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Monica “Mo”
Species & Gender: Minkan Female
Year of Birth: YE 17
Organisation: Origin Industries
Occupation: Mech jockey
Rank: Ensign
Current Placement: Oif Karakoram
Mech Name: Ramstein
Character Theme: Rammstein - Ich Will1)

Physical Description

Monica stands at just over 5’11” tall, her body is a mix of soft, womanly curves and lean, athletic muscles – her strong legs lead up to flared hips and a toned, heart-shaped rear before curving in to her taut abdomen. Mo’s muscled back leads up to her powerful shoulders and arms, her calloused and tough hands are a stark contrast to the soft curves of her round and full d-cup bosom.

Her BWH is 36D-23-35

Mo has a strong jawline that frames her angular face, ocean-blue eyes are usually intensified by some smokey eyeliner, she has high cheekbones and a surprisingly delicate nose despite her reputation for taking just as much pain as she can dish out. Monica’s wavy raven hair is kept shoulder-length and usually has the top tied up into a stumpy ponytail while the sides are left loose.


Monica is a very independent person, she despises being dependant on other people for any reason and has a certain stubbornness – this extends to her being fiercely protective of her possessions and being more than happy to speak her mind or boast a bit.

There is very little that can change Mo’s mind once she has a goal, resilient, unrelenting and driven with a competitive streak that enjoys pushing herself to the limit and impressing those around her. She does have somewhat of an issue with authority and a streak of anarchy in her veins that means she will never do something just because it is expected of her, Mo chooses to follow herself and nobody else – her own plans just happen to line up with other people’s from time to time.


Monica never knew her biological parents, nor did she ever feel the need to seek out the people that left her on the doorstep of an orphanage in Kyoto – even as a young child it was clear Monica wasn’t the most girly girl, she was adorable and went through a few families in the foster system but her abrasive nature kept sending her back to the orphanage – her tomboyish ways earnt her the nickname “Mo”.

At the age of 16 she ran away to try and forge her own path in the world, picking pockets and stealing a few things as Monica taught herself how to fix things, enlisting with the Star Army of Yamatai and furthering her mechanical knowledge before she was thrown out due to behavioural issues that ended with her slogging an officer in the jaw.

It was one hell of a punch though and Monica eventually found her way into underground power-armour wrestling rings, turns out she was a natural at it and won more fights than she lost. After one particularly impressive fight Mo was approached by the director of OAW who had a proposition for her, she accepted it post-haste.

Social Connections

Thaddeaus Maximus - (Buddy)


Skills Learned

Fighting: Monica has trained with firearms and is proficient with them but prefers to fight with her fists even when her enemies are have guns, using a combination of rolls, vaults and dives to get up in their faces before unleashing a flurry of devastating MMA strikes - further enhanced by the high level of skill shown when piloting power armour.

Repair and Maintenance: Monica is usually never too far from her handy, worn out tool belt – she can fix most broken things but specialises in power armour and mecha repair and modification.

Physical: Monica’s high-intensity training has left her body strong and lean with stamina to match.

Rogue: Monica has been picking pockets and shop-lifting to keep her pockets flush with cash from before she started fighting but occasionally continues to do so between fights, she can be rather quiet and feather-fingered when she needs to be, despite the brutish vibe Mo can often give off.

Vehicles: Monica is somewhat of an ace in power armour, so the mech training that the Origin Staff gave her went rather smoothly as her power armour skill carried over into their larger and more powerful siblings.

Inventory and Finances

Hooded PEG suit in matte black

Grappling gloves, dark navy in colour with orange detailing

EM-G17-1a Basic Tool Kit

A somewhat beat-up duffle bag that holds her few personal belongings

bear claw necklace

Origin Standard Issue:

  • 5x white t-shirt with OI Logo
  • 5x panties with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
  • 5x bra with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
  • 5x boxers or briefs with OI logo (white, black, green, blue, and gold)
  • 5 pairs of black socks
  • 1x Hygiene kit
    • 1x toothbrush
    • 1x tube of toothpaste
    • 1x bar of soap
    • 1x bottle of shampoo
  • 2x white towel with OI logo
  • 1x bathrobe, black, with OI logo.

Origin Armored Pilot Suit

KS card with 1,000ks left on it

“Ramstein” custom Gekido

A very beat up yet still sturdy and functional suit of Impulse Powered Armor, navy blue in colour with a few splashes of orange paint to prevent rust where the base paint has been scraped off


OOC Information

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