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Michiko Abrams

Michiko is a player character played by Michiko.

Species: Iromakuanhe
Gender: Female
Age: 31 (Nepleslian years)
Height: 5'9โ€œ / 176 CM
Weight: 140 lbs / 60 KG
Organization: Astral Vanguard
Occupation: Field Mechanist
Rank: Starting Rank
Current Placement: 4th AASP

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'9โ€ / 176 CM
  • Mass: 140 lbs / 60 KG
  • Measurements: 36-32-38 / 92-81-97

Build and Skin Color: chalk white skin, very lithe build

Eyes and Facial Features: Narrow eyes, they glow a gentle green. She has a strong jaw line with pronounced cheek bones, a small dimple on the point of her chin.

Ears: Her horns are a little on the small side. A source for teasing in her adolescence from other Iroma children on the space ship.

Hair Color and Style: Hair color is black, highlighted with a few streaks of green to match the glow of her eyes. The hair is kept pulled back in a tight braid which ends half way down her back.

Distinguishing Features: Michiko has a large birthmark on her right shoulder. It is almost always covered by clothing. The birthmark is a bright red color. Her family opted not to have it corrected.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Michiko Abrams is a strong willed woman with a great, structured, curiosity for the world around her. She has a serious approach to most things in life, she adapted well to the structure of the military because of it. She does not like to fool around and stays focused and on task whenever possible. She has a hard time letting things go, so she tends to hold a grudge.

  • Likes: When things work the way they are supposed to. Has a special fondness for music, it is about the only thing that will make her loosen up and enjoy life.
  • Dislikes: Stupid people, chaos, and when things don't work the way they are supposed to. She does not enjoy sour foods.
  • Goals: Create a new type of Frame with better neural integration for faster response times and greater armament for stand alone combat.



Kiamoto; Mother. Renji; Father. Riajo; Brother. All Dead.


โ€œMichiko Abramsโ€ is not her real name. It is an alias adopted by her since her entry into Nepleslia.

She was the youngest of the Kongori family, all members of the Cohronl cast of Iroma. Her mother was a pilot while her father was a mechanist, due to being brought up in a military environment she went to school in military facilities, and was taught only what she would need to know to be a good soldier. Once in a pinch on a training mission for becoming a Frame Runner she had to leave the cockpit and repair a biomechanical neuro-synapsis hub located under the right arm, a task that most trainees wouldn't have the slightest idea were to start. Due to her Father she had seen it done before and knew what do to. Because of this, she was the only pilot in her training group to not be immediately dispatched in that training session and was then added to the Mechanist training program. Newly graduated as field mechanist she had joined into the active Astral Vanguard as a cadet in the exploratory fleet.

Shortly after going out on an assignment the ship that her parents and brother had raised her on was attacked by a band of pirates. They were looking for technology to sell on the blackmarket. With out knowing exactly who it was that did it, Michiko holds a grudge against pirates in general for what they did to her family and home.

On one particular mission to explore into an asteroid cluster to check for viable resources the transport ship was destroyed by, yet another band of nondescript pirates. Michiko and her small unit of VANDR frames attempted to attack the pirates vessel but they were all destroyed or disabled. Michiko's frame was greatly damaged leaving Michiko floating alone in space. She had managed to float in amongst the asteroid debris and avoided detection by the pirates when they later came out to scavenge the scraps from her companions frames. Though her Frame Runner had taken serious damage and could not FTL jump, she piloted it as far as she could, once the coast was clear, before the power cells gave out. The only thing keeping her alive in the void of space was the bio-organs that operate the life support systems and basic motor functions of the frame. How long she drifted? Not entirely sure, but eventually she was found by another group of pirates who captured her and her VANDR.

With their prisoner in tow, they took her to Null & Void, hoping to get a good price on the Frame and discreetly sell off the Iroma female as a slave to passing merchants. Their plans might have succeeded if not for the intervention of the Nepleslian Navy's cruiser, NSS Avenger, with a tip-off from an anonymous Spacer hacker. Realizing the import of their find, Michiko and her Frame were sent to Nepleslia Prime via the destroyer, NSS Carronade.

Her Frame was immediately taken by NAM engineers, who found it so badly damaged that they quickly concluded that nothing new could be learnt from it. Meanwhile, Michiko was kept in a cell, rather comfortably, to recuperate until she was declared fit to answer questions. Since Nepleslia and the Commonwealth had no formal embassies with each other, the Star Military did not inform anyone of Michiko's survival, keeping it a secret until they had heard from her.

As Grand Admiral Charlie Coast was in the galactic south, securing the Imperium's new territories, it fell to Grand Admiral Dominic Valken to oversee the interrogation of Michiko Abrams.



Common and Saal'sari. Michiko was trained in how to speak common in her time in the AV academy due to her assignment on the exploration team. She can speak it well enough to get by, but she is not fluent in it. She is better at reading and writing then speaking it.

Technology Operation

Able to operate common technologies found in the Astral Vanguard. Limited basic technologies found outside of the Iroma people were also introduced to her during her training in the AV. Things like, in-ship communication coms, door openers, and other single function devices.

Beyond her training she has a natural knack for figuring things out, so if given enough time, she can usually make it work.


Trained in Hand to Hand combat in the defensive style of her family- with a focus on Disarming a foe and submission techniques. This often times utilizes the foe's own strength against themselves as the Iroma are not known to be the strongest race amongst the stars.

Trained in armed combat with basic knives, and standard issue side arms for Astral Vanguard Enlisted. Due to the nature of the lithe frame of Iroma the knife fighting is frighteningly fast, but focuses more on slashing then piercing, dodging rather then blocking or parrying. Her aim with a side arm is not considered exceptional, but it is good enough to get the job done. She favors hand to hand combat.


Trained in operating a Frame Runner, shuttles, hover bikes, and various other light vehicles. Also trained in the use of heavy equipment for the purpose of construction and repair of Frame Runners.

She is capable of piloting a fighter, but has a hard time controlling the fighter and firing the weapons so she almost always requires a co-pilot.

She operates better in space and other 0-gravity situations because of her upbringing on a space shuttle, similarly she has a very hard time operating in heavy gravity.


Because of her fondness for music, Michiko has learned to sing. She dabbles with other instruments but nothing enough to consider it a proficiency. She is not formally trained by any means, but she has a good natural voice.

Maintainence and Repair

Michiko was introduced as a hobby from her father, but was later given formal training. Due to the long background with this skill she has a greater understanding then most of those at her rank. Just like with operating technology, she has a knack for figuring out how to work it, and how to make it work. Given enough time she can fix just about anything.


Michiko has been taught the inner workings of the Biomechanical systems in such a way that will allow her to create new technologies, or throw things together in a pinch to bypass severely damaged neuron hubs, security sensors, or other pesky systems that mean well, but could mean life or death when they refuse to operate.

As part of her goal to create a better frame, she has been designing her own but lacks the facilities to truly make her own frame.


Michiko has the following items: Basic supplies found regularly stocked on a VANDR X1. Pilot Suit Any other personal belongings that were on her carrier were procured by pirates. Any thing left back at a star base has been re-allocated assuming her death.


Michiko is currently a Starting Rank in the Astral Vanguard.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
12000 KD Starting Funds

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