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Murakami Kensuke

Murakami Kensuke
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: deceased
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'11
Weight: 165 lbs
Organization: Origin Industries
Occupation: Head of Origin Armor Works
Rank: Senior Executive

Murakami Kensuke in Roleplay

Murakami Kensuke Was a player character controlled by Kai.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11 Mass: 165 lbs

Build and Skin Colour: Kensuke has a fairly average Yamataian build, a bit on the heavy side. His face is slightly hardened, and he has a well muscled body, with somewhat tanned skin

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Kensuke has an average face, with deep dark eyes.

Hair Colour and Style: Kensuke has long black hair, which is normally tied back in the rear, with the bangs hanging over his forehead.

Distinguishing Features: Other than his apparent air of calmness around him (except when in certain circumstances), Kensuke really has no distinguishing features. Other than being a Male Samurai.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kensuke appears, on the surface at least, to be a calm and reserved person, intent on brining great honor to his family. This is mostly true, Kensuke being a generally calm person, attempting to always think things true, and be the calm in the storm. He only truly shows any sort of anger either when in combat or when someone dishonors him, his clan, the empire, or his squadmates. Even then, he has a sort of angry calm, like a swiftly blowing wind. Kensuke has been known to disobey orders that would bring him or his clan dishonor. He has a love of honorable combat, and desperately aches to find an worthy opponent. He does have a few failings though: He could be described as overly tense, as it's hard for him to be completely relaxed; And he has very little experience with the fairer sex, which leads to him mostly ignoring advances onto him.


Kensuke was born in YE 06, one of the sons of the wealthy Murakami family, which eventually became one of the ruling families of the Gozen Clan. While his family was relatively untouched by the plague, numerous other familes were. Thus, the Murakami family, along with Tanaka Family; the Takahashi Family; the Kudo Family; and the Watanabe Family formed the Gozen clan, with the founding families becoming the rulers, sending Kensuke down the path of Bushido, to obtain great honor for the Clan, and his family.

From age 6 onward, he was put under a harsh tutelage, learning of the way of the sword and the art of the brush, while not neglecting the mental aspects of Bushido. As he grew older, he discovered a love of the classical theater arts and reading; which led to him spending his free time either attending Noh or Kabuki performances, or reading numerous texts, leading him to dabble into Yamataian law.

Kensuke's overwhelming hate for Neko Supremacists was inherited from the Kudo family, who had possibly lost the most to the plague, and then had to suffer seeing the entire military become dominated by Nekovalkyrja, some of whom most definitely did not have the best interests of Non-Nekovalkyrja at heart. Upon coming of age, he left home to join the Star Army, his goal to bring honor to his clan. Recently, Kensuke has taken up a job as the head of Origin Armor Works, leaving the Star Army for more lucrative pursuits.

After working as the head of Origin Armor works for several years, Murakami Kensuke was taken over by a parasite-type Misshuvurthyar in the year YE 34, and was not discovered to have been taken over until it was much too late. The Parasite, Masquerading as the executive, began working a plan behind the backs of Origin Industries in an attempt to bring them down, but was ultimately stopped by the crew of the YSS Atuan. In the process, The parasite, and Kensuke's body, were both destroyed, and with no active backups of the man available, he was left deceased at the wishes of his remaining family members.

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