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Mimic Chi-Chi 2597

Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 is a player character played by Ethereal.

Mimic Chi-Chi 2597
Species & Gender: Freespacer Type-2 Automata Female
Year of Birth: Unknown
Organization: USO
Occupation: Multirole Protocol Droid
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Sector Searchers

Physical Description

Chi-Chi is a droid with the rather unique feature of being able to remodel β€œher” shape to forms more favorable to those she is addressing. Springs and mechanisms across her limbs allow her to grow to over 6 feet tall. While her skin and form can change colour, shape and texture even to different species she does have a favored form. Having watched too much anime, she tends to go for an array of idealised body shapes and types, sometimes with painfully obvious tropes.

Her appearance is extremely variable but when caught unawares and alone, she tends to be around 5'6β€œ with straight black hair, usually tied back in a ponytail that runs almost to the floor, tanned skin and brilliant red eyes. Her frame is not slim by any means and has accentuated curves and she wears rimless glasses and too-big jumpers with not much else when in this form, as opposed to her normally well-cut attire. D-Cup.


Chi-Chi is a very variable person due to her nature, near-perfectly able to mimic a person's mannerisms. When not using this ability in her intended capacity, in her time off she tends to toy with people by throwing situations at them using these mimicries. Her only motivation beside her job is to have a good time while she's around. She's very sociable as can be expected and she lives conversing with similarly charismatic people, that being said she also likes shy and serious people but mostly for pranking them.


Mimic Chichi 2597 was created at an unknown time on an unknown Freespacer ship, apparently for the purpose of conversing and dealing more efficiently with other races and their ambassadors. In YE 39 she was reactivated with a near-blank memory by a tech dealership who apparently had bought her from a scrapper's yard, where she had been about to be destroyed along with the few remnants of her original ship. For several years she floated from ship to ship, station to station, meeting people and changing hands. She never stayed in one place for long, her upbeat attitude sometimes distracting in business environments. There were more than a few incidents of her choices of form doing a little more than distracting some employees, though such incidents were never intentional. In the many years since her reactivation - she never counted - she's made many acquaintances through the cosmos, though not many would recognise her. Chi-Chi sometimes speaks of events and items that some people have never heard of or remember something about them in their childhood as if it was only yesterday. Following a incident with a male executive at her last placement, she was bought by the crew of the Araxie.

Skills Learned

  • Mindware - Upon construction, Chi-Chi was given basic neural technology. Added - as with all Freespacers - to accelerate learning to speeds many times faster than other races. Having a digital mind, memories and such can be kept with minute data loss and shared with others that have the correct hardware. This allows manuals and learning aids to be downloaded and rapidly accessed, to give immediate knowledge on a given subject for a period of time without necessarily learning the subject - as long as the data is available. Essentially, this means given prior warning, she can specialise in any area her employer decides for her. IN the past she has been a pilot, engineer, cook, gunner, entertainment system, interrogator and more. Due to limited memory capacity after each profession she purges this expertise. Nowadays, she keeps most of her unused memory full of piloting and maneuvers as is the current craze for her.
  • Communications - As a protocol droid, Chi-Chi knows a huge array of languages both verbal and nonverbal and may download packages from the Freespacer network for any she requires. Her processing power also allows easy decryption of codes.
  • Automaton - Being an Automata, Chi-Chi is incredibly survivable, as any parts that are sheared off or destroyed can be replaced with little lasting effect. Indeed, this also means that aging is only measurable by the growing amount of storage required to house their growing consciousness and even then that storage can be upgraded almost indefinitely.
  • Mathematics - As a machine, Chi-Chi can do lightning-quick calculations rivaling that of starship's computers due to her superior Freespacer architecture.
  • Entertainment - As an escort to those she is serving, Chi-Chi is equipped with a suite of knowledge regarding traditional instruments, dances and such to put those she is conversing with on behalf of her masters in a better mood for the business of the day.
  • Fighting - As part of her latent programming, Chi-Chi can also act as a pseudo-bodyguard in case anything happens to those she is charged with serving, being a protocol droid. This was designed for her to protect ambassadors and such with her own life if need be, wherever her location this seems to still be in her code.
  • Maintenance/Repair - As a Freespacer, her technology is generally beyond normal mechanics and hence she has some self-repair functionality and backup systems onboard. However, knowledge of these systems has also given her some ability to repair non-Freespacer technology.

Social Connections


Inventory & Finance

Mimic Chi-Chi 2597 currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case ethereal becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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