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Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel

Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel is a player character played by Moogle.

This character may not be adopted.
Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel
Former Art:
Species: Lorath, Lmanel
Gender: Female
Age: 45
Height: 8m
Weight: Heavy
Organization: Lorath Self Defense Force
Occupation: Medic/Wildcat
Rank: Corporal
Current Placement: LSDF Akahar
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LittleBigPlanet OST - Cries in the Wind Childhood Memories
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Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 8 meters
  • Mass: heavy
  • Measurements: I am not upscaling this.

Build and Skin Color: A darker tan for her skin, more associated with Pacific Islanders of our modern age. She has fairly strong arms, and even stronger legs, giving her well-toned glutes and thighs (dat ass/dem hips - Pear shape). Her upper body is in the same strata of “well-built” housing a partially defined 6-pack and thin waist. Badonk+Hourglass She now has fur covering her legs from mid thigh downwards, and her arms can have a similar amount should she so desire.

Eyes and Facial Features: Yellow eyes that are a little more translucent than opaque, about the color of amber or they're emerald. Depends, really. A number of fangs constantly peek out from her mouth, creating a scary snaggletoothed maw.

Ears: As a horrible monster, she has elongated lynx ears.

Hair Color and Style: Glassy white hair. She tends to wear it in a short side-ponytail, wearing her hat askew on the other side.

Distinguishing Features: She no longer has wings. Also SHE IS BLOODY ENORMOUS. Also a tail.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dominant Hedonistic (Adrenaline Junkie). Energetic, passionate, viceful, excessive.

A very “forward moving” personality. Talks about herself easily, doesn't hold secrets, much. Merril never hopes, she simply is so sure of herself, her decisions, and her wants that she expects things to simply be. Never too unrealistic, but if she expects something to happen, it generally is tending more towards favorable rather than not.

  • Likes: Sewing, seeing something repaired, seeing something waiting to be fixed
  • Dislikes: Rotting, decrepit, unrepairable things. Ultrasweet things, sitting around doing nothing. Spicy things (is a huge wimp about these.)
  • Goals: Healing all those who she comes across that are wounded


Family (or Creators)

Weaver Va'hin 'Nimble Hands' Ghere - Father

Animal Handler Is'ala 'Strong Hands' Ghere - Mother


She wanted to heal.

Ever since a young age, Merril always wanted to fix things. Broken toys, ripped up paper - anything she could get her hands on, really. She lacked the technical skill for the more mechanical things, but her father taught her sewing, which she plied onto everything that applied.

Little girl grew up, wasn't so little anymore. Her bonded animal was some feral feline creature, and her personality grew to match - or perhaps awakened to match would be better suited. There was a certain hedonism, a certain boundless energy that perpetrated her being. Even with that energy, her compulsive need to fix things was not quenched, and she turned to the medical profession for more of a challenge. Merril knew she never had the patience to be a doctor, so she went for the military almost immediately after receiving her training. It was the perfect outlet.

She excelled at hand-to-hand combat, thanks in no small amount to her breeding and bonded animal. Her marksmanship was on-par with the average soldier, though she tended to do better with more of the primitive guns than the more modern plasma slingers. She preferred accuracy to quantity, in any event, and excelled where on shot mattered. It wasn't all fun and games, however. Her energy got her into trouble more than a few times, and she was almost put on probation for wrestling a superior officer to the ground in an argument. Still, she made it onto a ship (LSDF Ki'ala) and served diligently, plying fixes to uniforms and helping with the usual injuries that come from a back-line patrol ship.

One day, something went horribly wrong. An engine malfunction, a stray meteorite, a bad sparkplug - none of that mattered. The ship went down over some jungle world and crash landed, killing many of the occupants. Merril was one of the few to survive with lesser injuries, thanks to her regeneration capabilities. She rescued who she could, and salvaged clothing and gear from those she couldn't. All this trauma, all this stress, it couldn't stop her. She was a girl of action, of movement, and stopping at any moment meant giving up. It was here that she learned how to use her Bond's shapeshifting abilities to good use, using claws for everything, from pulling shards out of wounds to pulling apart metal and fabric to climbing trees for food and so on.

It was nothing short of a miracle that help arrived a mere week after the crash. Merril and the handful of survivors were lauded as heroes of evolution, triumphing over nature and surviving against all odds. The girl didn't care all that much for titles and the like. They bored her. She just liked to fix things, and to keep fighting. She eventually got a reassignment after some much deserved and dreaded military leave, which leads to now.


Merril met the crew, first Bastion and then the others as Bastion took her and Mist on a tour of the ship, then to a meal. Masakajii was the brunt of a “Kitty land” joke, her playful nickname for Yamatai. Keib and Greg intrigued her, but at the same time weirded her out. Aiesu, the construct, really interested Merril with her apparent spunkiness (because civilians NEVER challenge military!), and the duo hit it off. Sort of. Horizon also seemed interested in her personal history, so she told him. Four-Six got on her bad side, unfortunately. Merril made a note to get back at her for that. (see This link for interaction notes)

Chapter 1

Merril tailor's Aiesu's gift to Four-Six and delivers it to the former. And then helps the construct out with a stitch job. She then proceeded to go to a mission briefing, and then hide in her room to knit until mission start.

When the mission began in orbit around Tange, the crew was investigating an SoS signal for a wreck Freespacer ship. Merril tried to get a bet going about the circumstances of their mission, but was for the most part unsuccessful. The SOS came from a Freespacer ship that suffered tragedy beyond belief, but on the bright side, there was a group of survivors that collected their consciousness together to form one Sentience Hub. It was at that moment that the ship came under attack by pirates. Merril and the Away Team scrambled to get back to the Akahar and assist, with one of the Polysentience units in tow for assistance.

Merril assisted the team in taking out the pirates, unaware of what was happening with the rest of the ship - and ended up having to look after Mist twice - once from a bruising, and once from getting nearly killed by five clean shots. After the battle, she reunited with the rest of the crew on the bridge and got to learn absolutely nothing about Keib's hand-scar.


Merril, in her downtime, fights one of the new additions of the crew named Rae'lynn, and narrowly wins by virtue of being conscious. After the ship's doctor tried to take her away, she nearly mauls him in the midst of regenerating her own injuries. Mist got shipped out on the shuttle that delivered much-needed supplies and recruits. Keib called her down, later, to assist in the interrogation of the captured pirate captain, but it became very apparent that he did not need her help. Later, while Merril disposed of the body, a new body smacked against the window - one of a Freespacer, named Null. Merril affectionately calls her Null-Null after a successful revive. Also got a massage by Keib and learned that Veronica is unlike most people from “Cat-land”

Chapter 2

Merril spends several days off knitting sweaters for all the robots on board while the ship searches for the Mok'ro. After a pleasant exchange with Null, Merril and the others were called together to finally investigate the finally located Mok'ro. It was the beginning of the end. Merril made bets. The mission was simple. 1. Investigate the ship. 2. Find survivors. 3. Find the ARIA. 4. Find the black box. They arrived on ship after Merril broke up an argument with Veronica and Mars. The cause was an asteroid, filled with something not seen for a very, very long time. There were people fused with the wall, horrible sights.

And that's when the tingle that signified the end of Merril began. She heard voices that weren't there. Her visor fogged. The threat was given a name, Sourcian. Merril got more and more aggressive as memories began to run wild in her head. They found all of ONE survivor, Mara “Longwalk” Korro L'manel who developed an odd fascination with Merril. They were given an update: Remove the antimatter fueling the corrupted ARIA so that it couldn't FTL. Merril told herself a childhood mantra as they walked and she felt worse. “I Am Strong.” They succeeded in removing one canister, but before they could get rid of the second antimatter canister, the ARIA attacked. Gough took the blow, and Merril treated him. After probably killing the ARIA with acid. And then Mars tried to destroy the Mok'ro, which would have led to the execution of not only the away team, but the rest of the Akahar by extension of failure of the important mission. So Merril decided to blow out Mars's kneecap with her pistol. And then they tackled her and extracted the team. Merril never felt so alone.

Chapter 3

Everything goes horribly wrong. They tried to stop her and her corruption, but all they manged to do was take out her right arm. Korro assisted in her escape, and the two fled into the ship while the extremely unstable Merril bled not just silver, but memories into the feeds as well. At first, her memories were limited to a small radius, based on her proximity tho the others. But as time went on, and Sourcian influence in her body was consumed by L'manel regeneration into something new. Korro tried to keep Merril safe while on some ludicrous holy rampage fueled by her own respective corruption. And then she started weaponizing her corruption. She could fight back against those that would try and stop this growth.

She accepted her burden. She began stalking the team when they finally realized the Freespacers turned against them. They made plans. Blared warnings. Merril continued her stalking, improving herself as she went. She was so close to being stable, but was in great danger from the things that destroyed her arm. So, she tore off blast plating and used it for more armor. And she needed more food, since her targets wouldn't let her have a bite. So she ate livestock before stalking lives once more. But her regeneration was still painful, and her morals mixed. She wasn't sure what was truth from her past life and what the sourcian bits tried to convince her of before they were erased anymore. She finally struck taking the un-life of a synced freespacer before dragging it away and corrupting it with what little instability she had left. She listened to their communications, heard their plans to escape. But to separate and take powerful weapons. Powerful things Merril knew to be made of Structol. She hungered. So she put her puppet into play, distracting the escape group while she closed in on the priest and the pilot. The priest made a show to cover his tracks and destroy the other WinterII prototype. . . or so he thought. Merril was too fast she stabilized, forcing one last set of memories to synchonize.

Merril became something new. Something fast. Something dangerous. There was holdover from the Sourcian pieces. Ha'riel tried to destroy both and the two corrupted ships. Merril didn't appreciate that. But her mind was settling. She remembered how to be free. How to crack wise. She realized that she wasn't going to win. Not in the way she wanted. So, she tried to enjoy herself Merril knew she had not much time left, maybe. After a tense standoff, Merril got on board the Mydoned.


Merril got what she wanted, ironically due to the person she vowed to kill. She hasn't stopped wanting to kill him, either. Merril was killed in the Lorath exodus.



The character knows how to diagnose and treat conditions, apply first aid and emergency care (CPR, etc), and perform field surgery/general surgery if given the proper tools/facilities. The character knows how to work in and use hospital equipment.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Thanks to her natural talents and military expertise, Merril is quite the capable melee fighter, even when unarmed.


Merr'il is highly proficient with a needle and can sew pretty much anything provided she has the resources.


Thanks to her time on the jungle world, Merril now possesses experience in surviving beyond simple military training.


Merril has learned about everything from micro-organisms to extinct pre-historic beasts. Her medical knowledge is both bolstered by and aids in bolstering this, and allows her to observe creatures for potential injury and weakness.


Merril is fairly proficient with this ability, though she never really changes much beyond hands and feet. Though, she does sometimes change her face for added senses, though this is rare and usually in the presence of a good mirror and a helpful comerade.


Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel has the following items:


  • 1 Rank Pin Set
  • 2 stonethread undershirts, caste color
    • Individual name printed on back and left breast of chest.
  • 2 pair synthetic fiber stockings, black
  • 1 pair synthetic leather gloves, black
  • 1 pair fitted knee-high boots, black
  • 1 Field Cap
  • 1 pair black wrestling shoes
  • 6 black boyshort cut panties
  • 6 black chest wraps
  • 6 Fist wraps
  • A capsule containing precious things, including a picture of La'al when she was young, Young Merril with family, graduation from the academy, hers and her Va'haar's first teeth lost, and a broken knitting needle.



Medic Merril 'Soft Touch' Ghere Lmanel is currently a Corporal in the Lorath Self Defense Force.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Funds

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