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Miles Gunn

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Basic Info

Name: Miles Gunn General Information Species: Nepieslian Gender: Male Age: 37

Family/Creators: Father: Brenden Gunn, age 60 Mother: Jessica Gunn, age 57

Faction: Formerly of the Star Army of Yamatai, currently freelance Occupation: Biochemist/chemist Rank: Former Nitô Juni Current Assignment: The Maras Physical Characteristics Height: 5’10 (1.77 meters.) Mass: 140 lbs. (68.03 kg) Measurements: 39, 27, 33 inches (99, 68,83 cm) Build and Skin Color: light-medium build, fairly pale skin Face and Eye Color: pale, green eyes Hair color and Style: grey hair, short and parted.

Distinguishing Features: glasses, grey hair, cybernetic implant in eye, various other implants placed in body.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Miles is very focused on the increase of his intelligence and his research, this often causes him to be socially awkward due to being isolated quite often, but after becoming familiar with people he becomes more outgoing and relaxed, this issue has decreased during his time on the run from Yamataian law while in the company of his fiance and the assortment of other people who he has come to know during his flight from the law. Due to the stress of being a fugitive, Miles' once meticulous nature has gave way to a more 'traditionally Nepleslian' approach, involving straight-forward actions, and attitudes.

Likes: Reading, music, mechanical objects, neko androids, Sana Nakamura, sex, drugs, guns, freedom, being in a situation in which he has control, his work and things related to it.

Dislikes: Roundabout methods, red-tape, obnoxious people, disrespect, receiving patronizing criticism, lack of security in life, being saddled into the machinations of other people and organizations.

Goals: to learn as much as possible about biology and chemistry so he can excel at his work, obtain a stable life for him self and those close to him, and privately he wishes to find a woman (or neko for that matter) who is average, not too pretty, nor ugly1).


Born and raised in a typical Nepleslian city he did not have much of a comfort filled life, much of his younger years were filled with memories of crime filled streets, thug-like peers, and a touch of poverty that many Nepleslian had. But even with such chaos around him he tended to focus on learning about what was around him, and applying it to his surroundings. Much of his younger learning was done at an under funded nepleslian learning center, reading and study were his key means of acquiring knowledge. Upon reaching his later teen years he worked in various industrial plants, thus extending his knowledge of chemicals and engineering. Eventually after saving enough money he was able to enter into a college and from there he continued his education in chemical research, and with his new learning resources he also found an interest in biological sciences and their interaction with chemical sciences. From there he began to excel in biochemistry. Upon the time of his graduation from college he applied to the Star Army's R&D division, where he was later assigned to the YSS Sakura, where he continues to serve.

While Miles has served aboard the YSS Sakura, he has managed to successfully move up in rank, and explore social relations with various crew members which have passed through the Sakura. During his service aboard the YSS Sakura, Miles Gunn has served as the ship's primary science officer and medical officer. Along with these duties, there have been several incidents where Miles has had to engage various enemies in power armor combat.

While aboard the Sakura, Miles has managed to continue his research in biology and chemistry. Due to his research Miles was one of the first to uncover a connection between the Mishhuvurthyar and Nekovalkyrja units, because of this research, an assassination attempt was carried out upon the doctor, which he barely managed to survive. Since then, Miles and the Sakura crew have had to deal with the “Black Spiral”, a Black Ops group of ex-SAINT personnel who hold a close affiliation with the Mishhuvurthyar.

Not all of Miles' studies have resulted in life or death situations. Currently, due to an experimental compound, Miles has endured a physical change which resulted in him having the physical appearance of a female. Unfortunately, Miles has been unable to reverse this condition which has left him in not just an altered physical state, but also an altered psychological state.

Eventually Miles went insane and turned against the crew. He was killed within minutes, but caused great damage to the ship first.

After his death aboard the YSS Sakura, a series of events took place which secured the way for Miles' return to life. The first of the events was his contact with Rebeka Retana during his visit to Lor which sealed his fate. Fortunately for Miles, Rebeka retained a fully functional neural pattern of Miles' mind, pulled from him during their contact. Shortly after their contact, Rebeka also made contact with Elisa Metea, who was converted into a Sourcian by Rebeka, and due to this conversion Elisa left the Sakura, with Miles' cybernetic remains in tow.

After Elisa completed her escape from the Sakura, she managed to deliver Miles' remains to the Lorath, who were requested by Miles prior to his death to aid him in curing his psychological illness. Due to a feeling of obligation caused by their agreement to aid him, they decided to carry out Miles' wishes by creating a clone of his body from his arm which was severed within the Lorath underground labs prior to his death. Pulling together the resources of the severed arm, cybernetic data storage components, and the neural pattern held by Rebeka, the Lorath were able to produce a functioning and accurate clone of Miles Gunn. Shortly after the clone was completed, the stasis tank holding the clone was evacuated onto the Maras and moved off of Lor.


Personal Conquests: During his time serving the Star Army of Yamatai, and the times after, Miles has accomplished a number of personal conquests, these conquests include: Hanako, Jo Midori, Kessaku Sakai Yuuko, Elisa Metea (Deceased), Nakamura Sana, various sprites, La'al "Lalah" Ioru Lmanel, Takenaka Shizuka. (Will hopefully be updated frequently.)


Biology: his skill in biology was developed in the educational centers in a Nepleslian city. Needless to say much of his education was unorthodox considering his learning environment. The parts of this subject that he excels at are the subjects of genetic structure, micro-organisms, organ function and structure, plant biology, biological toxins.

Chemistry: His chemical working skills have been developed by extensive job training during his upbringing in a Nepleslian industrial city. His already basic knowledge that most industry forged Nepleslians would have has been increased by his fascination with the subject, thus driving him to learn as much as he can. His points of specialty are acidic solvents, molecular and atomic chemical analysis and structure, synthetics and organic chemical interaction.

Medical&Science: due to his training in biology he has taken a series of courses in medical studies to better learn the working of organic life and how to sustain its functions through first aid up to major surgery. Due to the technologically dependent nature of his people he has gone about learning the principles and workings of cybernetics and cybernetic installation. Along with his training in biology he has also acquired substantial knowledge of pathology.

Mathematics: Miles received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. Since his basic training, Miles' understanding of mathematics has delved into the realm of theoretical concepts ranging into theoretical physics concepts.

Information Technology: Miles is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. During his continued field experience, Miles has become familiar with technology used by the former United Outer Colonies, the Democratic Imperium, the Lazarus Consortium, and the Lorath Matriarchy. He is accomplished in programming with both raw code and assisted programing suites.

During service aboard the YSS Sakura, Miles has gained the ability to input, retrieve, and review information from the the MEGAMI system through the use of his cybernetic implants and telepathic capabilities. He has further broadened this ability since, and has developed compatibility software allowing for use of various computer networks.

Fighting&Physical: His abilities in physical application are moderate to advanced due to his need to remain fit in body as a survival tool in his day-to-day existence in dangerous urban areas. His hand to hand and melee weapons abilities are basic in an orthodox sense, but his knowledge in nontraditional urban and “street fighting” tactics are extensive. Also trained to meet the Star Army fighting and physical requirements.

Miles' fighting skills have advanced during his service aboard the YSS Sakura, during his service he has gained a greater understanding of power armor operations, and close quarters combat aboard space vessels.

Communication: Miles is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Miles is fluent in Trade and Yamago. He can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Miles' linguistic skills have expanded to include fluency in modern Lorath dialect, including reading, writing, and speaking.

Entertainment: Miles has a strong appreciation for erotic arts and entertainment, he excels in rope bondage along with other forms of bondage that span from simple use of handcuffs, to complex forms of bondage such as authentic medical play, combined with his medical knowledge he is fully able to recognize the limits of his partners.

Digital Telepathy: Miles has developed a new found telepathic skill due to his continued use of mental commands through his cybernetic implant to the MEGAMI system aboard the Sakura. Currently his ability is only enough to send and receive thoughts.

Knowledge: Miles has improved his capabilities of data storage and retrieval using his own organic and cybernetic memory, thus allowing him to review information that he has seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelt.

Maintenance and Repair: Miles has studied the basic concepts behind starship, power armor, shuttle, and other Star Army equipment repair and maintenance. Part of Miles' efforts in learning engineering since leaving the Star Army, involved learning advanced maintenance concepts for machines which he would routinely find himself working with outside of the Star Army of Yamatai, as well as the need to keep up maintenance upon complex bio-synthetic hardware a step above the typical cybernetic body-type. Far more accomplished in this field than in engineering, Miles is able to grasp and execute advanced maintenance and repair techniques in both controlled and field operations.

Starship Operations: Miles has studied the basics of starship operations during his time aboard the YSS Sakura, but has not put his studies into action.

Engineering: During his time of exile outside of the Yamatai Empire, Miles has applied himself to broadening his horizons, unfortunately for the universe as a whole, this means like any proper Nepleslian man he has tried to take up design. What has resulted from Miles' efforts is a general understanding of engineering concepts, with no distinctive specialty, but with just enough knowledge to get a design on paper, and get himself into trouble.

Done, Sana Nakamura <3 !
==== The Fugitive Years YE 29 Onward ==== Upon rejoining the world of the living, Miles found him self in the company of the crew of the Maras, consisting of Rebeka Renata, Nakamura Sana, Lieutenant Juela 'Dico' Nessa Tur'lista, Elisa Metea, and a few others. While short lived, Miles' time aboard the Maras carried him from one end of known space to the other, and back. WIP

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