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My Aetherical Loving

About My Aetherical Loving

My Aetherical Loving are a self-described alternative rock band, hailing from a relatively upscale part of Nepleslia City. They are known for their screeching vocals, emotional songs, and self-harm at live performances.

Hit Album: “Six Tears for Suicide” Most Popular Song: “Halna” Genre: “Alternative Rock”

Members of My Aetherical Loving

Gertreus Buzzbert: The lead singer. Has a penchant for dressing in very elegant-looking dresses, and widely known for wearing his trademarked leather gas mask with it. A full Nepleslian, he dodged his parents sending him to a Nepleslian military school by running from home. 99 percent of his songs are about this event in his life, and how about he hates his father.

Christoph Castabbaco: The main guitarist for the band. Known for his shaggy black hair covering the entirety of his right face, as well as his choice for always wearing long-sleeved shirts. Constantly wear pants that most girl fans are unable to fit into, and always speaks in a very low, monotone mumble.

Amy Vinesmart: The only girl in the band, and responsible for the sudden increase in plastic tiara sales. She constantly wears a sparkling tiara on stage, accompanied by heavy make-up, a tattoo on her left cheek that says “;-;” and toy fairy wings. She is the drummer in the band, and tends to also wear very long-sleeved shirts. And lots of fishnet.


Several fans that had known the band before they became famous refer to new fans as “posers” and refer to the band itself as “sell-outs.” Their music tends to annoy most people and attracts many enemies from other genres of music. One such incident is a testament to the hatred that brews against this band, when the main singer, Gertreus Buzzbert, was hit in the face by a wrench. The content in their songs is commonly linked to teen depression, suicide and self-harm in some areas of Nepleslia.

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