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Mikael Harris

Mikael Harris
Species: Minkan, originally Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 96 kg
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Infantry/ SAINT Operative
Rank: Ittô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyō II

Mikael Harris in Roleplay

Mikael Harris is a player character played by Demibear and is currently assigned to YSS Kaiyō II.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 186 cm
Weight: 96 kg

Build and Skin Color: Mikael is a tall and muscular person thanks to the fact that his grandfather was an ID-SOL. His skin is of a caramel complexion.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Mikael has brown eyes which are more narrow then most others. Mikael has very strong facial features, with prominent cheek bones, and a pronounced forehead.

Hair Color and Style: Mikael has his black hair almost always in a high fade, something common in some militaries.

Distinguishing Features: None

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mikael is a soft spoken individual that prefers to not say anything unless he has something to say. He has developed a harden shell over his emotions and seems to be distant due to his years of being ridiculed and bullied when he was younger. A large part of that stemmed from his openness of Yamataian culture and technology.

After he graduated from basic, Mikael had been using the “bad attitude rookie” stereotype as a kind of pro-active defense. As his grandfather grilled into as a child “If you look like a puss, you will get nailed”. INDOC training only helped reinforce the idea his grandfather planted into him. Though he is wise enough to know when to drop it or soften his exterior when the situation demands it.

Likes: Yamataian culture, power armor, peace and quiet when working, encryption
Dislikes: Intolerance of other views not completely incorrect, “ditzy” people, acting “politically” correct.
Goals: To start a family and make sure his children never live a life he once had, to prove to others that not all Nepleslians are a bunch of unrefined thugs.



Father: Richard Harris (deceased)
Mother: Vima Harris (deceased)
Younger brother: Gunter Harris (living, 27)


Mikael and his family lived all like most others on the streets of Neplesia. He moved from one apartment complex to another as his parents tried to eke out an existence but never able to hold onto a job for more then a few years. When he was 18 he joined the work force as a laborer. A few months later, he and several other fellow workers were involved with an industrial accident which resulted in losing his right forearm. His parents used all of their savings to give him a cybernetic replacement that looked liked his lost natural one. He stayed on as a laborer to help pay off the debt to his parents.

He always wanted to join the Star Army of Yamatai, but with the species restriction act in place he was unable. And the Nepleslian military wanted no part of him due to his pro-Yamatai stance..not that Mikael truly ever wanted to anyways. The oath he made with himself to protect his family still prevented him to join when the restriction was finally removed. But when his parents died in a violent riot they got caught up in and his younger brother renouncing him as a brother (and joined the Nepleslian military), Mikael finally joined the Star Army of Yamatai as an Infantryman.


Mikael Harris Mikael was involved in the YSS Eucharis' mission on Vertias, where he participated in the mission to safeguard Yamataian VIPs and destroy sensitive technology. And Mikael was all to happy to do so, in order to prevent it from falling in the hands of the Mishhuvurthyar. After escaping the shipyard with the rest of the crew, performing his duties fighting fires in the wardroom, saving the VIPs. Mikael was very disappointed he did not encounter the Mishhuvurthyar commandos when he learned of them later on.

The mission to Sbuhfaba proved to be Mikael's temporary demise. Aboard the Shuttle NG-X1-408-7 “Telemachus III”, he did not survive the large volume of firepower the shuttle had sustained. His soul transfer occurred on the YSS Vesper, where he acquired his new Yamataian body.

In, YE 33: YSS Eucharis Mission 11 put him into ground combat in the Mitsuya system where he drove a tank. After his mission to the Mitsuya system, Mikael was again transferred to the YSS Vesper. His stay with the ship was short however as he volunteered to attend Operative Selection.

For the next four weeks, Mikael endured stresses he had not to endure since his life in the urban wilds of Neplesia as well as new stresses to challenge him. Using his past experiences to re-conquer the familar, he used that momentum to to help drive through the rest of SELECT.

Being designated as a candidate, he was almost immediately placed into INDOC as slots in a training class opened up. Mikael initally struggled with the interpersonal skills portion of training. He even once tried to half-heartedly try to drop out of the training fairly early. But the cadre he was speaking to saw the potential within him and persuaded Mikael to continue on with the training.

Soon after graduating from INDOC, Mikael recieved orders assigning him to the YSS Aeon. As the intelligence specialist of the infantry team assigned to the ship, he was quite eager to return to action. Though his time on the YSS Aeon was short lived, with him a month with him being transferred out by SAINT after rescuing survivors from a NMX prison.

While on assignment, his ship was listed as MIA. While a number of survivors were recovered, Mikael was not and at the end of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War was listed as KIA.

And that would have likely remained the case if not for the annexation of the Arzank system in YE 38. In mid YE 39, a faint radio ping in a repeated manner was detected in the outer system. Upon further investigation when a ship was finally sent later in the year, a heavily damaged type 30 escape pod was discovered with Mikael as the sole occupant in stasis.

Coming back from the “dead”, Mikael is ready to continue his work with the Star Army of Yamatai with his new assignment to the YSS Kaiyo II. After a brief mission at the Temple of Stars, Mikael finds himself bewildered at the fact in finding himself in a completely new universe in YE 40. While he heard of the possibility of alternate universes, he certainly did not expect to be located within one. But it came with the perk of a 2 rank promotion at the very least.


Service record

Year Assignment Position Rank Orders Date
YE 31 YSS Eucharis Infantry Santô Hei YE 31 4月 24日
YE 32 YSS Vesper Infantry Santô Hei YE 32 5月 14日
YE 32 YSS Eucharis Infantry Santô Hei YE 32 11月 15日
YE 32 YSS Eucharis Infantry Nitô Hei YE 32 11月 23日
YE 33 YSS Eucharis Infantry Ittô Hei YE 33 1月 18日
YE 33 YSS Vesper Infantry Ittô Hei YE 33 4月 2日
YE 33 YSS Aeon SAINT Ittô Hei YE 33 11月 1日
YE 34 SAINT/“MIA” SAINT Ittô Hei YE 34 2月 1日
YE 35 “KIA” SAINT Ittô Hei YE 35 1月 1号
YE 39 YSS Kaiyō SAINT Ittô Hei YE 39 12月 3日
YE 40 YSS Kaiyō SAINT Nitô Heisho YE 40 1月 10日
YE 40 YSS Kaiyō SAINT Ittô Heisho YE 40 3月 10日
For 9 years of service to the SAoY
For 3 missions of YSS Eucharis, 1 on the YSS Aeon, 3 on the YSS Kaiyo II
For 1 year of service to the SAoY
For service on the YSS Eucharis, YSS Aeon, and YSS Kaiyo II
For the Second Mishhuvurthyar War
Exploration Award For exploring HX-5
Star Army Service Award For YSS Eucharis Mission 11



Thanks to both basic training and INDOC, Mikael is capable of making use of multiple types of communication devices used by the SAoY. He is also familiar with cryptography (both as a budding hobby and from his training). Mikael is fluent in both Trade and Yamataian.


In addition to the basic hand to hand training learned in basic training, Mikael is proficient in using explosives. Though not well enough to be considered a demolitionist as he is unable to manufacture or disarm explosives with ease.

He has also learned to make use of the katana he bought in his spare time before his disappearance.


Mikael is only able to use make use of algebra and trigonometry on a normal basis. And only largely because his basic training bought a lot of it back into focus for him. He can make use of higher forms of math, such as equations used with cryptography, only when used in an applied fashion.

Technology Operation

Mikael is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships thanks to his basic training. Thanks to INDOC, he is also capable of writing programs, basic debugging, hacking, and limited electronic warfare.


Mikael knows how to survive in hostile environments thanks to his grandfather teaching him these skills back home. He can build shelters, hunt and forage for food, build a fire, etc. The Mikael can camouflage himself in most terrains. These skills have only been further refined from his SAINT INDOC training. His grandfather might shed of tear of joy in death.


Mikael is a very capable runner and is able to run for miles on end. Also despite his large size, he is surprisingly agile in zero gravity thanks to his ability to control his center of gravity, a trait he picked up from moving boxes and crates. Though his Minkan body has made this largely redundant after his temp death.

Maintenance and Repair

This Mikael is familiar with and able to fix most problems with vehicle components and to an extent, systems part of a larger vehicle (such as a ship). While not necessarily well-versed on how a part functions and the theory behind each, he will be able to keep things operating within normal or near normal parameters. He is also well versed in the maintenance of computer systems.


From experiences gained while on the YSS Eucharis and his SAINT training, Mikael has gained a greater understanding on how lead others. It has also given him greater confidence around others. Though he currently lacks actual experiencing leading others. Despite this, he is capable of locating ambush points, assessing risk versus gains, etc.


Mikael learned a bit about psychology and reading the body language of others. He has also taken an interest in understanding different cultures first and foremost to help gain an edge on his operations. Understanding friends and foes is key to exploiting and preventing misunderstandings when dealing with them. He spent what little free time he had reading demographic reports.

Mikael is also an adept interrogator/debriefer and eliciting information.


Mikael has a basic grasp of Yamatai legal theory and application of those laws circa early YE 34 from SAINT INDOC.


Issued Items

Mikael was re-issued standard issue equipment on 39年11月.

In addition, from SAINT, the following are issued when assigned:

  • 1 Type 34 Multi-Function Bracelet (1B Variant)
  • 1 SAINT Operative Field Suit, Type 31
  • 1 Star Army - Covert Operative Sunglasses - SACOS

Personal Possessions

  • Personalized Leather Bomber Jacket with fur collar and patches from the Eucharis and all previous ships each character has been on
  • Fur Comforter with silk backing
  • Bottle of Wine, Limited Edition YE 32 Fortified Sakura Blush (1 of only 32 bottles produced)
  • 1 yukata (cotton robe), white, with navy blue print of various silhouettes of Star Army starships.
  • 1 black sash for yukata
  • 1 pair black sandals


Mikael Harris is currently an Itto Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai. He receives a monthly salary of -443 KS- per month until YE 38, then increased to 3200 KS.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
6700 KS 3700 KS Salary from start of Service to Nov YE 32
8693 KS 1993 KS Salary from Dec YE 32 to Jul YE 33
8543 KS 150 KS Purchase Katana
13859 KS 5316 KS Salary from Aug YE 33 to Aug YE 34
98779 KS 84920 KS Salary from Aug YE 34 to Dec YE 39

OOC Discussion

In the case demibear becomes inactive (for the 3rd time):

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Artwork by llenora
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