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Mort Masterson

Mort Masterson is a player character played by Krusher99.

Mort Masterson
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Male
Date of Birth: AR 921
Organization: NA
Occupation: Soldier of fortune
Rank: Private, Astral Vanguard (formerly)
Current Placement: NA

Preferred Plots

  1. Unaffiliated

Physical Description

Mort is visually unassuming when compared to his iromakahune kin, standing only 6'0“ and weighing 159lbs. Mort carries himself with a casual gait, always appearing loose and on the balls of his feet. his curly brown hair is parted on the bangs by his horns. His skin is of a moderate tan complection


Possessed of an odd wanderlust not often seen among his people, Mort is an oddity. Mort is always chasing the next chance to become a legendary rouge, like his childhood idol, Bolt Wonderstrong, from the old Tv show, starlight crusaders. Mort is often carefree and easygoing, but has a relatively short fuse when it comes to serious transgressions against the INDOMITABLE or her crew. Mort harbors some deep emotional guilt about leaving his family behind, and treats members of his crew almost like a second family and will go to any length to save just ONE member of the crew.


Mort Masterson was born in AR 921.

Mort's escapades began all the way back in primary school, when his wanderlust truly started to manifest. Mort would skip days, sometimes weeks of school just to explore the seaside and coves nearby Port Avynna. at the age of 14, he was enrolled at the local military academy, and at first it seemed his curiosity and thirst for adventure would be quelled by the military life, but this was not the case. Mort used his time at Avynna academy to plot the beginning of his life as a agent of fortune. Learning all the skills he would need to survive on his own in the vast emptiness of space. he also took this time to scout out his plan of escape, an old Vayu-class scout frigate that was a used to teach aspiring pilots and captains the very basics of life in space. The Academy was also were Mort met Li'ray No'sun, daughter of the distinguished Admiral Horton No'sun. the two were the best of friends, though his own naivete and aloofness never saw Mort's relationship with Li'ray pass that point, both were content with this type of relationship. On the night before graduation, Mort enacted his plan to steal his new ship witch he christened the INDOMITABLE and set sail for winds of fortune, but on his way to the Academy's hangers he ran into Li'ray. Upon telling her what he was doing, she urged him not to, reminding him that desertion was a capital offense and he could be killed for such an act. Mort acknowledged Li'ray's concerns, but explained it was some thing he just had to do, inviting her to come with him. She declined, warning him if he did this, he would be a marked man for the rest of his days, and if their paths crossed again once she was a soldier, she would be duty bound to turn him in. Mort's final words to Li'ray No'sun were “well, i cant wait to see you again”

Social Connections

Mort Masterson is connected to: Li'ray No'sun

Skills Learned


Mort has an erratic way of speaking, but it feels honest and clear, this comes across when he's speaking


Mort isn't a huge fan of violence, but when it comes to pass he prefers a fair fight, usually opting to use his fists, one or both of his blades.

Technology Operation

Mort is an experienced pilot of the SO-F1-A class scout frigate he's named the INDOMITABLE. Mort knows almost every inch of the ship and treats the ships NI, Emanuel, like any other peson

Inventory & Finance

Mort Masterson has the following items:

-Solanii Laiz carbine (no ammo) -Vanguard Starship uniform (turtleneck & pants, both untucked) -Standard issue coat with the sleeves removed. all Vanguard insignia's have been removed -Solanii Liaz Felrang (named “Honor”) -Seta'sis longsword (named “Freedom”)

OOC Information

Mort adores playing a Iroan instrument known as the panharmonicon, its a very advanced version of what we know today as a harmonica, capable of playing several keys and octaves

OOC Notes

i wold love to have Mort pop up in as much as many RP's as he can, so if you need a merc with a mouth let me know at @krusher99In the case Krusher99 becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES

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