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Mochizuki Shiori

Mochizuki Shiori is a NPC played by paladinrpg.

Mochizuki Shiori (望月栞)
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Species: Minkan (Formerly Jiyuuian)
Gender: Female
Age: 12 (YE 29)
Height: 5'3“
Weight: 99 lbs
Organization: Senate of Yamatai
Occupation: Senator of Jiyuu System, Former Director of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries
Rank: Senator
Current Placement: Senate of Yamatai

Theme Song: Phoenix - Lindsey Stirling

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'3”
  • Mass: 99 lbs
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Relatively slim and athletic, she has a well tanned skin from days spent on the beach. Her chest is a C cup.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has blue eyes set in a heart-shaped face that has a look of determination about it, having survived quite a lot in her short life.

Hair Color and Style: Shiori wears her vermilion red hair on the shorter side with a slightly aggressive styling and a ponytail. It is sometimes held back with a headband or bandanna, or for more formal occasions she lets it instead drape to the side of her head.

Distinguishing Features: Shiori continues to wear the Peacekeeper Jacket with her UOCPKF rank insignia on it as both a source of personal pride and the ideals she stands for, however she usually leaves it unzipped and open over her formal or business attire, favoring dress blouses or evening gowns. Sometimes she will have a traditional SAOY bodysuit beneath that harkens back to her original heritage as Nekovalkyrja (although in actuality it is a Blackcoat 'Shroud' Suit to protect her from assassination attempts). In this way she visually represents a merging of the two worlds, hoping to inspire similar understanding in her fellow senators.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Shiori is a former soldier of Yamatai and a Peacekeeper, and as a result she projects a fairly professional attitude one would expect of such a person. She is usually calm, cool, and collected in stressful situations and the public eye, and does her best to protect the lives of others before her own and make sure those weaker than her are provided for first. She sometimes has a lack of patience though due to her relatively short life, mainly when she gets passionate about someone or something she will fiercely try to defend it even if it is a losing battle. This fiesty side also comes out more behind closed doors with those she trusts or has feelings for. She strives to stay true to the ideals of the Peacekeeper Charter of YE 30 where possible, though even she has to admit to compromise where necessary to take care of her constituents – survival sometimes has to trump ideals.

  • Likes: Jiyuu, Her sister, vacationing on Mochizuki Beach in Asura System, Kage Yaichiro
  • Dislikes: Terrorists and agent provocateurs from the past, legislative gridlock, extreme Yamatai Imperialism
  • Goals: To rebuild the Jiyuu system's infrastructure and economy back to its former glory, while remaining as closely aligned as possible to the old ideals of the UOC. She has a tense relationship with Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko's heavy-handed Imperial agenda, even though they both agree on the need to safeguard Jiyuu by rooting out the shadowy threat of the Tange and their allies.


Family (or Creators)

Created by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu, she has a younger sister Mochizuki Sayoko and a distant relation to ex-representative Mochizuki Ayumi.


Formerly a NH-29 Nekovalkyrja created to serve in Logistics for the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet's colonization efforts, Shiori joined the Motoyoshi Clan led rebellion that created the United Outer Colonies in YE 30. As a result of having to return their equipment to the Star Army, she was downgraded to a Jiyuuian NH-22C body. She was inducted the UOCPKF and participated in Logistics operations and humanitarian aid deliveries in the Yagumo cluster for the next 3 years, eventually rising to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant.

Shiori actively fought the NMX forces during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and assisted greatly in organizing the evacuation of the Tokyo megacity in Jiyuu system in YE 33 before it was overrun. She spent some time in the refugee farming camps on Anisa afterwards, and while there was offered membership in the Star Army of Yamatai but eventually refused to fully renounce her loyalty to Jiyuu and the ideals in its former peacekeeper charter. It was here that she also met with the ambitious Yoshimura Hosaku and decided that his collective agricultural project ideas offered a unique way to help the refugee community to rebuild their lives and also to fill a needed niche in the Empire. She thus contributed both capital and organizational expertise to the formation of the Juugoya Cooperative as one of its largest original shareholders.

When the order was given to start returning the displaced populations back to Jiyuu, she promptly marshaled several thousands of refugees and the required transports to return with the first wave of resettlement in YE 36. Once the Tokyo mega-city was reclaimed by the initial arrivals, Shiori then set about lobbying heavily for the construction of the Jiyuu Fleet Depot to assist with resettlement efforts and provide fresh economic opportunities to the planetary community. This also ensured the Tenth Standard Fleet would remain in Jiyuu as their permanent base and continue to provide for their protection.

When it was announced that Jiyuu was sufficiently repopulated and now needed a Senator to restore official representative relations with Yamatai, out of loyalty to her people she decided to run for office. After a brutal run-off election in late YE 37, Shiori and her Heiwa (“Freedom & Harmony”) party came out on top thanks to her position as a relatively moderate, Imperial-friendly candidate that compromised with the many conflicting factions jockeying for control of the fledgling government. Once elected, she immediately went to work to fulfill her campaign promises, putting a major focus on infrastructure rebuilding and make work projects for the struggling refugees. A public showpiece of this was the upgrading of Jiyuu's PAINT transportation center to accommodate flights to other recovering worlds in the cluster, along with a voucher system to assist families. Along with industrialists and trade unions she also moved to seize control of the former Motoyoshi Fleet Yards HeadQuarters complex and its related manufacturing assets, as well as the offices of Kakutama Heavy Industries, reorganizing them into a state-run business enterprise under the name of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries. This new company would have a new purpose to recover and restore the technology left behind by the old regime, as well as operate utilities and direct public works projects all over the system.

However, despite the many improvements, the opposition Rengou (“Freedom Alliance”) party and it's leader businessman Mitsuya Satoru were not entirely satisfied with her leadership, and when rumors surfaced they were courting terrorist forces in the background such as the Galactic Armament Organization, the newly minted Senator Mochizuki knew she had to act decisively to protect what she and others had fought for and quell the separatist rebellion that was brewing in the former colonies.

One major development towards this goal was her diplomatic overtures towards Jiyuu's old ally, the Lorath Matriarchy, and bringing them into the rebuilding process as well. It was then that she became aware of the existence of several old UOC ships sitting mothballed in the Lorath starship depot, to which she began an aggressive campaign to have them returned to Jiyuu's control and the hands of Peacekeeper Heavy Industries which would recommission them and reequip them with salvaged technology to bolster patrols of convoys across the border. However, this widely publicized handoff was never formally completed due to administrative hurdles put in place on her government's end and the subsequent sudden departure of the Lorath from the cluster enmasse in Project Checkout; what was left of the LSDF in the North was quietly handed off to Nepleslian control.

Her loyalty to the Empire was also questioned in YE 38 due to a failed attempt to foment a Senate backbencher's rebellion by forcing a proper debate on the ratification of the Defense Arrangement Treaty (of the) Alliance of Signatory States (which was subsequently declared void in order for the Star Army of Yamatai to unilaterally prosecute war against the looming Kuvexian menace). The Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi was concerned by these actions during a time of war and soon had the Senator reassigned to an Agricultural sub committee so that the passionate Peacekeeper would be kept far away from military & diplomatic policy, though she did her best to help Jiyuuian projects like the Juugoya Cooperative expand with increased funding.

Still, undeterred by these setbacks on the galactic scene she returned to her power base remaining in “Atarashi” New Tokyo and continued to focus on her promises with rebuilding efforts in Jiyuu III. Upon meeting Kage Yaichiro, she threw as much weight as she could behind his hopeful Sunflower Corporation startup in YE 39 focused on sorely needed radiation cleanup and abatement in Old “Furui” Tokyo, eventually coming to be known as Himewara (Sunflower) Tokyo. This soon led to the return of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko to power in the region, who under Imperial edict set about reclaiming the former Motoyoshi-held assets in the Yugumo cluster from PHI's control, subsuming them into the Motoyoshi Hanei Kaisha and greater Yugumo Corporation, while rendering her Peacekeeper Heavy Industries brand officially defunct as of YE 41. A bittersweet moment for Shiori, indeed, but to see her home finally returning to glory as the new official home of the rebuilt First Expeditionary Fleet made her difficult road worth it in the end.


  • Starship Operation (Piloting Transports)
  • Logistics & Supply Management
  • Leadership (Public Speaking, Negotiation)
  • Knowledge (Laws/History of the YSE & Former UOC)

OOC Notes

  • The kanji characters for her name are 望月栞 (mochi zuki shiori) which translates to “full moon bookmark/guide”. This is an allusion to her being symbolically a placeholder in the turbulent history of Jiyuu, yet also a moon instead of the UOC stylized sun to signify a new direction.
  • There are some rumors circulating that the fact she became Senator is no accident, and there may be a former UOC figure behind her in the shadows, watching and waiting.
  • Shiori has been known to utilize other Nekovalkyrja body types and/or throwaway clones of herself to secretly participate in raids on terrorist targets, while also protecting her very public persona from assassination.

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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