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Motoyoshi Tio

Motoyoshi Tio was the son of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Shimizu Akina ( ๆธ…ๆฐดๆ˜Ž่œ ) who helped form the United Outer Colonies with Tange-Katsura Ayana. Because of an outburst her started during the first International Relations Conference, Melisson claimed that he was the reason why the Second NMX war started. He disappeared shortly before the United Outer Colonies fell to the NMX.

Motoyoshi Tio
Species: Jiyuuian NI-ARIA
Gender: Male
Age: 2 YE: 28
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5'5โ€œ
Weight: 120 lbs
Organizations Motoyoshi Clan
Occupation Crowned Prince
Current Placement Tokyo

Tio in Roleplay

Tio is a GM NPC played by Andrew

Tio's Body

Build and Skin Colour: Tio has an athletic build, with a pale white skin tone.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Youthful, Asian-look with modified blue eyes with white lightning-like streaks through the colored regions.

Hair Colour and Style: Straight, shoulder length light purple hair.

Tio's Personality & Mentality

Tio is an intellectual and is a man of few spoken words;he prefers telepathic communication because he feels it is more intimate. He is a confident, charismatic, natural born leader with a passion for self exploration and philosophical engagement. He has a tendency to push a little too hard sometimes when discussing matters he feels passionate about, sometimes coming off as cold or uncaring towards the opinions of others. This is generally not the case because of his ability to manipulate those he is interacting towards his point of view.

Tio tends to socially ambitious, and loves to listen to the latest gossip. He is seductive and romantic, his appetite with women used to be in excess; using his witty intelligence and charming compliments to entrench himself into their hearts. He has an artistic side; he plays the violin, reads poetry, paints and does professional level photography in his spare time, his favorite subjects being young, naked Jiyuuians.

Recently Tio has become interested in Tange-Katsura Ayana, the Prime Minister of the United Outer Colonies.


Women, philosophy, poetry, anything that provides him with a challenge, the outdoors, beer.


Inaccuracies, tight spaces, and people who do not try to better themselves.


To further the growing influence of his family in the Empire.

For the United Outer Colonies to grow into a large, neutral, peacekeeping nation.



Tio was born in YE 28, as the result of the relationship between Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko and Shimizu Akina ( ๆธ…ๆฐดๆ˜Ž่œ ). Katsuko hid her pregnancy as well as his birth, allowing him to be raised by the Kotoku family on Taiie. Tio grew up knowing who he was, but remained relatively uninvolved until his mother became Empress in YE 30, and despite knowing of his sibling Motoyoshi Kiyoko made no attempt to contact her. Tio had alot to do with the establishment of the the first Colony on Jiyuu after the Battle of Taiie, setting up Humanitarian Refuges to ensure families were not separated or displaced. Tio attended the University of Taiie/Jiyuu and graduated at the top of his class with a Doctorate in Political Science, and a Masters in Philosophy. His accelerated graduation is attributed to his passion in the subject areas.

Tio intends to play a vital role in his clan and the government.

In mid YE 30, Tio and Ayana shared an evening together that eventually lead to the birth of their son, Edmond. Whether or not Tio was aware that Ayana was pregnant is up to debate since he disappeared during most of Ayana's pregnancy.

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