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Murakami Mitsuko

Murakami Mitsuko is a player character played by Reynolds.

Murakami Mitsuko
Species: Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Height: 4' 11“ (149 cm)
Weight: 102 lbs (46 kg)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Logistics
Rank: Taii
Current Placement: Central Fleet Depot
Orders: Orders

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 4' 11” (149 cm)
  • Mass: 102 lbs (46 kg)
  • Measurements: 34D-26-35

Build and Skin Color: Pale skin, noticeably thicker than average build, considered plump…for her species. The lack of definition emphasizes her mousy nature.

Eyes and Facial Features: Bright, green eyes with a slight yellow tint. Some might even refer to them as 'neon' or 'glowing'. Soft, rounded face and small nose.

Ears: Slightly rounded ears, furless, average length.

Hair Color and Style: Short, black hair that curves forward closely around her face, almost like a shell.

Distinguishing Features: Her bright eyes practically glow in the dark, and she wears glasses slightly tinted in a shade that mutes this, when possible.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Mitsuko might have been created and trained for war, but she's anything but a warrior. Although physically just as prepared for duty as any other Nekovalkyrja, she shies away from combat. She has no personal or moral problems involving fighting or killing, especially for the military, but simply feels very nervous and anxious when in direct combat situations. Early training went fine, and this inclination was not discovered until she was put into live field exercises.

This has resulted in her being rather quiet and meek, at least for her species. Trying to keep her distance from the field, she discovered a propensity for the side of military life most others found boring and needlessly complicated : paperwork. She's happiest somewhere quiet and peaceful, filling out endless supply requisitions and status reports. While Mitsuko was something of an oddity, the few officers she's worked under before her full assignment were glad to have her around for her short training period. Their cargo holds had never been neater, and at least one student was always on time.

  • Likes: Quiet places; small quarters; order; precise instructions; cozy spaces.
  • Dislikes: Crowded or busy areas; wide, open spaces; vague orders; disorder or clutter.
  • Goals: Make wherever she calls home as safe and unexciting as possible.


Family (or Creators)

Created by the Star Army in 8/33.


Mitsuko is fresh out of training. Although she'd prefer a position in an office somewhere on-planet, she doesn't have a lot of choice at this point in her career. Constant space travel is a bit of a worry for her. There's something about all that blank, empty, unknown nothingness that makes her uncomfortable. Most ships are cramped enough that she's confident she could do well when inevitably assigned to one. She would prefer a room without a view, if possible.

YSS Eucharis

After bouncing around from one temporary assignment to the next, a more permanent position was found for her on board the YSS Eucharis in 5/34. She hadn't even made it through one full day in her new home before winding up deep within NMX territory, packed into a tiny shuttle with a horde of Neko infantry and sent on her first mission. After nearly losing her head to a Ripper, Murakami reunited with the Star Army on board a captured NMX Escort. While the Eucharis underwent repairs at Gemini Star Fortress, the crew enjoyed a brief shore leave on Hanako's World. This was Mitsuko's first real break from military life, and the experience had even more impact on the young Neko than her first mission.

Once the repair work and their vacation was completed, Murakami returned with her new friends to the Eucharis. They arrived on the uninhabited planet UX-11 IX in 7/34 to pick up a dead drop arranged through an unidentified organization in possession of large amounts of unsorted cargo in need of rapid liquidation. In 8/34 the Eucharis towed a derelict Ayana-class Escort that had been surprisingly included in this purchase to the Second Squadron Starbase. While there, Mitsuko attended a promotion ceremony for the Eucharis crew, leaving the station's park as an Ittô Hei.

After traveling to the ice planet of Ether in 9/34, Mitsuko was selected to pilot a shuttle down to the planet's surface. The vehicle was attacked and crashed near a NMX cloning facility, which was the destination for the away team she had been assigned to. While infantry units attempted to retake the mostly abandoned facility, Murakami was left behind to guard and repair the shuttle. After the makeshift repairs were completed as well as she could manage with no training, a squad of NMX Neko that had been stranded on Ether and abandoned the nearby installation took her by surprise, hijacking the shuttle and fleeing the planet. After the mission was aborted, Mitsuko returned to the Eucharis on another shuttle brought by reinforcements.

Mitsuko enjoyed a short break for the holidays during 12/34, but by 1/35 the Eucharis had already left Yamatai and headed into less familiar space. Exploring the galactic South, the ship stopped in the HX-23 star system. While away teams explored the planets HX-21 and HX-24 I, Murakami remained on board to catch up with organizational duties. This included continuing to recover from the random cargo brought aboard from UX-11 IX, as well as ordering supplies requested by Ketsurui Hanako and Jalen Sune. She later assisted with the abandoned pirate booty brought back from HX-21. There was little she could do to help with the less than friendly reception the team exploring HX-24 received, as they fought to flee a squalid underground city run by Mishhuvurthyar.

She was quite shaken by the events on HX-12 II during 5/35. While investigating the NMX starport that was supposedly destroyed and abandoned, her small squad was attacked by Rippers. Her best friend and roommate Misato Suzume was killed right in front of her. Narrowly escaping herself, Mitsuko nursed physical and mental injuries. She was glad to see the starport destroyed from orbit, and her friend revived, but the stressful day had just begun. Later that day for the Eucharis, although it was now 8/35, they encountered an artificial planet in an unexplored star system.

The Essai Dreamworld turned out to be an elaborate trap. The planet seemed to be mostly populated by curious travelers stranded there after their ships were stolen and crew drugged. Due to her constant worrying and slight paranoia, her body's natural defenses against the toxins kicked in before she could be adversely affected, letting Mitsuko assist in calming down her fellow soldiers and returning them to the Eucharis (including stunning Riko Bors and carrying him back). After escaping the Essai's final attempt to keep the Eucharis there, the crew learned their ship was infested with small, cloaked, spider-like droids armed with stun beams. Murakami helped eliminate several dozen of the intruders, even though her attempts to dissuade Misato from using an extremely large machine gun inside the ship were unsuccessful. Although almost all of the damage thus caused was later repaired, she still feels dreadful about the mess they caused.

Three days later, they somehow arrived at Hanako's World as Yule celebrations were about to begin in 12/35. A surprise promotion ceremony for the crew, complete with marching band, saw her becoming a Jôtô Hei just in time for shore leave. There was little she found relaxing about this vacation. Friction with a civilian travelling with the Eucharis combined with Misato's promotion to NCO left her feeling confused, betrayed and alone. The subsequent announcement that another friend, Jalen Sune, their ship's long time first officer, was retiring just made things worse. Although her relationship with Misato has been somewhat patched up, things are still strained between the two, and she has withdrawn slightly from the rest of the crew.

In 1/36, Mitsuko was once again selected to pilot a shuttle to Ether during a training mission conducted by now Nitô Heisho Misato Suzume. She accompanied the training groups to the surface, handled their training supplies, then parked the shuttle in order to wait for the training to finish. After returning to the Eucharis, their next stop was Yamatai (Planet) for leave in 5/36. While in the city meeting with new crew members, she was oblivious to the fact that many crew members - including her roommate, Misato - were transferring to the YSS Soyokaze. They left without saying a word, barring a note left in her cabin. Devastated, Murakami retreated into isolation, sulking and snapping at the new crew members for months.

The Eucharis traveled far from home to investigate the remote Splorfin System in 6/36. Finding a large amount of debris from a battle above Splorfin I 14, Mitsuko was tasked with deciding what should be destroyed or salvaged, and cataloging everything brought on board. Along with plenty of junk, a fully operational Ke-T4 "Fox" Combat Aeroshuttle was recovered, docked and assigned a name and registration number by the Logistics Neko: (NG-X1-408-14 Medea II). A damaged but fairly intact Yui-class Scout was also recovered. After learning it belonged to Uesu's Fleet Mitsuko assigned it the registration number NS-U1-107427. She chose the name YSS Heartbreaker for more personal reasons.

On the moon itself, an away team discovered the hastily named Crystalloids, a hostile, insectoid species. While repairing the seal of the docking ring connecting the Medea II to the Eucharis, she was forced to use the shuttle to rescue several injured crew members. With the alien's base explosively destroyed, she returned to the Eucharis to clean up the mess left behind. The next day, they investigated what seemed to be a crashed ship on nearby Splorfin III. Wary that it might be more Crystalloids, or something worse, they preceded with caution. Mitsuko remained on board, ready for another emergency.

After learning the wrecked ship belonged to the hostile, insectoid Rixxikor their fears were confirmed. The aliens attacked several crew members and the ship itself, after being agitated by one particularly unlucky soldier. Mitsuko defended the Power Armor Bay as the Rixxikor swarmed inside, damaging the air containment field and causing a violent decompression that killed one crew member and injured another. After taking the injured soldier to Medical, she was happy to leave the Splorfin system and its hostile, insectoid aliens behind.

Her mood improved as they returned to Hanako's World in 12/36 for Yule celebrations. By 1/37 they were heading back out, with Mitsuko settling in at her new rank of Ittô Heisho. With few familiar faces on board, and almost none who would call her friend, she embraced the role of strict NCO. She had made the ship her home when she considered the crew her friends and family. Even with that no longer true, this was still where she belonged, and she would just have to make it fit her more comfortably.

The Eucharis was on the hunt for information about the new Kuvexian enemy for most of YE 37 and YE 38. The temporary theft of the Eucharis itself led to Mitsuko being left behind on UX-1 I with most of the crew. She attempted to contact Star Army Command for assistance, against Hanako's orders, but her plans were thwarted by several other members of the crew. Once they were able to escape the planet in a captured shuttle, she volunteered to stay behind with several injured crew members, and was eventually rescued along with them. Murakami immediately transferred off of the Eucharis, and her further attempts to contact Command or Star Army Intelligence regarding Hanako's behavior were ignored.

Zenjinkaze Fighting High School

Mitsuko found herself apparently blacklisted from assignment on any ship, and was transferred around Yamatai (Planet) repeatedly. In the last half of YE 38 she was offered a position at what she believed to be a quiet school in Tsubomi as the Vice Principal, Head Librarian and official liaison between the school and the Star Army of Yamatai. Little did she know that Zenjinkaze Fighting High School had already gained quite a reputation in its first year. After realizing what she had really signed up for, Mitsuko asked to be transferred to a desk job in Kyoto, where she was swiftly recruited by the YSS Kaiyō.

YSS Kaiyo

Taii Teien Eden was more than happy to ignore any black marks on her record due to Mitsuko's extensive history on board the Eucharis, as well as her brief experience with the Kuvexian. She was promoted and placed in charge of several fresh soldiers on the new YSS Kaiyō, although she has desperately attempted to remain secluded within the ship's Cargo Bay whenever possible.

After several encounters with the L'Kor, including infiltration and destruction of an Albatross-class cruiser, the Kaiyo discovered a deserted planet the aliens had formerly inhabited. Mitsuko led one half of the initial exploratory mission. While much data was gathered, nothing especially interesting beyond some abandoned vehicles and equipment was recovered.

Up late in the Cargo Bay as usual when the NMX launched a surprise attack on the Kaiyo, Murakami had enough warning to prepare a proper welcome for the invaders. Creating a 'kill box' by rearranging Standard Starship Cargo Containers to provide a clear line of fire to the entrance being breached, the Mishhuvurthyar and NMX Neko were greeted with heavy fire from a Type 30 Tankette stored on the Kaiyo. Once a Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar managed to penetrate the hastily assembled defenses, Mitsuko repelled the creature with the help of a Shoulder-Fired Launcher, Anti-Armor Missile, Type 30 also retrieved from storage. While she lost an arm in the process, Mitsuko seemed far more concerned with the damage she'd caused to the Cargo Bay while defending it and her fellow crew members.

During some much needed time off in Kyoto, Mitsuko attended the wedding of Teien Eden and Norogumi Misaki before returning to Tsubomi for a brief visit to Zenjinkaze Fighting High School. During this leave she was recalled by Star Army Logistics to aid in the relocation of their headquarters. Her value once again rediscovered by a new commander, she was kept busy assisting Logistics for several months, briefly reconnecting with her former crew while shuttling them from Ralt to their new YSS Kaiyō II. Murakami chose to remain behind as acting Captain of the YSS Tsuchibuta, a Courier 2B Star Army Freighter, while the crew traveled to Ayenee. After her encounter with Marcus Rodia she had no desire to enter the other universe or associate with its people.

YSS Kaiyo II

Mitsuko would be there waiting when they returned, having received a promotion from the new captain she'd only briefly met before Taiyou Hoshi had left for Ayenee. She is unsure how she feels about this, as well as the fact that Teien Eden is no longer in charge of the new Kaiyo. She was less than thrilled to learn the Kaiyo's next mission would take them to Planet H. Although the YSS Eucharis had visited the planet before her arrival on board, she was still more than familiar with their shared history.

Murakami deeply regretted the loss of the shuttle Tsubomikaze when the cursed planet decided to crack apart and propel itself towards Yamatai (Planet).

Central Fleet Depot

Murakami returned to Yamatai with the YSS Tsuchibuta and continued to quietly serve. She also spent several months of YE 40 attending the Mayame Officer School. In early YE 41 she received a promotion to Taii and was assigned to serve as a liaison to Star Army Logistics director Kawahara Opal.

Skill Areas

Murakami Mitsuko


Mitsuko is highly skilled in basic radio operation and procedures and can make and receive transmissions through all standard forms. She is fluent in Nepleslian and Yamataian. She has a pleasant, if quiet, speaking voice, and is more than able to issue commands and reports verbally in standard conditions. Under stress, her verbal communications suffer. Written communications are clear and sometimes needlessly precise under even the roughest conditions.


While she received hand-to-hand combat training, she does not excel. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Mitsuko is a fine shot and pilot, but has a tendency to shy away from close quarters engagement. She would rather not be pressed into a fight personally, but makes for wonderful support staff under proper conditions. A few years into her career, she has come to appreciate the efficiency and relative safety of a fight ended swiftly and overwhelmingly.

Technology Operation

Mitsuko is more than capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is extremely proficient in entering and/or searching for information. She excels at organizing or filing information for fast searching and recall. Mitsuko's reports are always easy to read, if a bit bland and technical, and she rarely sees any frustration when dealing with computer systems.


She is well versed in higher mathematics, including sciences involving space travel, physics and trajectories. However, Mitsuko's specialization is in more common workplace usage. She's an expert in calculating cargo loads, fuel and ammo consumption versus storage and other hands-on work that requires more immediate solutions than theoretical or scientific pursuit.

Medical and Science

This is more of a personal interest than anything. Mitsuko is trained in general first aid, although she had very little chance to practice during her training with the other Nekovalkyrja. The insides of a body are so well organized, and everything has its proper place and function. Some of the less sturdy species aren't quite a streamlined, but making sense of those complicated insides can be fascinating. She won't be performing surgery any time soon, but she might be one of the few Neko to understand how to treat some common injuries to other species.


Mitsuko favors order and organization, and performs well in many fields simply because of this natural inclination. While she might be shy and dislike confrontation, she's able to organize work rotations and hand out reprimands without any hesitation. Even if she prefers to stay away from the battlefield, any weapons or equipment issued to her are kept in pristine condition. Areas - and personnel - under her control are held to the same standards.

She is also very well-read. She's more interested in fact than fiction, and absorbs information quickly. She sometimes knows surprising amounts about weaponry or other systems she has no firsthand experience with. This doesn't make her any more skilled with or inclined to use the weapon, but adds to her considerable support ability.


Mitsuko spends plenty of time dealing with loading and unloading vehicles, as well as stowing them away on board starships. She is well aware of their maximum loads and occupancy, top speeds and fuel efficiency. During her years on board the Eucharis, she has become the ship's de facto shuttle pilot. Thanks to frequent experience under fire and other stressful situations, her piloting skills have improved more than she ever expected, and would surprise many. Murakami is also somewhat experienced with shuttle repair. She is only passingly familiar with starship piloting, and is proficient but less experienced with surface vehicles, with a small specialization in cargo trucks and the like.


After an incident where her shuttle was hijacked on a harsh, frozen planet, Mitsuko began doing research on cold weather survival. She knows general information and a few more esoteric tricks, as well as some basic survival tactics that would apply in almost any situation, like how to build a shelter, hunt/forage and prepare food, build a fire, etc.


Medal Name Number Missions Received
Capture 2 The Nest; Rixxikor on Splorfin III
Combat Award 8 The Nest; Ether; HX-12 II; Dreamworld; Splorfin III; Higaflan; The Whistler; L'Kor Albatross
Combat Lifesaver 3 Ether; Splorfin III; L'Kor Albatross
Distinguished Career
Exploration 2 Essai Dreamworld; Splorfin System
Notable Career
Service 8 The Nest; Dreamworld; Splorfin I 14; Splorfin III; Higaflan; Kuvexian Investigation; The Whistler; L'Kor Albatross


Murakami Mitsuko has the following items:

  • Swimwear (one-piece swimsuit, black, with orange trim; orange one-piece with frills)
  • Sarong (patterned with orange and yellow sunflowers)
  • Sandals and other civilian clothing suitable for summer.
  • Large cat eye sunglasses, a big, floppy sunhat and a fluffy orange beach towel.
  • Classy briefcase.
  • Desktop telephone.
  • Crystal paper-weight containing a 3D etch of the starship it came from, the UCS Fulgora, UPF-4LF-032.
  • Mini Fridge.
  • “#1 Logistics Officer” Mug.
  • A small collection of books, half non-fiction and instructional, half adventure novels.
  • 4 sets of varied sheets, pillowcases, blankets, etc.
  • NMX Type 33 Snow Gear Snow Coat with patch removed.
  • Winter jacket with matching hat, gloves and scarf.
  • Heavy dress, sweater, pants and other civilian clothing suitable for winter.
  • Plush Toy resembling the Eucharis (keep out of reach of cats! They LOVE the beads!)
  • Holiday card from Yamashiro Natsumi
  • Star-Army-Blue-colored rolling luggage case and matching shower kit bag with Murakami's name and a large image of the YSS Eucharis embroidered on it.
  • A traditional blue and orange kimono with matching tabi and geta.
  • Coupon for a Deluxe Visit at any Kagayaki Cosmetics Day Spa
  • Hi-tech glasses featuring a mini-transceiver, microphone, volumetric HUD, enhanced vision options and automatic polarization.
  • An exceedingly comfortable brown bomber jacket with a soft rabbit fur collar, Star Army hinomaru on the arm, removable name badge on the front left breast, several embroidered patches from the Eucharis and a large image of the Eucharis embroidered onto the back.
  • A fur comforter blanket with silk lining.
  • A bottle of limited edition YE 36 Fortified Sakura Blush wine.
  • A bottle of Wolf Blood Frost.
  • A pair of fuzzy blue slippers with the Eucharis badge on them.
  • A soft, fuzzy, blue robe with the Eucharis logo over the left breast.
  • Crate of exotic spices (insert planet here) (Pirating YE 34, TC: 73-66, IC: 4802-24939-131)
  • Pristine light fixture (NMX War, TC: 41-41, IC: 1738-33964-78)
  • SSCC-XL containing Dysprosium (Salvaging Commodites, TC: 8-23, IC: 233-4128-31)
  • Star Army Duffle Bag (NMX War, TC: 67-85, IC: 5752-84717-144)
  • Coffee Machine (NMX War, TC: 50-34, IC: 1707-13861-78)


I've stopped keeping track of this. Credits are never spent. If I need to restart tracking, let me know.

Murakami Mitsuko is currently an Ittô Juni in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
3221 KS 221 KS Monthly Pay 5/34
3442 KS 221 KS Monthly Pay 6/34
3663 KS 221 KS Monthly Pay 7/34
3884 KS 221 KS Monthly Pay 8/34
4327 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 9/34
4307 KS 20 KS Meal at Sam's Grill
4750 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 10/34
5193 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 11/34
5636 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 12/34
6079 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 1/35
6522 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 2/35
11522 KS 5000 KS Gift from Takeyu Nayacesen
11022 KS 500 KS Gift shopping
11465 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 3/35
11908 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 4/35
12351 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 5/35
12794 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 6/35
13237 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 7/35
13680 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 8/35
14123 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 9/35
14566 KS 443 KS Monthly Pay 10/35
15230 KS 664 KS Monthly Pay 11/35
15894 KS 664 KS Monthly Pay 12/35
Character Data
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Character OwnerReynolds
Current LocationCentral Fleet Depot
Star Army Personnel
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaii
SAOY OccupationStar Army Cargo and Supply
SAOY AssignmentCentral Fleet Depot
SAOY Date of RankYE 41
Orders Thread…

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