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Naida O'Connor

Naida O'Connor is a player character played by Mindlux.

Species & Gender: unique experiment, Female
Year of Birth: YE 17
Occupation: Freelancer
Current Placement:

Preferred Plots

  1. 188604

Physical Description

Young busty build, white with black spots all over her body an anthro upper body and a lower with four legs and tail. Weighing 135 kg 5'10โ€œ/178 cm tall and lower body is 190cm from start of her lower chest to her tail tip. she has blond long hair loosely tied back, black floppy ears, elongated muzzle with a black eye spot. she smells ok but could use a shower, She has a young charming voice. she wears a shirt sometimes a jacket but nothing on her lower half as finding clothing is hard. She is slow to move but can carry 80kg on her back but would slow her down she carries stuff custom made saddlebackpack.


Very curious but timid, very odd, thinks weirdly and has issues talking to people. Once she gets to know you she is very talkative, kind and will play jokes on you. Nadia is loyal, but will often bend the truth for her own amusement. She can always be trusted in a life or death situation. she is a hard worker in academic work but is lazy in the physical work.

she is close to her nekovalkyrja mother who looked after her since she was born, she has no friends worth holding onto in school and further study.


Brought to full term by accident in an illegal Yamatai lab, testing with animal hybrids using stolen restricted tech. She was adopted by one of the scientists Wendy O'Connor where she quit her job for legitimate work. Nadia grew up the city of the capital, she was bullied all through school for her oddities, mental illness and inability wearing pants comfortably. One time a kid tried to ride her like like an animal and she kick him off and broke his arm. She was suspended for a week. Her mother loves her and for her 16 birthday, she received a backpack that goes on her lower body. She has problems physically fitting in places from her size and climbing ladders, she failed her physical engineering test when she got stuck in a maintains tube and had to be cut free. She has studied in engineering and advanced sciences and was the top of her class except in the physical. She had an heard of an offer for help building a giant telescope array on a far off system (188604). she thought would be an interesting change seeing a world that's not yet advanced.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Naida O'Connor has the following notable skills:

  • Engineering
  • Astrobiology
  • Astrophysics
  • Astrochemistry
  • Cybernetics

Social Connections

naida is connected to:

  • Wendy O'Connor (mother)

Inventory & Finance

Wrist computer a basic second-hand tablet Few sets of clothes a large backpack the goes on her lower body made by her mother

3000 ks to form her mother to get her started

OOC Information

In the case mindlux becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES

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