)
  • Crystal paper-weight containing a 3d etch of the starship it came from (stored)
  • Crystal paper-weight containing a 3d etch of the starship it came from (stored)
  • 6 issues of “BOOM: HEADSHOT!” monthly arms Magazine (stored)
  • Yamataian Photobook of Hanako and Yui wearing swimsuits or less (hot!) (stored)
  • 2 copies of every issue of “BOOM: HEADSHOT!” monthly arms Magazine

She currently has 9325 KS.


Older Art

OOC Information

In the case Hotelkilo becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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