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Nakaide Shida

Nakaide Shida is a NPC created and controlled by raz. Shida was appointed to the directorship of Star Army Intelligence in November YE 34. They are known as a consummate operative, welcoming and helpful to their subordinates, and as a terrifying representation of the hidden knowledge at SAINT's disposal.

Nakaide Shida (中出 しだ)
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Male1)
Organization: Star Army Intelligence
Occupation: Director
Rank: Taisho
Current Placement: Vicky

Character Description

Taller than the average Yamataian male, Shida strikes an imposing form over most others with a stern, unrelenting visage and bushy eyebrows that he uses to put the fear of Ketsurui into his subordinates. He allows his hair to grey at the temples and keeps it perfectly groomed. The very model of Yamataian professionalism, Shida wears designer suits and leather shoes when not in uniform.

While outwardly friendly, Nakaide is actually a cold, calculating man who has no time for frivolity. His bright blue eyes serve as a focal point contrasting with Shida's otherwise dark hair and wardrobe. Always clean shaven, he projects the sort of image that he expects to see in those he works and does business with. Additionally, Shida speaks many languages because of his travels and missions as a Star Army Intelligence operative.

The only chink in his armor is Shida's enormous sweet tooth. The man enjoys custard, flan and other foreign cream-filled pastries. Abwehran blintzes are his absolute favorite. He also enjoys spending time in the Yamataian countryside and fishing in his free time. He has a distaste for pop-culture, but feels that he has to be knowledgeable in order to stay in touch with the world.

History and Relationship Notes

Shida was born in YE 01 on the same day, in fact, that the Yamatai Star Empire was formed. His father owns a curio shop on Yamatai that sells trinkets, cure-alls, and quack medicine and his mother is a successful pillow book author, her works often the rage in the Imperial court, though she writes under a pen name as to not associate her writing with the family.

When he was of the age to enlist he joined the Grand Star Army. This was a time of peace — or so the Empire thought — until the Chaos Hive War began two years after he became a Santô Hei. Since then, Shida has fought in every major conflict the Empire has been a part of including the Fourth Elysian War, Second Draconian War, First Mishhuvurthyar War, and Second Mishhuvurthyar War. As a Santô Juni in YE 24, he was brought into Star Army Intelligence from his previous posting as a Star Army Soldier.

Shida's proficiency as an Intelligence Operative quickly became clear. His quick wit, intelligence, and skill at arms made him a valuable strike team leader. By the time he was 27, Shida had worked his way off the battlefield and onto starships and served as the staff intelligence officer on various vessels in Ketsurui Sharie's old Ni-Ban Kantai.

After the Second Fleet's destruction in YE 29, Nakaide was assigned to the newly formed Ninth Fleet's SAINT Group and commanded a Nozomi-class Scout as a Shosa. In YE 33 he was promoted to the unit's commanding billet and worked closely with Hokusai Akiyo and other captains due to the fleet's integrated intelligence operation.

When Tamahagane Mai stepped down as director of SAINT in YE 34, Ketsurui Yui chose Shida, then a Shôshô, to succeed her. He was promoted to Chujo for administrative purposes.

Shida transferred into a Nekovalkyrja body sometime before the end of YE 38. They were promoted to Taisho in the waning days of the same year per Star Army Regulations Update 38-2.

Skill Areas

OOC Notes

Director Shida is not up for adoption and should be retired and replaced as SAINT Director if raz leaves the site.

Shida's Neko body is standard and thus anatomically female

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