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Nakamura Sana

General Information

This character may not be adopted.
Species: Sourcian Yamataian Cybernetic Hybrid
Gender: Female
Born: YE10
Organizations NA
Rank Ex-StarArmy Soldier
Occupation Pilot
Current Assignment Miles Gunn (Bodyguard)

Physical Characteristics


Height 5β€œ5' Weight 110lb Measurments 30C-29-37

Build & Skin color Healthy build, no longer quite athletic, her disposition somewhat homely as of late. Her skin is tanned about her arms and legs, with clear tan-lines with the profile of boyshorts and an armless shirt. Her legs remain toned.

Facial Features and eye color Smooth and gentle, if slightly round with an asian-european appearance. Her eyes are a dim sea green, a motiff she likes to match her hair and dress style to in Nepleslian pride of her origins.

Hair color and Style Long dark hair with a green tint in the light. The style is cut into sharp bangs that sweep about her fringe and plunge along her jaw down until her hips, length toward the back similar. She tends to either plat the back or wear it up for the sake of practicality when working.

Distinguishable features

Distinguishing Features: Unremarkable, aside from the glasses she often wears when reading at night, despite the fact they don't suit her.

Psychological Characteristics

Sana is quite introverted a lot of the time and can appear shy though she opens up quickly. She takes her duty seriously and feels uncomfortable without a sense of purpose which she often tries to overshadow with a care free front most of the time, often embarrassing herself.

She demonstrates an aptitude at removing the human element from many of her decisions, making her personal opinions seem callous, cold and sometimes sadistic or even sociopathic, another source of embarrassment as she has trouble understanding her own feelings. While Sana likes to think she's a perfectionist, she neglects practising her violin.

She enjoys the company of others deeply but has trouble admitting she has a problem and often suffers in silence before reluctantly reaching out to others.

After her separation from Rebeka, Sana was left with many elements of Rebeka's psychology remained. Particularly, she deeply enjoys piloting and power-armor because of the sense of freedom, compensating for a sense of ineptitude and sometimes ponders what it might be like to be an instructor.

Likes: Reading, acadamea, piloting, music, finery, Miles Gunn, drinking, the ocean, Nepleslia (despite her lack of exposure, hearing everything she knows about it from Miles' stories), sweet foods, cooking, finery and being doated on.

Dislikes: Letting her feelings get in the way of her decisions, loud music, rainy days, extended time in space.

Goals: To work out her own feelings, overcome her fears of inferiority, re-learn the violin and uncover the mysteries of her childhood.


(Born YE 10) Sana grew up in a broken home, having lost her mother during her birth. Her father raised her admirably, if not in a somewhat sheltered manner. For reasons which could not be discussed, her father had to leave and was unwilling to take Sana with him, instead leaving him with a friend of the family who went on to become her mentor. The two grew very close in the abscence of her father and he went on to teach Sana how to play the violin, the piano and the basics of chess. Following a chain of house-hold accidents, it quickly became apparent Sana had a degenerative brain disorder which destroyed her fine motor skills and left her blind with holes in her memory and a learning disorder. She went on to recieve treatment in the form of a chain of inplants and replacement tissue and although the treatment filled the majority of her youth. During the recovery period (aged 13) she began to show early symptoms of dissasociative identity disorder. She and her carer agreed that she would study martial arts as a way to provide her with a positive goal and to help train her fine motor-skills back into place and hopefully socialize some. After making a complete recovery (16) she choose to transfer to a Yamatain body and join the StarArmy, hoping to find something to fill the hole in her life.

Update It is revealed that the majority of Sana's medical history was fabricated and that she was originally scheduled to be drafted to a breeding camp at 9, being a Napelsian female, to aid balancing the gender balance.

Sana's father stepped in and suggested she was physically unfit for the process and that she would remain home with him. Because Sana's father was an officer, the medical practitioners obliged and set to work trying to diagnose and find her condition.

A red herring was discovered in the form of unusual brain-activity and through a series of experiments, the medican personel attempted to diagnose and treat the problem but it lead to many more problems (since males and females are fundimentally different neurologically and so little data is available on females).

Sana's father returned to active duty and seemingly vanished: shortly there-after, the condition was taken more seriously and advanced treatments were used which left Sana brain-damaged. It was later decided that Sana's body would be salvaged, with the intention to leave her brain-dammaged but an argument was set forth and Sana was transplanted to an artificial body but returned to the brain-dead body via a neural-uplink whenever activities were nessesary.

Unfortunately, the brain-damage became more substancial as the neural implants were improperly stored so the solution of actually transplanting her brain back and forth was used instead. New matter was grafted and cybernetic parts replaced unrecoverable components and within half a decade, Sana lost her real legal name and was property of the medical company who remain undisclosed with the doner-biomatter from over 140 less fortunate patients (both male and female).

A memory block was installed as to promote Sana's original ego and shortly there-after, improvements were seen long after the death of her original body which was now little more than pieces on a corriner's table. By 16, Sana chose to escape from the facility and saught refuge with a friend of her father until she was 20. Lying about her age, she joined the Star-Army of Yamatai as a Yamataian after recieving a second body transplant as a permanent solution to keep herself from the clutches of the Napelsian medical companies.

Upon further study, it is revealed that the many techniques she used during her escape were supplied by the memory block which contained information from a source of unknown origin which upon separation from Sana would later be extracted and analyzed to contain a complete alien psychology and the blueprints to engineer a body compatible for this mind.

How this thing of unknown origin surfaced is a mystery she aims to solve.



Sourcian History, Sana's life & knowledge, memory


Communication: Sana is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She speaks fluent English and she can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire and so forth.

Technology Operation

Communication: Sana is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She speaks fluent English and she can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire and so forth.

Sana is now also experienced with the advanced logical concepts associated with basic programming and despite being unfamiliar with any programing languages and addressing techniques other than those which Rebeka was familiar with, the skill often demonstrates itself as she β€œwrites” applications to her own implants through careful brainwave manipulation on a binary level, a feat all Sourcian are capable of.


Sana recieved home-schooling and is comfortable with mathamatics, including algebra and trigonometry.


Sana recieved martial arts teaching as part of her recovery programme and is comfortable with both the trained methods of hand-to-hand combat training and more advanced techniques such as stance, basic evasion, vunerable zones of the body and how to use the inertia and motion of an opponent against them with minimal exertion. She is skilled and experienced in combat in both Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity (with or without weapons). Her training has included energy pistols, knives and power-armor and she has live combat experience in real combat scenarios.


Sana lived for some time with a scholar in philosophy and has been taught how to analyze the views of others in terms of logical philosophy (whether a statement is true or false) and ethic philosophy and can comfortably discuss these topics. More recently, she has began to challenge the nature of reality, exploring metaphisical philosophy and although she can grasp basic concepts, she still has much to learn.


With many years of chess, both with her mentor and with others, Sana has an advanced understanding of stratagy and can quickly evaluate a strategic situation and provide a solution, should she understand all of the factors involved. She has also inherited a large quantity of Rebeka's experience in live exercises and real warfare situations.


Sana once played both the piano and the violin though after her treatment, she was left unable to do so. She spends a great time attempting to re-teach herself this lost skill and at the moment while not as skilled as she was, Sana has recovered surprisingly well.

Possessions at this time:

2x StarArmy Uniform 3x Undergarments 2x Plain Lorath garments 1x Miles Gunn

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