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Naffie is a player character played by Navian.

Species & Gender: Freespacer Female
Year of Birth: c. YE 30
Organization: Shravana Hive
Occupation: Outcast
Rank: Underclass
Current Placement: ISS Dig-It

Physical Description

Height 142 cm, mass 40 kg. Silvery skin (with glistening particles), violet eyes, square ears, an oval face, and blue, mostly straight, neck-length hair. She appears to be a twelve-year-old human, save for that her teeth are all in. Her voice matches this appears. No natural scent, and no other distinguishing marks.


Naffie is highly enthusiastic about her work, though she does not seem to focus on any one profession. Starships, robots, weapons, and armour are all among her interests, although she is more competent working with software and electronics, or other abstract systems. She is aversive toward work on organics and softer sciences, despite being well over 98% organic (or at least biogenic), herself. She is personable and a pragmatist, with a tendency toward overconfidence. She has virtually no experience interacting with other races and cultures, though she lacks preconceptions as well.


Naffie was born in YE 30 on the main world of the Shravana Hive, as a second-generation colonist. She left the star system within the past year, for unknown reasons, though she remains a periphery member of the organization.

Skills Learned

Naffie has the following notable skills:

  • Starship Operation: Naffie has been on dozens of missions to detect, prospect, and mine asteroids, and a number of other survey missions for various purposes, though her experience is only with mining and scout ships crewed by one to four individuals, and shuttlecraft. She is able to perform navigation, course correction, record-keeping, power plant management, sensor scanning, debris analysis, and damage control tasks.
  • Communication: Naffie is trained in crew resource management techniques, and has much experience interacting with AIs and ground control authorities. She is also accustomed to keeping ship's logs, and picking up radio signals, even at long ranges, or during stellar storms. She speaks and reads Trade, but only writes proficiently when using advanced 'thought processor' software.
  • Knowledge: Naffie is well and broadly educated in the natural sciences, at least in theory, but lacks the skills to apply this knowledge in the laboratory, or in the field. She knows the answers, but not how to find them, unless it's sufficient to make observations using her Mk I eyeballs. Still, as a Freespacer with a lot of free time, she is highly adept when it comes to using the reference materials stored on her implant computer, and the broader network of her organization. There are some few, but potentially critical gaps in her knowledge. For example, she knows nothing whatsoever of marine biology, limnology, or rheology, and information on these is not in the Shravana Hive's database!
  • Maintenance & Repair: On her many long space missions, Naffie has always been either the sole member of her ship's 'engineering department', or one of two. Thus, she has a great deal of general knowledge, and no specialty. Her interest in weapons, armour, robots, and drones has also left her with a smattering of knowledge relevant to them, though it is limited to those the Shravana Hive has access to. Of more foreign devices, she's unlikely to be aware of even their existence or operating principles.
  • Technology Operation: It's more accurate to say Naffie is this skill than that she merely knows how to use it. It cannot be said where Naffie's mind ends and her computer begins; if her computer shuts off, she is catatonic if not comatose; her mind seems to run by her implant's clock. Using computers and networks comes more naturally to her than does walking or talking, though breathing still ekes it out. Since she doesn't use these skills at a conscious level, it can be difficult to communicate with her about it, and she thinks nothing of it. Those not accustomed to it may do well to deny her access to their software, lest she blithely modify it beyond human comprehension. She has no special hacking ability, and wouldn't know what to do if asked to break into a system, but she sometimes unknowingly finds and exploits security holes, without realizing whether or not she was given legitimate access.
  • Engineering: More of a hobby than a profession, Naffie enjoys building robots and drones, weapons and armour. She has assisted with smallcraft design several times, but has never built her own. She can assemble, design, and modify electronics, but only using existing components, and does not know how to improvise. One of her particular passions is finding ways to enhance the efficiency or performance of starship drives beyond their stock specifications, which is a common idle activity for her on long space missions, and surprisingly, only occasionally leaves her ship stranded.
  • Physical: Naffie is adept at maneuvering in microgravity, with an exceptional sense of the position of her own body, and that of any equipment on her personal network. This works best in enclosed environments, with a lot of signals for reference. She must move much more carefully in places that are quiet, and have no active transmissions.

Social Connections

Naffie is connected to:

  • 'The Queen' (chief engineer, SH)

Inventory & Finance

Naffie has an implant computer system, Origin armoured pilot suit, Standard Energy Pistol (Mk. II), 'Mobile Spanner' drone, and a basic tool kit.

From the Halloween giveaway, she received a large crate of Nepleslian energy drinks, another filled with an assortment of leafy vegetables, a rocket fuel refinery system, a small box of .45 ammunition for Zen Arms pistols, and a secure container filled with bomb-grade isomer-triggered Hafnium.

Naffie currently has 125 KS.

OOC Information

In the case navian becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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