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Mikali, also known as 'Mikki-chan' is a player character played by Littlewasp.

Species & Gender: Custom-designed Warbot, Female personality
Date of Construction: Unknown
Organization: N/A
Occupation: Combat Support Robot
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: N/A

Preferred Plots

Physical Description

β€œMikali”, as she designates herself, is an 11 foot tall warbot that appears to be of custom design. Her main chassis is mounted atop two sturdy, backward-jointed legs ending in three-toed feet, and is capable of mounting a variety of weapons upon the top and sides, along with a small chin mount below the 'head', which juts out horizontally. Her body is wholly unpainted and currently devoid of any identifying markings, being made of an azure-coloured metal alloy. The interior of her 'head' is protected by a strong shield of near-opaque material, containing the majority of her sensory equipment, and is also capable of projecting a variety of holographic imagery directly in front of the shield. This feature is generally used to project a stylised face, used for communicating with biological entities. Directly behind the head, on the left and right sides of the 'neck', are a pair of small, retractable limbs ending in dexterous digits used for more delicate handling of personnel and objects. They are capable of extending 2 feet in length.


Mikali's personality is eccentric and at times delusional, perhaps incomplete. She is near-sentient, if not completely self-aware, and maintains a feminine persona that is at odds with her functional purpose. Friendly, eager to help, almost naive, she is always happy to help those who have been designated as her owners or commanders. In combat, this persona is maintained, viewing battle as being mere play-fighting with friendly rivals. Her awareness of the lethality of her weaponry suggests that this playful nature is a carefully maintained facade.

Facial Expressions


What Mikali knows of her history, she has either forgotten, or keeps a closely guarded secret. She claims to have been manufactured expressly as a tool of warfare, though her ability to interface with the Polysentience suggests some measure of Freespacer origins. As Mikki herself enjoys to express: β€œWhy worry so much about the then when we can have so much fun now?”

Mikali Prime

On Love Day, YE 40, Mikali was purchased from an anonymous source by Zeke Rykiel and has been brought with him on his adventures.

Mikali Secundus

A copy of Mikali's programming was sent to Alex Tasuki by an anonymous party, and has become his companion. Due to this copy of Mikali lacking her own warbot body, she inhabits the ISS Araxie, but is also capable of being transferred into other craft, to provide assistance and remote piloting if needed.

Social Connections

Mikali is connected to:

Loadout & Ordinance

Mikali's current equipment loadout consists of the following:

OOC Information

In the case littlewasp becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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