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Motoyoshi Eidan

Motoyoshi Eidan is an NPC controlled by GM Andrew who appears in the Resolutions Of The Ghost plot.

Motoyoshi Eidan
Species Minkan
Gender Male
Age 11 (Born YE 31)
Height 4' 9โ€œ(144 cm)
Weight 81 lbs (36.90 kg)
Organization Yamatai Star Empire
Clan Motoyoshi Clan
Occupation To Be Determined
Rank None
Current Assignment To Be Determined

Character Description

Motoyoshi Eidan is an eleven-year-old boy and is the son of Motoyoshi Tio and Tange Amaya. He is a slender, healthy-looking young boy with bright cerulean eyes, a soft cream complexion, and violet hair. Much like his father, his features have a very bishounen quality to them.

Eidan tends to be a quiet, well-mannered person. He has a very charismatic and bright personality when he is engaged with those he knows but tends to be timid around strangers. He has spent most of his life under an assumed name and in the care of Yamamoto Anzu in Tokyo. His childhood has been disrupted by the need to keep his identity a secret while he has strived to learn as much as he can about his father, Motoyoshi Tio.


Conception and Birth

Eidan is the result of a night of passion between Motoyoshi Tio and Tange Amaya on the eve of Independence for the former United Outer Colonies.

The Hidden Prince

In YE 32, when the United Outer Colonies fell under attack, his father Motoyoshi Tio entrusted his safety to Yamamoto Anzu, a former lover. Tange Amaya went into hiding with Eidan, however in YE 33, she was kidnapped by Motoyoshi Kiyoko and has been assumed dead.

Under the care of Yamamoto Anzu, Eidan lived a relatively normal life under an assumed identity and protected by pockets of those loyal to the Prince after the colonies were returned to Yamatai Star Empire control.

A New Life

(See: Forum Post.)

In YE 42, He was taken to Jiyuu-jล along with his caretaker, under the protection of his grandmother, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. For his protection, he was transferred from his Jiyuuian NI-ARIA body into a Minkan of the same age and aesthetic maturity. He remains a target of Motoyoshi Kiyoko and her followers who believe that his lineage would legitimize their cause to drive the Yamatai Star Empire out of the former United Outer Colonies.

OOC Information

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