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Mihral Lekos

Mihral Lekos is a player character played by Syaoran.

Character Profile
Name: Mihral Lekos
Nick Name: Mi, Miha
Species: Caelisolan
Gender: Female
Born: BYE6
Mother: Mariel, Deceased
Father: Borios, Deceased
'Mister': Virgil Lekos, born BYE1
Son: Jael, born YE 26, Son of Virgil
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
Rank: Semiai/IttΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: YSS Anoiktos

Preferred Plots

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'11β€œ
  • Mass: 165lbs
  • Measurements: 39-30-40
  • Bra size: 34E/36D

Build and Skin Color: Mihral has medium fair skin, and a thicker build than is often seen in Elysians - well rounded, with a definite motherly figure. However, she still possesses the strength of an Elysian, despite the lack of noticeable muscle tone. Her upper body, particularly her back muscles, is very powerful, so she can use her wings properly for flight.

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are sharp, orange almonds, set in a round face, with soft cheek bones. Though her face does not sag, she does not have any more 'child' fat on it, so her age is noticeable.

Hair Color and Style: Mihral has long brown hair, with a thin crown braid, which opens up into long, flowing curls that taper down her back, going to her hips. Her bangs are long and straight cut, with long, loosely curled side bangs. Reference image: here

Wings: Her wings are large and powerful even for her size with the majority of them being a dusty brown color with white highlights and rich brown lowlights scattered about.

Distinguishing Features: Her figure is a bit larger than most Elysians of her height.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mihral is a gentle and studious woman and sees her work through to the end whenever possible. She doesn't like to pass things she's responsible for to other people generally, much preferring to do it herself, or at least be there to see it finished to assure it. She has a side to her that is very kind and understanding of others and sometimes gets a little too helpful.

However she does have a side to her that can be called a 'Mama Bear' where she will protect her own rather aggressively from harm, a side effect of having lived through four wars. This sometimes carries over to physical abuse too, and will stand up even to her superiors if they're abusing her coworkers.

  • Likes: Reading, studying, hard work
  • Dislikes: Skinny chairs that don't fit her, shopping in Elysian clothing stores, irresponsible parents
  • Goals: To create a reputation her son can be proud of, and an environment he can live peacefully in.



Up until the first Elysian war, Mihral lived a fairly normal life as a Plebeian, her parents worked labor, and she did odd jobs that they felt a child could understand. However that changed when the First Elysian War began. During the initial attacks on Heavens, both her parents died. She managed to survive though the graces of the welfare system during the war.

After things settled by a stroke of luck, a Patrician by the name of Anauel Lekos was looking to hire some attendants for his household, to rebuild. Mihral was selected as one of these attendants, and trained in housekeeping, as well as basic accounting and secretarial duties, as Anauel had a policy that all who worked for him should be able to manage a household, in case he had to go to war, which turned out to be inevitable anyway when the Second Elysian War began.

The Lekos family managed to survive the ordeal of the next two wars without any casualties to the main family, but they lost many servants in defending the household. After they moved to Elysia Novus the family began to prosper again, financing several businesses to quickly gain capital. In YE 20 it was time for the 20 year old Virgil Lekos, the heir to the family name, to move out and start his own household, and his father let him take a few servants with him. Mihral was chosen by Anauel to look after Virgil, since she showed a keen practical sense that would make her a good advisor, and the fact that she was five years older than Virgil made it somewhat easier for her to give advice, rather than the younger servants his choices had focused on.

In the time that she worked for Virgil, Mihral assisted him to the best of her ability, but the normally arrogant and irresponsible Virgil quickly straightened up, and began to run a proper household. He even found a wife in a Patrician named Adoel in YE22. However soon after, the Fourth Elysian War started, and in order to secure his investments, and make sure everything was stable, Virgil had to do a lot of traveling, leaving Adoel as home to watch their son. However during a surprise raid on New Elysia, Virgil's business was bombed, leading to Virgil and Mihral, who had accompanied him, were evacuated. It would be a week before he was able to get in contact with his home, only to discover that his household had been caught in bombings as well, leveling the entire facility and no survivors were found. Hearing this, Virgil was distraught and on the edge of falling into total depression, he had lost his young wife, and his only heir and it only looked like war would rage on more. While trying to comfort him, things escalated through Virgil's depression, and he and Mihral ended up conceiving a child.

Virgil used every favor and trick he could think of to keep Mihral safe as the couple survived with what they had left, growing a strong bond between the two. However, shortly before the end of the war, Mihral gave birth to a son, named Jael, and they returned to the Virgil's father's household to have some time to rebuild, and explain Mihral's child. However, they didn't expect what they found when they arrived - Adoel and Virgil's first son were both alive; Anauel had come to visit, because he was shipping out for war, and managed to get the family out prior to the bombing. They were unable to contact Virgil because the Lekos family went into hiding during the war, as they might have been valuable hostages, being a fairly well established business family. However this made things difficult, Virgil had thought his wife was dead and acted with the plan of taking Mihral as his wife, however with Adoel alive it was only natural that he would take her once more.

The time after the war was a bit difficult for Mihral and Jael; even though Virgil's actions were made public, and accepted, as the situation was grim, Adoel was not very pleased to have another woman in the house taking Virgil's attention. While she never did anything horrible, she made lots of things very annoying and troublesome for Mihral. Mihral was not the kind of woman to let this stop her though, she continued as a proper aide to Virgil, while serving as a mother, and occasionally when they could convince Adoel, indulging in her privileges as the mistress of the house.

When the Caelisolan bodies were made available, but Mihral and Jael were quickly transferred into them. However Adoel took it upon herself to change some of the information on the request form, making Mihral's body predisposed to more weight gain, and just a generally heavier build than what Elysians are accustomed to. She had gotten the idea when she had heard stories about Geshrin men who left their wives after they gained weight from child birth, and she expected Virgil would lose interest in Mihral if she was heavier. The plan somewhat backfired though, and Virgil gained interest in the new body, viewing it as somewhat exotic. Fed up with it, Adoel encouraged Mihral to study with the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) at their academy, which Mihral agreed to, wanting to take advantage of her education where she could.

At the time the SSS was just getting started and Mihral had not done much research on them, but simply signed up for a bachelor course in science. Mihral was always a person who took learning seriously, and absorbed as much information as she could during class, not wanting to waste the opportunity or time, so the course went without incident. However, when it was time for her to receive her diploma, she discovered the contractual obligations of such work. In the end, however, she decided to join the Star Army instead of the SSS, despite her distaste for them after all the wars, simply because the 10th fleet focused mainly on patrolling Elysian space, so she would never be far from home.

In order to assure her placement in the 10th fleet, Mihral gave up the chance at being a Warrant Officer, and started her military career from the bottom. This did not bother her much, and she spent her time in the military from YE 34 onward, deciding that it would also be good to take extra courses while she was in the military to gain even more knowledge.

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