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Mihret Legesse

Mihret Legesse is an NPC controlled by Firebrand.

Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Female
Age: 50
Organization: None
Occupation: Religious Clergy
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Character Description

Mihret Legesse is a Nepleslian Minister living on Dawn Station along with her husband, Berhane Ezana Aseri and her daughter, Tsigereda Berhane. She is a kind yet strict and orderly woman who believes faithfully in The Creator and loves those around her. Appearance wise, Mihret is a tall and slim woman with ebony skin and a motherly figure. She wears her long hair in a simple series of tight braids, resembling long cornrows.

History and Relationship Notes

Mihret Legesse has a small, closely knit family. She is married to Berhane Ezana Aseri, her childhood sweetheart and a former miner from La Hanya. Together they have two children: the eldest is Menelik Berhane, a Marine in the Nepleslian Marine Corps; the younger is Tsigereda Berhane, whoworks at Advancer.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Mihret is fluent in Trade and numerous other languages- she is especially fluent in Hanyadish, the liturgical language of the Hanyadi
  • Humanities (Religion): Mihret is a minister, and is a apt religious scholar and preacher, able to couch arguments and advice in practical and moral backing.
  • Public Speaking: To tend to one's flock, one must speak to them. And if you would ask either of her children, they would tell you that their mother has no fear of speaking.
  • Domestic: Traditionally, in Hanyadi culture, women are responsible for child rearing, and Mihret didn't change this in her marriage. She's an apt cook and excellent mother.
  • Leadership: You don't get to be a minister who preaches to a congregation without having some ability to lead the mind and stir the soul.

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