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Memi Sotar

Physical Characteristics

Height: 513.08 cm (5'02”) Mass: 56kg (125lbs) Build and Skin Color: Spindly and scrawny, Memi can pass the physically fitness requirements, but lack any definition. Eyes and ears: Vivid green eyes with flicks of gold in the iris. His ears stand up over his head with the same dark brown fur the rest of his body sports. Fur Color and accents: His whole body is covered in a dark brown fur with black stripping that gives the look of Tiger strippedcamouflage Distinguishing Features: There are also smugs of ink on his forearms, hand, face, and the front of his uniform.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Quiet and shy, he never stood out, just one of the rank an file, though this never bothered him, things are easier when your just background noise.

Likes: Calm and quiet. Being left alone. Dislikes: Being bothered or singled out, people arguing or trying to assert dominance Goals: just to serve and make his house proud to earn a place in it.


Family Parents: Fathers:

  • Jolan
  • Helos


  • Jehan
  • Maltarnis

Siblings, Way too many to put here.

His youth was pretty uneventful growing up on a world station. He was unremarkable through out school and his training. Never one to be singled out for anything, he was content to stay in the back and just follow.

Service Record

Mission 1

Joining the ship for its first mission, Memi too over exuberant his oath by stabbing his hand with a quill pen. As soon as he got settled he requisitioned recording equipment just in time to recorded the mission brief and the launch of the ship.

Suited up in a Stako Memi followed the rest out on a “simple” recon mission, which lead the group into attacking Mishu Rippers. Panicking He wasn't much help until he fell down a hole onto a Ripper, emptying out his weapons on it he killed it, looking like a complete fool the whole time.

For what he believed was his ineptitude he was awarded 1000 OW and a new rank, along with the rest of the unit.

Mission 2

The mission started with them responding to a distress signal of a fellow ship.


Knowledge: Clan Lore

Memi since starting at the age of 5 was taught at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies), the history of the clan, basic clan law, and traditions. They also received training in the history of their Ruoka (House) and Punla (Family). While at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies) they were schooled in social interaction, customs and etiquette of their people. He is fluent in Takavonai.


Memi received initial training in Veltin-daho'te (Knife Fighting) in their home, and while at the Ruohui Giba'te (Academies). Their proficiency was measured in the Baqnor (move from youth).

Common Skills

Memi received compulsory training in mathematics, finances and the basic operation of command clan equipment and basic use of Kynjodau'tajo Aorq'ka (Information Technology).

Shipboard Life

All members of the clan spend time on ships, their world station is essentially a ship so these skills apply there.

Kynlumu'a (Chronicler)

Memi is trained in record keeping, physical and electronic. They are trained in a variety of formats, such as ledgers, trends, analysis, and after mission reports. They are proficient in interviewing personnel to gather relevant information, and gather data from computer and sensor logs.


Living aboard Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessels members of the clan have limited personal space. For this reason most clan members will typically carry the following when they first join a ship.



These items will be either generic or may have the individuals Punla (Family) colors and crests

  • 1 Lapur (belt)
  • 1 pr Bapaumati (sandals)
  • 1 pr Bapawotai (boots)
  • 2 Umatsai (robes)
  • 2 Hodiwota (trousers)
  • 3 Jendomu (tunic)
  • 5 Niomse (underwear)


The following specific items a member of the clan will have for performing their Kâbo'kai (Occupations).

  • Lapur (belt) utility to hold tools or weapons.
  • Moqbapa (footwear) depends on the job, or task.
    • Bapaumati (sandals)
    • Bapawotai (boots) worn when foot protection is required.
  • Umatli (Kilt) worn by all members
  • Hapuwotai (gloves) are used in some professions to protect the hand.
  • Jendomu (tunic) Normally worn to distinguish ranking members, from lower echelon. Rank is worn on the left side, and the house and family on the right.


All clan members will have the following for wearing to special events.

756(D) Duty Uniform

  • 2 White Hodiwota (trousers)
  • 2 White Duinjen (shirt) short sleeve or sleeveless
  • 2 Maroon long open Jendomu (tunic) with gold trim
  • 1 Red Lapurnium (sash) wrapped around the waist
  • 1 Wide Red Lapurnium Onet (Neck Sash) wrapped around the neck and draped down the back
  • 1 (Optional) Black Shoulder Lapurnium (sash) for wearing Afirmui Gely (Honor Crests)
  • 1 Black sandals or boots

756 (F) Formal Uniform

  • 1 White Umatli (Kilt)
  • 1 White Duinjen (shirt) short sleeve or sleeveless
  • 1 Maroon waist length open Jendomu (tunic) with gold trim
  • 1 Red Lapurnium (sash) wrapped around the waist
  • 1 Black leather Lapur (belt)
  • 1 Wide Red Lapurnium Onet (Neck Sash) wrapped around the neck and draped down the back
  • 1 Black Shoulder Lapurnium (sash) for wearing Afirmui Gely (Honor Crests)
  • 1 pr Black boots


  • White Umatsa (robe)
  • Lapurnium (sash) color is typically their Punla (Family).


Afirmu (Crest) Name Reason Awarded by
First Blood Fau a-te (First blood) Combat on planet Âmuar Qaedal Aaeas
Kyn Lumu'ai Jael Kyn Lumu'ai Jael Completion of basic Sect training. Sect Ta'a
Wotanu Abokatinka Poku Completion of basic training within the Wotanu Abokatinka Poku Legos Miaurm

Yes that is his bedding on the floor, with books and scrolls on the beds.


All Values are in OW

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
1,000 Starting Funds
2,000 1,000 Bonus
2,120 120 Nov
2,240 120 Dec
Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2,360 120 Jan
2,480 120 Feb
2,600 120 Mar
2,720 120 Apr
2,840 120 May
2,960 120 Jun
3,080 120 Jul
3,200 120 Aug

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