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Miles Belmont Emiko

Miles Belmont is a player character played by club24.

Miles Belmont
Species & Gender: Minkan Male
Year of Birth: YE 14
Organization: None
Occupation: None
Rank: NA
Current Placement: Somewhere in Space

Physical Description

2) Miles is on the taller end of the Minkan height spectrum with a measurement of 180cm. His body is on the lean side but he is in fit physical condition and weighs about 70kg.

His skin tone is that of a light tanned white colour and he has a green eye on his left side with a genetic mistranslation between his old and new body resulting in the other being grey. Miles opted for the elven type ears for a better sense of sound perception across long distances, he has black fair length shaggy hair and the traditional nordic round eyes.

Facial description is a young looking face to match his age and a set of black sideburns but no moustache or beard. Will usually be dressed in the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 while on duty but in some special occasions will be wearing clothing to match.


3) Miles Belmont has an overall professional demeanor but also has a good sense of humor, is usually serious and will attempt to remain calm and make focused decisions under pressure. Miles is motivated by a desire to serve the Yamatai empire to the best of his ability and to explore and discover new technology and planets across the universe in the name of Yamatai. Miles tries to get along with everyone he works with to ensure that the team is effective and can rely on each other. While trying to get along with everyone he is not socially outgoing and prefers to only be with small groups at a time and with people who share similar interests to him or are working towards the same common goal as him.


4) Pre RP

Born in the city of Geshrinopolis now Kyoto in YE 14 Miles Belmont is the eldest of the Belmont brothers with Mikodimus born three years after him. Miles had a fairly standard life living on the home-world and was able to explore his own interests and desires in life without interference, he was caring of others from a young age and would try to find ways to help others whenever he could. Miles was always interested in the sciences and forces that control the universe, throughout his basic education he pursued the biological sciences further and became fascinated by the inner workings of all lifeforms and took it upon himself to study the behavioral patterns of his own brother as personal research.

As he matured and grew Miles could often be found to be exercising keeping his own body in a healthy condition or researching the biology of various other species that had been discovered across the universe by the previous scientists of the Yamatai Empire. Before long he had discovered the potential of technology in aiding with all forms of the biological world and developed a keen interest in it as a result, in his later education Miles focused on the ability of technology to heal and improve the biology of all creatures as well as continuing to study the biological component as well. Miles also submitted several prototype designs of new devices to aid in the biological world but none were ever accepted.

Miles' interest in technology and fascination lead him to enlist with the Star Army as an army medic allowing him to continue his studies and research while also being able to help those around him, after finishing his education later than his brother Miles applied to join the ship he had joined earlier in order to watch over him as he values his brother as much as his ambitions to find more lifeforms and better ways of using technology for the aid of scientific research.

RP history

During mission 9 of the YSS Kaiyo II Miles assisted the away team with assaulting the Kuvexian station and together with Walter Hyde was able to destroy an escaping shuttle from their chosen hangar of entry. Soon after William was injured and being the closest medic Miles assisted in his field treatment before he was taken back to the ship for further medical aid.

After Mission 9 was completed with unfortunate casualties Miles opted to remain in the medbay on board the ship to aid any crew members who were injured and brought back, his reasons for not joining the away team for Mission 10 were medically recommended due to a lacking in mental soundness.

When the YSS Kaiyo II made its transuniversal journey he was one of many who opted to have a clone of himself created to stay within the Kikyo sector who was assigned to the Task Force Inquisition, original Miles accompanied the crew to Ayenee where he resumed participating in missions once again.5)

Did not participate in Mission 10

During Mission 11 in the Ayenee universe Miles explored the redwood forest with Shasse Emiko and Darwin Schultz where the strange intoxication effects caused him to act without thinking. After the mission he performed extra medic training with Sacre Ven Sanssinia in a personal effort to increase his usefulness to the team.

During Mission 12 in the Ayenee universe, Miles infiltrated the Aether sphere with the away team and assisted in scanning the locale, he was badly injured exiting the sphere having his left leg torn off. He was taken for immediate treatment to the YSS Kaiyo II's medbay.

In YE 42 Miles left the star army and changed his surname to Belmont Emiko as his family progressed in a way he wanted no part of though he doesn't outright hate them. The Emiko of his name was because of his long time friend Shasse Emiko who he has decided to stay with for the foreseeable future as her guardian despite her possessing a super-soldier body.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Miles Belmont has the following notable skills:

Social Connections



OOC Information

In the case club24 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
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art by Madichams
art by Akahikasa

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