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Nabult Digeet

Nabult Digeet is a player character played by Zekec.

Nabult Digeet
Species & Gender: Red Random Alien Male
Year of Birth: BYE 26
Organization: The Union
Occupation: Military Advisor
Rank: Councilmen
Current Placement: Council Chambers

Preferred Plots

  1. Military-oriented plots.
  2. Union Government plots.
  3. Diplomatic Plots.

Physical Description

Skin/Hair: Despite Digeet getting higher in age, he still has the dark red skin he had as an adolescent, one of the rarer ethnicities in the Union. His entire body is dark red, with black natural markings he inherited from his parents on his face and legs. He inherited surprisingly short hair, hugging his head, barely even going half way down his neck. In alien terms, he has hard hair. It is very well taken care of, but even then, it is very short and sharp.

Eyes: Purple

Physique: Even though he is the Military Advisor, taking his father's spot after he retired. Digeet was always the brains of military operations when he was serving, and never really fought hand-to-hand, being an expert at ship combat and snipers. Although he does have slight muscles, it is in comparison to his ambassador sister-in-law, with noticeable, albeit small muscles. This makes him agile though, known to dodge many attacks in his day. He stands at 5'0 feet in height.


Digeet is a very traditionalist, being very loyal to his homeworld and country. He is stern and serious, taking his job very seriously, knowing that his opinions may affect the Union and millions of people over the Union. He does not hate aliens, he very much tolerates and even thinks some are good, although he likes aliens, and believes only aliens should be Empress and Emperor. An ex-SMDIoN Nepleslian attempting to become Emperor really puts a thorn in his side for instance, and therefor is offering his son for the position. Even to his family, he is serious and stern, and would put his pair-bond in jail if she showed treason. Even though they love eachother, his Pair-bond sometimes resents him because his household is like the council chambers to him. He is very loyal to the Empress, and will do any missions she asks. It is very, very rare to find him not in his typical serious tone, as if he believes if he is not like this, it will hurt his career in the Government, and would hurt his family.

Digeet is never found out socializing, as he is either always at the council chambers or at his house, working on paperwork and letters to leaders, advising them on military engagements.


Nabult Digeet was born in YE 20 in the city of Kyoto, Yamatai.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Nabult Digeet has the following notable skills:

  • Underwater basket-weaving
  • Chibi-Nekovalkyrja tossing
  • Sleeping with Lorath princesses
  • Eating French Fries while driving

Social Connections

CHARACTER name is connected to:

  • Allen NAME (Father)
  • Bessie NAME (Mother)
  • Carl NAME (Brother)
  • Namach Kale (Friend)

Inventory & Finance

Nabult Digeet has ????????.

Nabult Digeet currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case zekec becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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