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Kurusu Meme

Kurusu, Meme is a NPC controlled by Soresu.

Kurusu, Meme
Pronunciation: Kuh-Ruh-Su, Meh-Meh
Species: Nekovalkyrja Born: YE 20
Gender: Female Height: 5'8โ€œ / 176.78 cm.
Age: 14 YE Weight: 158 lb. / 72.1 kg.
Lineage: NH-29 Occupation Doctor
Current Placement

Voice & Theme

Meme in the roleplay

Meme stands at 5'8โ€ and weighs 158 pounds making her more full-figured than many of her sisters.

Measurements 39-30-39 / 99-76-99
Bra Size 38 DD

Among her kind, Meme is full-figured with a full bust and hourglass curves. She has a small chin and nose, her cheekbones are high but her actual cheeks are not narrow but give a fullness in appearance with cupid bow lips. Her eyes are large yet not overtly so and are almond shaped, with high eyebrows to compliment. Her ears are furred and match her hair color. The complexion of her skin is quite pale, with eyes being an almost emerald green hue like her daughters'.

It would be safest to say that Meme appears as a matured version of Ruri her daughter. Which when it comes down to it is the truth. While Ruri will not inherit her mother's femininity due to Meme's whims during pregnancy, Ruri's facial structure was built on Meme's and appears as a 'younger' model.

As it stands, Meme lives in the small northern town of Ralt where she works as the local doctor. Despite the prejudice and distrust the townsfolk seem to have for outsiders or Nekovalkyrja she has become accepted within the community. Due in part of her skillset as a superb medical practitioner, a fairly polite woman and the fact she is quite a tolerant individual.


Meme's family is a small one with only two daughters, Sena, her eldest and Ruri the youngest. Born in YE 20, Meme participated in many of the major conflicts that encompassed the later years of the Kikyo Sector. A born survivor it was noted in her records that she hadn't suffered a single death in or out of combat during both of her tours within the Star Army of Yamatai with a laundry list of medals, commendations and rumors about her combat prowess. Thankfully most of these have faded with time as many of the people she knew during these early days have died off with only official records remaining with much of them 'blacked out' save for certain conflicts leading to many questions as to what fleet, and position she served in while on active duty.

It is unknown as to what caused Meme to retire save that she almost immediately applied to the Jskita Medical Institute, at the time one of the foremost leaders of medical learning on Yamatai. After graduating with several PhD's, Meme elected to move to Ralt, a small tundra community south of the Temple of Stars. Here she made her life; plied her knowledge and had two children. She still lives within Ralt.

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