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Mujo Khazan

Mujo Khazan is a player character played by cinnamontoasthans.

Mujo Khazan
@@[email protected]@
Species & Gender: Male Xunok Human
Date of Birth: 23日 2月 YE 20
Organization: Monarchy of Dovania
Occupation: Navy Marine
Rank: Seaman Apprentice
Current Placement: Operation WES

Physical Description

Physical Description: Mujo Khazak stands at 6’5 feet tall (197.5104) and weighs about 250Ib. His skin is described as rough. Just under his nose grows a pencil stache. Mujo Khazak is a bodybuilder in progress so not enough muscle covers him entirely to call him one. A stitched scar covers his neck from surgery in his youth. A bosnian accent is heard in his voice.


Personality Description: Most people would describe Mujo as a self kept individual, doesn’t speak much with many people and isn’t as gregarious as the others. Taking in after his mother, that's where his personality usually comes from. People would say he is shy or non-social but that's how he chooses to be when it comes to public spaces, he only chooses the one who is most interesting in public events. In certain situations he may have nothing to do BUT speak.


History of Mujo: He was born in the middle of the 5th planetary war. Life in youth for him was spent mostly with his mother. He never did that well in his mandatory classes, except for in physical education and sports. His reputation was mostly given into Rugby, he once played in the royal games in his final school years, unfortunately his team did not make it, but the ruler gave him a personal visit to cheer him and his team up for the outstanding performance, his family became very loyal to the ruler after that. He then spent time after school with his father in order to become better physically, he began to grow fast with the work he and his father did together. He worked in a factory, heavy labor was applied to him and his father, good work gave them good rations from the government, and they were starting to be seen as good examples to the citizens. During the Dovanian takeover of Ichiko, his father who volunteered into the army of Ichiko who was killed during combat, and now he has only his mother to watch over. He voluntarily joined to maintain the honor of his father.

Recent History:

Reevian Conflict: Mujo was stationed along the protests, riots, or battles of the rebellious ex military Reevians trying to fight back the Dovanian rule. Family business: Recent events happening with family have drove him into debt trying to pay for the expenses of his mother, causing him a more difficult time during his time in the Navy Marines.

Isolation on island Vitez: Being assigned to a small patrol in the western ocean, he and his squad boat is hit with a Nogahan trap, his boat explodes, leaving him and his 3 men squad deserted on an island. His squad all looked up to him on his survival instincts to make it through the isolation, being stuck there on the island he was able to pick up the pace on leaving, making a makeshift beacon in hopes the Dovanians find them first. A few more days past within the beacon being set up, a Dovanian ship finally shows up and picks them up, him and his squad praises in his efforts of saving them, and finally making progress on the Nogahan tactics.

Skills Learned


Mujo trains himself in hand to hand combat, being a decent marksman some call him a growing warrior.


Main language being Xunok. He understands trade very well but still a novice in speaking it.

Survival and Military

Some call him a survivalist as well, he knows just what to do in times of being stuck on an island.


Constructions is a heavy role in his life, which helps him in engineering, building makeshift bridges and cover during battles.


Engineering is a professional form of construction to him, building more advanced commodities such as beacons and transmitters in the middle of a fight.


Physical appearance, more of a stand out in his case, it’s the first thing many people tend to see when they first look at him.


Domestic skills come naturally to him. Considering most of his life was spent with his mother, he knows exactly how to do laundry and the basic house needs.

Social Connections

Mujo Khazan is connected to:

Ajla Khazak - Mother of Mujo Khazak, spending a life of mothership, tending to Mujo in his youth, she spent her life living as a normal citizen.

Husein Khazak - Father of Mujo Khazak, his life was spent rough on his youth, being forced into work labor and losing his parents at a young age, up until he was a legal age to actually work for himself, he spent a lot of his life stressed and hard-working into nobility, up until he was conscripted into battle and killed by the Dovanian-Ichiko battle of Pombus, killed by a shot to the heart, and bleeding out on the field.

Inventory & Finance

Mujo Khazan has the following:

Inventory: S6-MWS1-MAVERICK

Dovanian Model 1 Navy uniform

Titanium-Alloy Long Sword

Dovanian Military Kit

Personal clothing and belongings:

Ichiko Birth Ring -Ring that was kept at birth to identify where he came from.

Reevian styled scarf


Mujo Khazan currently has 300 DT.

OOC Information

This page was created by cinnamontoasthans on 02, 23 2019 at 17:08 using the Character Template Form.

In the case cinnamontoasthans becomes inactive:

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