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Minaroi Hisa

Minaroi Hisa
Species: Nekovalkyrja (NH-29)
Gender: Female
Age: 2 Years (as of early YE 34)
Height: 4'9“ (145 cm)
Weight: 86 lbs (39 kg)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet; Project THOUGHT
Rank Shoi
Occupation Management, Nishitama Port Authority; Unofficial CO of Project THOUGHT Test Team
Current Placement Nishitama
Player Toshiro (GMNPC)

Hisa is a GM-controlled NPC played by Toshiro. She is a 1st XF Shoi who is officially a bureaucrat that helps manage the Nishitama Port Authority and its security by way of excessive paperwork, but is the de facto CO of the Project THOUGHT Test Team in the Nishitama Thought Experiment. Though she works under Takeda, her superior is rarely seen and Hisa is the highest ranked officer which the subordinates have access to.

Her unruly orange hair and reddish eyes, when combined with her drive to accomplish something important and her endless pursuit of such, show a strangely noticeable woman whose presence cannot be ignored – even in spite of her smaller height and small bust. Her enthusiasm, while a defining trait, has gotten her in trouble especially when combined with her sometimes childish nature and apparent lack of responsibility in spite of any results she achieves. Hisa is the type to blurt out her thoughts and wear her feelings on her sleeve, making her outcast from the more tactful and conservative culture from which she was born. This is at times directly counter to the stealth requirements of her unofficial position, but she has somehow managed thus far.

Pre-RP History

Hisa started life as an NH-29 stationed on Pisces Station, even born in its cloning facility. She showed aptitude in managing the civilian ships that came in and reviewing their manifests, aiding in what security Pisces had in place. She also wound up dealing face to face with many Nepleslians and Independents in her life as a result, causing her personality to develop in a less conformed and restrained way than the bulk of her people. She became loud and insistent to perform her duties and compensate for her small size, and found herself alienated by her peers to a notable degree.

As the war with the NMX dragged on and training for officer positions became more available out of necessity, Hisa jumped at the chance to be useful and took correspondence classes of the Kyoto War College. While she did well in classes, and applied herself, her personality was so out-of-place that her instructors were unimpressed. She had done nothing to warrant dismissal, however, so she graduated as a Cadet and was sent right back to Pisces Station rather than on a ship. Her old superiors at Pisces Station did not want her back, however, and managed to convince their superior to remove her from her position by promoting her to Shoi and offering her to another fleet. Fortunately, she had a history with Takeda-Taii, which got her a position at Nishitama…and within Project THOUGHT.


YE 33
  • Hisa helped form Test Team One with her as the leader
  • Conducted tests of a modified CAMIE with the team, leading to the unexpected flushing out and capture of the SS Tachibana and starting the Tachibana Incident
  • led Test Team One into discovering Tachibana Clan forces experimenting with SC Agent. Now fitted with combat ready LAMIA Kai units, they fought and won against the enemy and recovered critical data.
  • Attempted negotiations with Vice Mayor Daidaiiro on behalf of the SAoY and failed. Eventually signed a contract with YNP forces and initiated operations against Tachibana Clan forces in Nishitama.
YE 34
  • Continued to lead clean up against Tachibana Clan forces in Nishitama, helps secure hostages and begins operations to prevent SC Agent use in Nishitama.
  • Participated in battle as leader of Test Team One in Nishitama's lower decks as well as a fight at the YINN Building, pitting the LAMIA Kai against Black Mindies and a couple modified Rippers.

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