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Myr Barlowe

General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: Nepleslian Height: 5'11โ€œ
Gender: Female Weight: 159 lbs
Age: 34
Employer: None Bra Size: C
Occupation: Salvager Eye: Green
Rank: Captain of ISC Enkidu Hair: Red
Current Assignment: ISC Enkidu

Myr is an NPC played by PlaidMage.

Physical Characteristics

Description: Myr is a tallish Nepleslian woman, her body kept toned and strong through quite a lot of exercise. Her body is laced with scars from various weapons. She constantly looks around as though someone might be watching her, though she tries to hide it, and her smell is usually a fine mix of cigarette smoke and alcohol.

Hair Color and Style: Myr keeps her flaming red hair chin-length, occasionally tied back into a short ponytail when she's doing some absolutely vital work. She seems utterly unwilling to do anything else with it.

Distinguishing Features: Myr is missing her left eye, and wears a black eyepatch over the socket. She refuses to get it cybernetically replaced. Aside from that, and her strong figure, she tries to keep herself nondescript.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Myr is rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. She curses, she slurs her words, she talks about things in public no sane person would consider. But she's loyal to her crew, and once you're under her wing you might not ever get out.

Likes: Money, hookers, guns, drugs, fine cigars, alcohol.

Dislikes: Yamatai, the word 'no' when it's not coming from her, unexpectedly needing to change her plans.

Goals: To become rich and finally escape the gutter life she was born into.


Myr grew up much like any other poor child in Funky City. She barely received any schooling and had to fight for every scrap of food she and her family got. She joined a gang at an early age, and was quite content to war with other groups and steal things until her teen years, when she felt a calling to something more. When that happened, she began to save up every penny she could get, then bought her very first spacecraft. That was the beginning of her patchy history as an illegal salvager, and now she steals things IN SPACE. Oddly, she refuses to relate the story of how she lost her eye.

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